Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Recently I went for an annual eye exam for my glasses, and since this was a new doctor he asked if I wanted to have my pupils dilated to  check out the eye in more detail. I said sure. He said it is a good thing to do every 2 years or so to make sure there are no tumors or issues, and it is a way to give the doctor an opportunity to do a more detailed examination of the eye, but the dilation will last 5 hours so I cannot read or be exposed to too much light.  The pupils are so large and they let in so much light for the doctor to see the background of the eye, that it causes your vision to be blurry specially with small words or signs.  You cannot read, or distinguish fine patterns.

What does this mean from The Law of Attraction (LOA) stand point and what does it have to do with LOA? Well very much like one of the past blog post, “Don’t Put your High Beams on”,  this week’s post deals with balance, and comes in response to  questions I get all the time. I am routinely asked “why don’t ideas come to us in their totality?”   “Why can’t I see the end?”  Well I am glad you asked because it is much like having your eyes dilated.  Too much light will only blur your vision, and confuse you.  The LOA works with mathematical precision when you follow the rules.  What are those rules? Let’s check them out, because they are simple, but not easy.

The basic rule is that you take action on the opportunities as they present themselves, as the result of your desires and visualizations. As you take a step, another door opens, and opportunities will present themselves for you to take action. As you go through this door, then another, and yet another door begin to open in a step-wise fashion leading you step by step towards the culmination of your desires.  Soon you end up manifesting your desire or something better comes along.  This step by step way of leading you through the process is designed to allow you to move along in the perfect speed, and perfect fashion.  It is specially this way with those of us who are new to using the LOA.  By new I mean if you have not been using this process for longer than a decade.  This way you will not take a bigger bite than you can chew.  It is also designed for you to not get tempted on concentrating on the “how” of the big picture.  It is perfect the way it works. Follow it the way it is flowing. When you try to force the issue things usually do not turn out for the best. 

As humans we  naturally want what we can’t see. We want to know what we don’t know and many times we want it yesterday.  Well that is not necessarily the way the Universe works. The Universe more orderly that we may imagine.  At least when it comes to being a deliberate manifestor, this is the way to go about things.  Take heart though, as you get better with the use of LOA, your vision also expands. The Universe is a fantastic mentor, and knows how much to show, at exactly the right time for your best interest. 

Visualize, desire, see your manifestations in their fruition and see yourself with them, and then when opportunities come through, take action even though you may not see the end in sight.  This is the law.  I hope this makes sense to you and as always please feel free to share this blog with anyone who may benefit from it. As always please feel free to comment on my Facebook page or Twitter feed. Till next week, to your continued success. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having  a great day.  Today I want to talk to you frankly about your goals, aspirations, and visualizations, and where you stand with those currently.  If you have been a reader of this blog, I am going to go on the premise that you know how to set goals, all 6 steps of it.  You know how to visualize and you know how to use The Law of Attraction (LOA).  If this premise is not correct I have various resources for you. Obviously this blog is one. Start with the introductory posts which I have a link for on the lower right side of this page.  If you have problems with goal setting, my first original paper back Road Map To Life has detailed explanation of how to set and achieve goals.  All of these resources are available here on this page or the product tab of this blog. 

The purpose of this particular post is to talk to those of you who know exactly how to set and achieve goals, know how to visualize, and are essentially deliberate manifesters.  To you I want to say wherever you are in your progress towards those goals, be AT JOY with it.  You know what you have to do, and sometimes everyone will go through a rut.  There will be times when I don’t feel like writing, posting, exercising.  The fact that these times do happen to highly focused people creates a sense of guilt for them.  You have heard me post on this blog before that the sense of guilt does nothing to help you achieve your goals. It actually attract more opportunities for you to feel guilty.  In fact when you are feeling guilty about the fact that you did not go and exercise, or did not write a certain number of pages, the feelings are actually going to attract more opportunities to procrastinate and not do what you are supposed to do. 

