Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  As I was getting to my seat on  a plane trip this week, I noticed something that is relevant to the topics of success and The Law of Attraction (LOA) that we discuss on this blog. I thought I may share this with you so you can see yet another benefit of looking for a better feeling and the positivity that ensues when you embark on your journey with LOA.

I was walking down the aisle and looking for my seat, and noticed that as usual with United the Seats jump from 12 to 20.  I overshot my seat a little and had to scoot back a little, apologizing and scanning the overhead spaces for a place to put my carryon. After I had put the luggage in its place I motioned to the gentleman who was reading his newspaper in the aisle seat that I had the seat by the window fully expecting him to stand up and allow me to pass through.  To my surprise with a grumbling look on his face he motioned me to pass by moving his legs a little inwards. I squeezed trying to make sure my briefcase does not hit him and thanking God that I had started an exercise regimen that had allowed me to lose a few pounds.  I sat in my seat and put my headphones on, and waited for the flight attendant to come and give us the exit row instructions.  Shortly after I sat, another passenger had the same experience sitting in the middle seat between the gentleman and myself.

About 20 minutes or so the flight attendant came to start their safety instructions and to my surprise she started to put the seat-belt, oxygen mask, the brochure and all her paraphernalia on the gentleman’s lap, all with a big genuine smile, and said you can be my assistant today.  I looked at the guy next to  me, we both exchanged a worried look, and I fully expected some grumbling to ensue. To my absolute surprise, the guy who had a frown on his face when I sat down, changed  his expression and played along like a jolly old fellow with the flight attendant.   Now before you go off and ask was the flight attendant hot,  I have to tell you if you have not flow domestically these days, let me tell you most flight attendants are more mature these days, so that could not have been the reason. 

The only thing I can attribute to the sudden change in the mood of the gentleman was the bright, and jolly attitude and genuine belief that he would help her, on the part of the flight attendant. I don’t know why I was surprised after I thought about it.  When I was getting on the plane, I was at best neutral, and if I can be realistic I have to also say perhaps I was a little moody myself.  It was a busy day at the airport, and at the gate.  My vibration manifested a moody person in my reality.  The flight attendant obviously loved her job, because I could hear her hearty laughter all throughout the flight.  Her manifestation of reality was a cooperative, and jolly passenger.  It was the reality she manifested.  This was a great lesson for me and I hope it is for you. Even though we may share this planet with many people, some of whom may not be having the best of days, if you keep your vibration high, and keep yourself reaching for what feels good, that is what you will attract. 

I immediately started to count my blessings, and giving thanks for all the things that came to my mind.  The quick opening of a new security line when I entered the line, the fact that I had time to do some walking up and down the terminal to get my steps in, the blessing of having an exit row seat, and yes, this wonderful experience that reminded me of the simple lessons of how LOA works and also gave me a quick topic to write for this week’s blog post.  I hope this makes sense to you and as always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Don’t forget to comment on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Till next week, to your absolute success.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today I wanted to discuss topics I learned in a new book I read called Mindset The New Psychology of Success by Dr. Carol Dweck.  In this book there are a lot of discussion about the mindset of the learner and how that effects the learning process, as well as how they deal with setbacks and praise. 

There are two type of people described in this book. One group is called FIXED MINDSET and the other group is referred to as GROWTH MINDSET.  Everyone can learn to be either, and most of us are inadvertently pushed one way or another because of our upbringing as well as learning and  social prejudices. 

The difference is that fixed mindsets tend to believe that their ability and growth is fixed. As in you are either smart or not.  You are good at something or you are not. Conversely the growth mindset believe that with effort you can get better at anything.  In this book there are many experiments performed on children and adults. The participants were tested for growth and fixed mindset  tendencies, and challenges were set in front of them to see how they handle failure.  As you can expect the fixed mindset group took failure as a personal identity. They felt ashamed and even refrained from participating in activities for the fear of further failure. Their performance declined even in areas where they used to excel.  The growth mindset group reacted to failure as a challenge and an opportunity for growth.  They got better and better and took on more and more challenges.

What surprised me and led me to write this blog was the fact that when groups of children were primed by the type of praise to gravitate to the fixed mindset group, they actually demonstrated negative traits that were not there before.  When praise was focused on fixed characteristics like “you are really smart”, “you are a natural” etc. the reaction to failure actually manifested in lying and cheating when asked to report their performance on challenges and shrinking away from tasks that were deemed difficult.  Whereas the group that was  primed by praise like “you really worked hard on this”, or “look at how your hard worked paid off”, reacted to challenges with excitement and saw it as opportunity to improve and the self-report of their performance was not exaggerated. 

