Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I hope you are having a great day. This week I wanted to talk about a concept that can be really
Baffling. The concepts of Time. The reason for this topic is that I am usually asked when will I manifest this or that? Or how long will it take to manifest such and such? 

Time does not exist. From the Source's point of view time as we know it does not exist. Perhaps you have heard the famous quote by Albert Einstein that "time is an illusion, albeit a persistent one" .  This has never made more sends to me than this week when I am in Iran and was talking to my little ones back in the USA. Before I left I told my girls that when you miss me just look at the moon and know that I am also looking up at the exact same moon. Being 11 1/2 hours ahead when I call them, it is their "tomorrow". Yet it is just "NOW" for both of us. I am not seeing the future nor  am I in my daughters' future. There is no such a thing as future from the grand scheme of things. There is only now.
So the long and the short answer is "you will, not can,  have it now". If you believe something is difficult and takes a long "time" then it will, but that is your limiting the possibility. It sounds simple and yet it's anything but. I find that if I try to make a logical sense out of it, I confuse myself because I just don't understand the Universe that well. The great thing is that I really don't have to.  I just have to let it be.

Just like the "how" is not my work, I personally have more success when I let it happen when it needs to. I wish I could do this more often but I am learning. This seems to go against the principles of goal setting and it is. Your manifestations are the culmination of your goal not the goal. They are what happens when you achieve your goals. When you have the vision clearly in your mind. Go about setting the goals but as you concentrate on the outcome of the vision be ok with not knowing when. Your goals will then be inspired by what you will attract and the doors that will open will lead you to create time specific and you maned goals.

I hope this makes sense. If it does not, leave me a message on the Facebook thread of this post or tweet me and I will answer your questions accordingly. Feel free to share this and be well till next week. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Good day and I hope you are doing well. I will keep this short as we are approaching the holidays here in the U.S.  I think this concept of Never giving up,  is very important.  I like the Buddhist stance that “you either win, or you lose” when it comes to life.    The goal of life is to be happy.  There is no middle grey area. 

Every day you are battling for victory.  It is the journey that will make you successful because unless you stop and give up and quit, you cannot lose.  No matter how bad the situation may “seem”, you have the choice to continue to fight.  In martial arts when two combatants are relatively evenly matched, it is the one who can impose his will to keep going no matter what that emerges victorious.  Many times less skilled fighters in MMA have overcome odds by just having what we refer to as “heart”.  The will to keep on going no matter how bad it looked to the outsider.  It is not over in life, until you say it is.

A new year is approaching the Western world.  Don’t wait for the new year to decide.   Decide now that you will always keep going just one more step every day towards your goals.  I promise you that this time next year you will be happier and more abundant in every way by just making this one decision.  

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  I did not experience The Law of Attraction (LOA) until I was in my mid 30’s.  I am still learning new things,  and have much more to grasp.  Finances have gradually improved as I become someone who can handle and is ready for the expansion.  My relationships with my kids and family is at the moment the focus of my epiphany and will require concentration and work.  Why do I share all this with you?

I want to emphasize that this is a journey and not a destination.  You or I cannot force it no matter how hard we try.  We can focus our minds and plan goals to take us towards the results we want to see, but it takes as long as it takes for us to be ready for it.  I know that everything I have envisioned for myself is here, and I just have to be ready to receive it.  Open the door and let it flow to me and let life be joy.  I have 100% faith in the ability to become completely happy in every aspect of my life and be totally fulfilled.  Some, I have right now, and others I have now in my mind’s eye and I am just waiting for their manifestation which will come to me at the right time  and in perfect way. 

The process is the key, I sometimes get lazy and will forgo the visualization, or the affirmations or just do it halfheartedly, but the little things on the way to the goal are the  key.  Jim Rohn said “success is doing small, right things, every day…”   Small, right things, every day.  3 key points.  Keep it small and simple so you don't overwhelm yourself and bring up resistance.  Do the right things, meaning keep focus on what you want and what bring you joy.  Lastly do them every day. Like a snow ball, small right things can only become boulders and gain momentum if done consistently every day.  

Don’t get lazy and loose the momentum, but also don’t punish yourself if you miss a day or two.  That is not doing the right thing.  Punishing yourself is doing the wrong thing, so don’t add insult to injury.  Get back on focus as soon as you realize you messed up and you will be surprised how quickly you will get the momentum back. The best way of course is not to lose the momentum in the first place by doing the right things every day. Take action now and do it and know it is yours. 

Hope this makes sense, as always comment on my Facebook page and twitter feed and keep on moving towards what you want. Until next week, to your success.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  This week’s blog post will be very short but do not mistake it for having any less of a significance.  Many times the simplest information are the best and most useful one, and I hope this will be one of those that will make your pursuit of  and the  use of The Law of Attraction  (LOA) that much more successful.

I remember when one of the first Batman movies was coming out, the build up to the premier was of such magnificent proportion that really nothing could have ever lived up to the expectation.  Sure enough the film did not really live up to the hype even though years later it still stands as a great movie depending on who you ask. The same is true with LOA.

Sometimes the hype and yes, the marketing of different venues leave one over whelmed with the “power” of this magnificent law.  I am not trying to take anything away from the actual law which is, exact in every way and available to any person.  What I am getting at here is the fact that one can build undue resistance if one is caught up in the so called “propaganda”. Can LOA give you everything you can desire? Yes it can.  Is it the most amazing law in the entire Universe? It depends on your knowledge of all the different law, but it is a pretty cool law. Can you over estimate what it can do? No, but you can get yourself caught up in the misinformation and also get too close to the scarcity mindset whilst trying to achieve the desires you want to accomplish. 

From the stand point of The LOA, your feelings are one of the most important part of the whole equation.  When we give something the mystical power or “magic” we unintentionally bring about the feeling of  “impossibility”.  That is just the way most people have been conditioned.  If it is too good to be true then it is as the saying goes.  If it is magical then I have to have some kind of “special” power.  Nothing can be further from the truth though.  When you put The Law on a pedestal, you can in turn remove yourself from the ability of “RECEIVING” which is also a big part of the whole equation.  You have to believe that you will receive, in order to receive.  It is just that.  It is a law.  You follow the formula, and you get the results every time, all the time.  

So my advice is keep things grounded.  There is no mystical power here from the stand point of magic.  It is mystical as our Universe is mystical. It is also as precise as our Universe is precise, and you can benefit from learning about it.  I hope this makes sense.  As always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit and leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Until next week, to your success.