I am not telling you not be accountable to yourself.  What I am telling you is to be at ease with the decision that you have made at that particular time.  If you don’t feel like exercising, that is a decision you are making. Now this follows the premise that you are disciplined enough and normally you will do what needs to be done to achieve your goals. It is a completely different discussion if you have never achieved any goals, you are a constant procrastinator, and you are not focused at all.  The discussion today is with those of you who at times just don’t have a good day. What I want you to realize is that it is OK.  We are all humans.  At the time perhaps not going to work out brought more joy to you than going to work out.  Embrace that JOY, and it will bring you more opportunities to feel joyous, which will actually come from achieving your goals, so you will be more likely to attend your next exercise session or pump out 20 more pages in the next hour. 

We all know how LOA works. The ultimate goal is to reach for the feeling of joy.  You want to reach for good feelings, that way you will attract more opportunities to feel good. Achieving your goals and dreams will bring you joy, so by extrapolation you will manifest opportunities to reach and succeed in your goals.  I hope this makes sense. This is not an excuse not to do the things you need to do. It is a fact about being 100 percent responsible and OK with the decisions you make at the time. 

Please share this with anyone who may benefit from it and let me know what you think on my Facebook page and twitter feed. Till next week to your success.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week, I am tackling communication and linking it to The Law of Attraction (LOA), providing an opportunity  to learn and use this lesson for success.  I am sure you have heard of the phrase “read between the lines”. If you have not, it basically means that you need to make your own conclusion about the meanings of conversations not just by what is said directly but what you think is meant which can be completely different depending on who you are talking to and the situation in which you find yourself.  It is an art. It is tricky. I try to avoid it at all costs.  I think you should too, which is why I am dedicating this week’s blog posting to the subject.

Let me give you an example that happened to me recently.  I occasionally share my own life experiences here, to the dismay of my wife, not because I want to show off, but because the transparency will give my readers a sense of reality, and concreteness of the fact that this stuff actually does work. Here is the situation. I am preparing to take a shower, and as I step into the shower, I see a dead moth at the corner of the shower.  I don’t know how that thing got there. I have little children, so maybe the screen door was left open etc.  It is not relevant to the situation.  I go to grab a tissue paper to pick up the thing before I start my shower, and my wife walks in and asks what am I doing?   I say “there is a moth in the shower, and I think it has been there for a while, so I am throwing it out”.  She turns to me and says “so your saying I don’t clean?”  Holly crap, where did that come from? So now I am back pedaling and becoming defensive and saying crap like “no, I did not say anything like that” blah, blah, blah.

Now my wife is usually very intuitive, but she has been under allot stress this particular week and I guess I can now, in hind side, see the way things progressed.  Her vibration was of stress and conflict, and she attracted to her more opportunity to have conflict.  If both of us were not in tune with how things work, you can see how that whole situation could erupt into a full blown argument over really nothing significant.  All because we read between the lines.  Gladly because we are deliberate creators, usually one or both of us figures out the situation. We looked at each other and laughed.  We both realized that something was pushing us off of our balance point. 

There is a lot of room when we try to interpret what people are telling us.  If we cannot take people at their word, then  all of our emotions will play a part in deciding what is the meaning of the conversation.  If we are a deliberate creator and we “always” think about things occurring for our best interest then all is well, but even those of us who are in tune with the LOA,  sometimes are off our game.  In those instances we cannot help but bring our lower vibration into the meaning and inadvertently may see thing that are not there.  Because we are in tune,  things manifest quicker for us. That is good and not so good.  Remember what we concentrate on we create opportunities to experience more and more in our reality.  You have to be clear in your conversation and you need to take people at their word.  You may think that is a na├»ve way of  thinking.  So be it. If your view of the word is that “people will not say what they mean” then you will attract opportunities to prove yourself correct.  If you choose to believe people at their word then, more often than not,  you will also prove yourself correct.  It is law. 

