Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. For the benefit of those who will read this post in years to come, I want to set the stage by giving the background that inspired the following video blog.

On January 28th, 2017, a Saturday, the United States of America’s President Donald J. Trump after being in office for one week, signed an executive order banning the entry of all citizens of 7 Middles Eastern, and African countries.  Since many of the countries were mostly Muslim countries, the social media quickly used the hashtag #muslimban to mark the occasion.    The execution of this order was so sudden that many permanent residents  of the United States, returning home from overseas were detained and questioned. Some for over 29 hours. Some students and families were turned away and returned to their native countries in the airports. 

This action stirred protest and injunctions by many state courts, and tensions were high, and emotions were even higher across the country and across the world. Today is Tuesday, 2 days after that executive order and this is my thoughts on the subject…

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week I am going to approach the subject of resistance and the fact that sometimes what we visualize does not materialize, from a different path.  This path was revealed to me last night, as though the Source realized I was going to make it the subject of this week’s blog. Perhaps someone out there is wondering what they are doing wrong? Why is it that everything they are doing is not manifesting that which they are visualizing? You may have cleared everything, heard that you have to allow, and are doing your best to allow, and nothing comes. What is going on? Is this thing we call The Law of Attraction (LOA) broken? You may feel sometimes that it feels like it is broken for you? You may feel you are “not worthy”.  You may be ready to call it quits? Well here is an interpretation you may not have considered, and I hope it will keep you going. 

It does not matter where my inspiration came from because that is a subject all to itself, and does not really relate. All I can say is that LOA brings what we need to know , the wisdom, the manifestations, exactly when we need and are ready for them.  The subject of WORTHINESS is not something you need to ever consider. You are a part of the energy that has given rise to this magnificent world, and all the Universe that this world is a part of, so to think you are not worthy would be insulting that Source that created and brought you here.  Put that idea out of your mind.  You are WORTHY, and this is not just blowing Sunshine up your you know what. IT IS A FACT.  YOU ARE LOVED, YOUR WORTHY AND THERE IS NO LACK. 

There is however,  a quirk when it comes to the Universal laws.  Sometimes we are an instrument of their teaching.  You know if I was alone on this world, my manifestations would be instantaneous and there would be no resistance.  We share this world with others and they also have desires.  This is not about scarcity, this is about UNIVERSAL COMRADERY.  We are here to aid and assist each other in realizing that we are a part of the Source, and sometimes that involves being an example.  How you may be asking?

When we feel bad, or something has gone wrong, it is our natural tenancy to think THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING TO ME.  We think “I am the only person who is feeling this way”.  Worse we may start to think “what is wrong with me?”.  I want to give you another way to look at this.  The LAW OF ATTRACTION (LOA)  is using your challenges as a lesson for those who will see you, to understand that THEY TOO CAN OVERCOME THEIR CHALLENGES.  You are being a shining example, that if you can overcome this, so can the next person.  You are literally attracting the positivity for those who are open to receive it. You are an inspiration.    

So the next time you have a hiccup, see it as a challenge to persevere through for the benefit of not only yourself but those vibrational companions that are looking to you to show them that they too can succeed.  How cool is this way of looking at things? This is the way the law works. It is not BS. 

I hope this makes sense and you can share this with someone who can benefit from it.  As always I am here to answer your questions.  Leave me comments or question on my Facebook and twitter feeds.  I rarely get questions, so I am always ready to answer. You are not bugging me, and your question may actually help not only you, or me, but many thousands of readers across the globe.  Thank you and I wish you success, till next week. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. This week, I was reminded of a folk tail about a shaman who’s teacher wanted to show  him  that perception is everything, so he send him to a teacher who made him feel like an earthworm. In that reality, the shaman did not feel like a small, blind, slimy animal, but he felt like a powerful bulldozer who pushed massive boulders of rocks many times his size aside as he make his way through cavernous tunnels in the underground.

