Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. To day I have a real useable, workable technique for you.  I had a hard time putting it into use for years because I really did not understand the power it provided until by accident I stumbled on it working like magic.  I tested it a few time to see if I was actually manifesting what I wanted or it was just coincident, and you guessed it,  there are no coincidences when you use LOA.

A little background first. One of my favorite books is SUCCESS WITH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. In it there is a story of W. Clement Stone helping  design a course to enable people (insurance sales men) succeed in their business. The key premiss of the training is that if you want to feel a certain way act that way.  Lets practice: if you want to be positive, act positively. If you want to feel healthy, act healthy. If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastically. It worked for the students. You see the negative result of it every day. Just take a look around you.  If you act miserably, you will feel miserable.  If you act sad, you will feel sad.  If you act broke, you will be broke.  How do people act most of the time when challenges come along? Negatively. Well you will feel negative as a result.

Now to the meat of the matter and something you can actually use.  This is FREE.  It is so simple I would feel like a thief if I charged for it. :-)
I usually have a hard time putting my 2 years old to sleep at night. Initially she will throw a fuss and it starts to really stress me out. I also have noticed the outcome of how quickly we go from fussing to peaceful sleep is directly proportional to how I am feeling. When I am frustrated and not in control of my emotions we just feed each others negativity or as Ekhart Tolle puts it "pain body".

One night I was feeling really sarcastic but playful. I had just listed to the book SUCCESS WITH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE for the umpteenth time, and for some reason I saw myself on stage as I was putting my daughter to sleep.  My wife was outside in the backyard with my oldest, so the house seemed empty.  As my 2 years old started her tantrum, I went into presentation mode explaining to the imaginary audience how this is a challenge and to deal with it you have to keep control of your feeling.  All this is being done out loud, which for me is the key in its success.  I actually talked to my 2 years old in the middle of her screaming saying that you are now a challenge for me and even though I cannot control what you are doing I can control my feeling towards what is happening and I am acting happy.  For some reason the process of talking it out loud worked a little like the Sedona method in that I was expressing the problem out loud and facing it, so it lost power, as well as the fact that I was at first sarcastically trying to act happy.  She fell sleep with in one minute of me talking constantly like this to her.  More importantly I DID NOT feel the anger, frustration, or the helplessness I usually feel.

I have been trying this all over.  It is a bit weirded in public but I am a public speaker and trainer so I can always chalk it up as practicing a presentation.  I also happen to live in Southern California where people talking out loud to themselves is really not that unusual.

Try this the next time you find yourself in a problem.  Talk out the issue out loud.  It helps to state how you do not want to feel and then it will lead you to what it is you want to feel.  If you want to feel like ______ then act ____. It works like a charm.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Greetings and I hope you are having  a great week. This post is about a mindset and a test, if you will, that accompanies the use of The Law of Attraction.  If you pass the test, you are rewarded. If you don’t, then you are left with the disappointment of default results.  Frequently if not always, when you have a desire, when you visualize having your desire fulfilled, and focus on the accomplishment of goals, your mind will start to explore ways of achieving your dreams.  This is the benefit of focused attention.

These thoughts if nurtured will open up to opportunities for you.  When opportunities and thoughts of action steps are presented to you, TAKE THE ACTION. You need to do what your subconscious mind gives to you. When the “how” of your plan comes to you, it will seem like an incomplete plan is presented to you.  Take the steps and see where it leads.  I warn you, quiet often the first, second, or even the third action does not seem to bear much fruit.  Take heart. You are setting the ball in motion.  It seems that Universe frequently tests us to see if we are ready for the success we seek.  Part of that readiness entails taking action and not giving up at the first sign of challenges. 

If when I have the idea to go to the small local bookstores  and pitch my book to be sold on consignment, I sit on my butt and say “oh yeah that is an idea” nothing will happen.  If I am not ready to work for success, I am not ready, or deserving for it.  If I cannot balance being a father, a husband, a teacher, and a business owner now, then I am not ready for a $10,000,000 per year income because the responsibility increases with the increase in stakes.  I love the protective mechanism  of The Law of Attraction.  If you are a student of The Law of Attraction, you will not be given something that will harm you.  The Source is always looking out for your best interest.  Make big goals, go through the stepwise success that comes  and do not concern yourself with why you have not hit it big.  It is as it should be and you are being trained to handle success one step at a time so when the flood gates of prosperity opens in your life, you can swim with the flow and not get drowned.  It is magical isn’t it?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Greetings, I hope you are having a great day. Today's post is a simple one, however the underlying principle in this post is critical to making your visualizations, and your work with The Law of Attraction successful.  When I first heard about the concepts of visualization, I worked on it all the time. I also stressed over it allot of times. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while or have worked with the law of attraction will Immediately see where I am going with this. By definition I was attracting more and more situations to feel stressed over. That is the core of the law. It is not what I say, it is what I feel. The statement is a focusing mechanism for the feelings but the important activator is the feeling. For example if I am saying  "every day in every way I am better and better" but I am feeling like crap, and do not work on feeling better while I say the affirmation, guess what I am attracting? More opportunities to feel like crap is the right answer.