I just find it more simple to speak clearly about what I mean, and have the same expectation of people. Just like goals, if your communication is not clear then your meaning is not clear, and your conclusions will not be the way you want them to be.  Clarity is the key in goals, communication, moral values, and pretty much everything that matters.  Be clear. Don’t guess at what people mean. If you are confused,  ask open ended questions until you are clear about what they mean. By the same token do not be vague and assume people know what you mean (LADIES THIS ONE IS FOR YOU SPECIALLY) . People are not mind readers. This is especially true in relationships.  Do not get lazy no matter how long you have had the relationship.  In business or personal relationship, laziness, and taking the other for granted spells disaster (GUYS, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU SPECIALLY). 

I hope this makes sense to you and as always please feel free to share it with anyone who may benefit from this.  Comment on my Facebook page, and tweet me on my twitter feed. Until next week, to your success.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Recently I was talking with one of my long time students and a topic came up that prompted this post.  This is a person who is as versed in the use of and the principals of The Law of Attraction (LOA) as I am.  Someone in fact, with whom I bounce ideas off when I am confused.  It seemed that something had made her upset.  When I asked what was the matter she explained it to me this way.  A longtime friend of hers who used to confide in her with her problems and used to use her as a shoulder to cry on had become distant and was instead confiding in  a mutual friend of theirs.  Would you believe my friends felt left out and sad because she cared very much for her friend and their friendship? 

Being an outside observer, I was instantly able to see the truth and tried to gently point it out, but even then the ingrained habits were getting in the way of my friend seeing the truth for what it was even though intellectually she understood the logic.  Let me explain it here so anyone with similar feeling can benefit from this.  I am willing to bet that if this type of feeling is happening to someone as intuitive as my friend, then there may be others that feel the same way. 

When we get good at using LOA and get into the vortex of high vibration, we naturally will attract situations that match our vibration.  It is a Universal Law.  My friend was deliberately manifesting what she wanted in her life and NOT what she did not want.  Therefore the pain, sorrow, and wallowing in self-pity was no longer being attracted to her like with most people who go about by default.   So The Universe, or Source found a way to take those discussions away from her reality and hence the opportunity of being a “shoulder to cry on” for her friends went away.  And at the same time her friend found a new confidant that was more on her level. It is not a mean or cruel thing. It is a law as precise as laws of mathematics.  You do X and Y will happen. You concentrate on crap and crap will come into your life. You concentrate on joy and joy will come into your life.  Simple to someone who is not in the middle of it.  Much more difficult when you are dealing with it and especially when you are dealing with loved ones.

To her resistant mind that reaches for negativity for protection, the lie was that “if I don’t listen to my friend’s pain then I am not a good friend”.  This belief is reinforced by our upbringing and is very strong.  She felt bad for a few days.  Instead of being happy that it all worked out for everyone, she felt “left out”.  She wanted to bring herself DOWN vibrationally just to be included.  Crazy isn’t it? Well no actually. It is a natural human nature to be caring.  If she is not careful, she will start to change her manifestations.  But as I mentioned in my last post (Highbeams), it was not the time for me to blind her with my high beams.  She was not at the correct vibration.  She needs time and I need to approach her slowly.  Starting with gratitude that her friend has a person to talk to.  That her own life is full of joy.  That her vibration is protecting her from negativity.  Slowly bringing her to the current state of joy and bliss.  As Abraham-Hicks teach, reaching for a small step that feels a little better.  

The message here is this, be careful. Be careful of your wishes.  Analyze things you think are sad and make sure you are not just falling into the trap of beliefs that keep you stuck.  You are not being a bad friend by being happy.  You are not cold hearted if you cannot relate anymore to the sad things of your previous “life”.  Be a friend and if the Universe protects you then that is a win-win for everyone.  Then accept the gift. 

I hope this makes sense and as always feel free to share this with anyone who many benefit from it. Please comment on my Facebook page and send me tweets on my Twitter feed.  Until next week, to your continued success.