You see, it is only us humans that have inferiority complex or a sense of “entitlement” .  All other species on this planet do what they have been created by the Source, to the best of their abilities.  There is no second guessing and punishing themselves over mistakes.  There is no self-ridicule.  There is no “scarcity”. There is no expectation of getting before giving.  Yes, as this is a blog about The Law of Attraction (LOA), I am going to link this to the subject.  Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday holiday in the United States.  One of the famous quotes from Dr. King is very similar to the sayings from the Buddha thousands of years before.  Dr. King said “even if you are a street sweeper, do your job so well that they will say he was the best street sweeper that ever lived”.  Our rewards do not come from where most people think.  Some people falsely believe that we can manipulate the system, or kiss A$#$ and get ahead, and yet rewards do not just come from your supervisor, or even your job. We are all governed by the Universal laws of cause and effect.  It is what it is.  The LOA dictates that what you send out you will attract.  If you are sending out deceit and dishonesty that is what will be attracted to your life. If you are sending out your best, then the best will be attracted to you in the right time and place.  It is law. 

I will keep this short and sweet as there is really no need to stress this simple concept any further. Simple lessons are the best.  I hope this makes sense to you. If it does not, make sure to comment on my Facebook thread for this blog, or tweet me on my twitter feed and I will be happy to discuss it with you. Till next week, to your success.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Good day and I hope you are well. I know this post will piss some people off but hey that is the joy of living in a free country. If you are going to be upset at least be objective to read the whole thing and not  just the title.

Every religion that I have done a "cursory" study of indicates there is ONE source, the Almighty, God, Supreme Architect.  There are many other "ways of life" that preach the same thing. Even if you are an "atheist",  science tells you that something started this whole thing. What is curious is that they all either say or imply the we, humans, are either a part of or like that source. No issues with this right? 

Here is where things get screwy though, when the concept becomes a "Religion" there seems to come with it footnotes, or fine print, that insert the proverbial BUT. That is when  something to the tune of "do it our way or you won't get the prize" kicks in. When you have statements like that there is room for conflict. Remember the book Animal Farm ?  Remember how the rules changed from, now I am paraphrasing, "all animals are created equal", to "but some are more equal than others"? 

Maybe it is my lack of understanding of the language, but when everyone is created equal and, by the same ONE creator there cannot be footnotes. You are either equal or you are not. If everyone is equal then I ask humbly and with upmost respect why do we need "different religions"?  If we are not created equal and ONE does not mean one, we either have misunderstanding of math or we just want to fight. When one set of people tell another set they are wrong, big fights (wars) are ensued and of course "my way is the right way" leaves little room for dialogue.

This is not a blog blog on religion.  The Law of Attraction (LOA) is not a religion. It can be proved by religion and science. It is universal and it states that at least humans all are a part of the same whole which has always been and has never been created. Curiously I noticed the same view is held by Nichirin Buddhism which again depending on who you ask is either a religion or a way of life. Because this is such a taboo subject no attention is paid to it from a constructive view. I ask though aren't we as human race tiered of killing each other over perceived differences?  Isn't it time for us to wake up and be enlightened?

We can sequence the human genome and see the wavelength of different colors even the invisible, why can't we apply that to our phenotypic world?  I am going to leave this up for 2 weeks because I really want you to tell me how can we strive for peace and happiness when we are determined to differentiate the most fundamental similarity as a difference? Come on and take this serious. One person can make a change. Think about this. Talk and share this with each other. Am I the only person or a minority in this world who can see how awesome we HUMANS can make our world right now and not a 100 years from now?  This is the time for truth. We are on the verge of the most amazing time in human history and things are just getting better. Don't buy the crap your local or national media feeds you. Life is F@$#%ing good.

Spread this on FacebookTweet the $@&# out of it. Argue with me, clap for me, call me clueless, call me names but get emotionally involved please. Don't let this blog just pass your notice with an indifferent glance. Your future and that of your children depends on it. I love all of you in advance no matter what you call me. And I wish you all an amazing week and success for life.