Recently while reading one of Dr. Joe Vitale's books I realized that when he said "the short cut is to feel,good now" he is absolutely right. You really do not need any study on the subject if you can really feel happy now all the time. That is the key to everything. When I first moved to the north county of San Diego and was living in Escondido in a studio apartment with a school debt of over $100,000, I was essentially there. I was living very simply. My career was taking most of my time and I loved what I was doing at the time.  I had great friends. My family was loving and supportive. I was happy at the time. Because of that, more and more opportunities came to make me happy, and I discovered the book "Think and Grow Rich" and later was introduced to the concept of this universal law, The Law of Attraction.

I started to deliberately work on manifesting thing and as a novice at first things went really easily. I was able to pay off my student loans, got married to the love of my life, started to learn and then teach the concepts and create programs that would help people learn the same stuff I was introduced to. Then I wrote a book and that is when I got caught up in the little things and started to stress over the little stuff. I stopped being happy now.  I started to neglect my little ones with the thought that I was doing this for their good. Yeah we have heard that before right? That is when things plateaued. I have noticed every time my income, my relationships, my health or anything else has stopped improving is because I stopped being happy now and started to focus on the "if only I had that I would be happy" feeling.

Here again the students of LOA can see when I am putting my focus on " if only ..." More and more opportunities come to me to have me focus on that.  I got distracted with multiple projects which only stressed me more and took my attention away from the truly important things. The Law of Attraction is all about achieving balance. When you are happy now you are balanced and it is an attitude that you can adopt no matter where you are.  It may more difficult if you are facing challenges but no one said this is going to be easy. It is a SIMPLE concept but it is not easy.  It takes the most difficult skill that humans can work on. That is self discipline in controlling what they think about and how they feel. There is nothing more difficult than to decide you will good no matter what your outside world throws at you.  It is like a test. When the world sees that no matter what you feel good it will just give up and let you have what ever you desire.

I hope this makes sense to you.  It is a skill well worth perfecting.  It is worth all the ti e it will require you to get good at it because once you have figured it out you will have mastered The Law of Attraction and you will have what ever your heart desires.  I hope you enjoyed this post. As always share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Comment on this and other post on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. For today’s post I am taking a note from my real life experience going through school as an adult. I am taking some economic courses as part of my MBA study and some of the topics discussed as tenants of economics got me thinking about what I have allowed to enter my subconscious mind as truth that may or may not be helpful to me. 

As I recall, when I was in high school, I took the word of the instructor or the text book as gospel without question. I dare to say I kept on with this habit well into my medical education. This time around, I have the benefit of experience to the contrary.  Since I am a student of The Law of Attraction, I have a hard time accepting some of the core economic concepts like “Scarcity” and “Production Possibilities Curve”  which state that as we demand a certain product or service, the resources to make another product are depleted so there will be less of that product available.  Another words there are opportunity costs for producing one product versus the other. 

Since I need to pass this class I have to abide by these premises and pass the exams by these rules, but I am wondering how much more of what I studied in school has contributed to the number of resistance beliefs that I  may not even be aware that I have. This fact makes me even more motivated to spread the information about The Law of Attraction to our younger generation of students who are embarking on their educational paths.  With the information about how The Law of Attraction works and the premise that there is “no scarcity”, our youngsters can filter the information they learn as opposed to having it totally bypass their gate keeper and go to their subconscious and become a belief. Having this information will, I hope, allow our youngsters to challenge the ideas they learn as opposed to blindly accepting them to pass a class not realizing that those ideas are now forming their paradigm for life.

From experience I have learned the value of financial education.  Here however, I need to add an important caveat that it is important to learn the financial education and test it in the real world and not just be satisfied with the classroom education.  I recall reading somewhere that in the early 1950’s the director of the U.S. Patent office declared that “everything that could be invented has been invented”.  How ludicrous that idea sounds now in hind sight?  I wonder if a day soon will come that we will look at the basic concepts of modern economics and declare “how closed minded we were to accept them as solid truth” much like when people “knew” for a fact that the world was flat at one time in our history.

If all economic policies are being made by people who have taken the scarcity concept as a belief, how can we ever prosper?  If all we know is that only competition is the way to win, how can we shape our reality to the more positive and deliberate manifesting?  So if you are a student, think carefully about what you are learning.  Question everything. If these concepts were true,  80% of self-made millionaires in the world should not have succeeded. They did not believe what was dictated to them in school, perhaps as a result of not being able to complete higher education.  They manifested their own economic principles.  If you are a parent, challenge the children to be open to other ideas and carefully filter the limiting beliefs your children learn in schools, while their subconscious guard is down.  School, while important , is a game.  There are rules to any game and if we want to win in school we follow the rules.  Just like the game of “Chutes and Ladders”, because I slide down the snake in the game, it does not mean that in the real world I go looking for snakes to slide down on.  Learning what seems like common, well established “principles” is only a step to winning the game of school, but without thought and concentration it may  not necessarily help you with the game of life. 

Remember in life YOU make the rules.  Also remember that weather you believe this or not you are right. That is the law of attraction. How cool is that?  I hope this post was of benefit to you and as always please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it. As always please comment with your opinions and views on my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. Until next week, to your success.