How this applies to The Law of Attraction (LOA) and specifically to you the students that are learning this process is the question “are we sabotaging your progress by telling you that you are prosperous, you are good, you are wealthy?” Are we innately setting you up for failure when you will meet resistance as many of us will? Should we paraphrase our teaching by instead saying that “you can learn to be prosperous, you can learn to be successful by utilizing the LOA?”  In this way we are allowing the student to take the information as a challenge and setbacks do not create an adverse effect of resistance to learning, rather it will create the attitude of I will take this challenge and better myself.  

I do not have an answer for this yet. I just know that I will be very careful about how I praise my clients, and teach and write my material from now on.  The last thing I want is for you to take a setback as an identity. Mistakes, and failures are part of our growth.  Sometimes failures are an opportunity for better things that are in store for us. Yet if we take the failure personally, we may never try again and miss out on the rewards and benefits that await us just over the hill.

In summary I tell you this, LOA is a journey, not a destination.  You can create and have everything you desire, with practice and persistence.  Everything from your success, to your failure is designed to lead you to the best possible outcome as long as you do not stop moving through the journey.  I hope this makes sense and if you have questions please post them on my Facebook page under this post link or on my Twitter page here. As always share this, and I wish you success till next week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Today I wanted to explore the difference between you BEING the reality as opposed to you EXPERIENCING the reality.  The course in Miracles lessons 1 and 2 say that “nothing outside of me is real” “I have given everything its meaning”.  Deepak Chopra in his book “The Book of Secrets” said that “you are not in the world, the world is in you”.  So how does this mesh with The Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The LOA’s basic principle is that “you create your own reality”.  Could all these profound works and Universal principles be telling us lies?  One of the greatest explanations that is worth pondering is the difference between what we “SEE” in dreams and what we “SEE” when we are awake.  Ponder how can we tell if we are dreaming or are we in a wakeful reality?  How can we tell if the reality of driving from San Diego to Los Angeles is an experience or is it a dream?  Better yet, how can we tell if we are seeing something or is it just vibrations interpreted by our brain? Because the truth is that from the neuron’s point of view they are identical.

Imagine a very familiar picture of a light bulb.  Whether you are seeing it, thinking about it, or dreaming about it, the visual cortex of your brain operates in the exact same way.  Science has shown that the exact same part of the visual cortex become active when we visualize seeing something as when we are seeing things in our reality.  So how can you tell if your reality is something you are experiencing now or it is just a creation of your brain? This is one of those thoughts that could be like a Zen riddle without any answer or a thought that will just keep on going in circles over and over.  This may be something that will take you back to movies like the Matrix where we are all enslaved in a cocoon and having experiences fed to our brain. But that is looking at it from a LACK mentality. 

I like to imagine it as sitting on a throne, and completely in control of my thoughts and feelings and being able to manifest anything that I visualize.  At that point it really does not matter if I am dreaming or participating because unlike dreaming where sometimes I have control and sometimes it just takes over as in the case of nightmares, I have complete control of what my brain allows my 5 senses to feel.  And that my friends is DELIBERATE MANIFESTATION.

Which explanation do you resonate with? Do you like to think that you have no control over your reality just like you may not have any control over what you dream?  Or do you like to believe the TRUTH. The fact that you have absolute and 100 percent control of your reality and what you manifest in your reality is 100 percent the creation of your thoughts and your feelings that you have allowed to enter your mind in the past.  The current situation is the result, it is not the beginning, rather it is the end.  If you like the current situation then you are in control and should keep on thinking and feeling the same things and the same way as you have been doing. If you are not happy with your current results, do not feel bad, because you now know that you have complete control of what you create in your reality by using the technique that you have been reading about in this blog. 

I hope this makes sense to you and I hope you can share this with anyone who may benefit from it.  As always I invite you to share your thoughts with me on my Facebook page and my Twitter feed.  I look forwards to reading your posts on the link of this post and answering any questions or comments you may have. Till next week, I wish you success. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I made a video for you to discuss what is Inspired Action, what is Gut reaction, how I think they are different and similar, and how to  go about utilizing it. 

There is huge advantage in understanding this topic because as you know using The Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting deliberately is all about taking those inspired action to opportunities that will present themselves as you visualize your desires.  So take a look and get manifesting. As always share with anyone who is interested and may be able to use it, and comment on the ways you take inspired action on my Facebook page and Tweet me here on my Tweeter account. Till next week, to your success.