Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to discuss the topic of getting stuck on some idea, or having a block, or hitting the wall mentally . It seems so frustrating when you are in the midst of some idea or project and then suddenly nothing. As though you went through “the zone” and then just fell out of it. The frustration feeds itself like a negative feedback loop and it all makes sense from the stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA). When you get frustrated you will continue to attract more and more incidences to get frustrated. What is the solution? I am sure you are guessing at the answer.

In pursuit of success and any goal or worthwhile aim it is not uncommon for us to become stuck, or feel like we do not have the answers. I liken this to my computer suddenly freezing.  The solution is almost the same. It is very simple in principle, however it is not as easy in practice.  I have to come to realize that when my computer freezes , one of the first actions my tech support asks me to take is to reboot my system. About 80-90% of the problems are fixed by rebooting my system. The same analogy holds true with your mental computer with even better stats.  When you are concentrating deeply and intensely on a subject sometimes your minds need to be refreshed. It needs to stop thinking, relax, and be refreshed.  One of the great ways of refreshing your mental computer and rebooting it is by simple meditation.  If you have never meditated it may seem like some mysterious powerful technique you have to learn through master and student linage in Tibet.   I assure you however, it is simpler than you may think.  You can meditate by just concentrating on your breathing.  You can amplify this by lying back, closing your eyes, and visualizing different parts of your body to concentrate on.  Start at your toes and move up your muscle groups all the way to the muscles of your face and your head, slowly tensing and relaxing them for 5 seconds each.  This type of meditation is extremely powerful in clearing your mind so when you start to concentrate and think about your challenges your ideas will come a more creative and relaxed place.  If you don’t have the time to lie down and go through the visualization of each body part, sit down and relax and concentrate for few minutes on your breathing. Inhaling through your nose and feeling your stomach expand, and exhaling through your mouth and feeling  your stomach contract. Like there is a balloon in your tummy and you are filling it up and emptying it. This will allow the lower portions of your lung to get into the action, something that western breathing does not do. We tend to breath with our upper chest. Deep breathing is both relaxing and rejuvenating  for the brain. You will not levitate, but you will feel relaxed and that is all meditation is really. 

If you can do this for a few minutes it also takes your mind to a place of rest. Do not be disturbed or concerned if your mind wonders and thoughts rush in. There is a joke that if you want to remember something just try to meditate.  It will happen specially in the beginning. Simply acknowledge that thoughts came, accept them and let them go by coming back to your breathing, or concentrating on different parts of your body. Don’t fight the thoughts. Do not judge the thoughts or yourself. The brain likes to link thoughts, and so as you start to think of many things that will occur to you when you are trying to do this, you need to come to something that does not lead to anything else mentally, hence the concentration of your breathing. Some people find it helpful to count their breaths, in and out. Play with this and different methods and see which works better for you.  Give your mind a reboot from time to time. It will pay great dividends.

I hope you found this post helpful and please share this with anyone who may benefit. Also share your methods and techniques for meditation on my Facebook page and twitter so everyone can benefit from different points of view and be exposed to different valuable techniques.  To your success till next week.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to talk about something that I heard Dr. Joe Vitale say in an interview. That is “ideas are gifts. You have to honor them”.  How often do you actually do this? What emotions do you go through when you have an idea?  How do you treat something that you think can be great when it initially occurs to you? Do you take immediate action or like most people do nothing, or worse think of all the negativity and obstacles.

 One thing that Dr. Vitale mentioned in that interview hit me like a brick in its profoundness. He said that most people, when ideas come to them “start thinking about what cannot be accomplished. They start having doubts and fears. They start deemphasizing the idea”. What separates people who are successful from people who may talk a good game but have no accomplishments, as well as those who are not successful, is the fact that successful people treat ideas as GIFTS from the Source.  They honor the ideas.  How do they honor these ideas? They thank the Source for those ideas. Most importantly they act on those ideas, frequently and immediately when those ideas come to them.

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill mentions that when an idea comes to you it is like an infant. It is fragile and needs attention or it will perish.  The more attention in the form of  action you give to it during the birth of that idea, the more chances that idea has to succeed. However most of us, when we have some idea, do not do this. If we are lucky we write it down. Then these ideas just sit. As time passes we think about all the things that can go wrong, and all the obstacles that are in our way of making those idea a reality.  The comfort zone mentality rears its ugly head. We have no thoughts about how to take action as opposed to honoring those ideas by concentrating on those ideas and sitting down and coming up with plans to put those ideas into actions. The first plan may not be any good, may not be applicable, and may not even be practical, but the mere fact that you sit down and put your ideas on paper and work on it opens up the vibration that you are ready to move to a different level. It may take a few different tries. Each one is showing the Source that you are in fact serious about doing something and are not just waiting for a  handout. When you start to work on those ideas, by The Law of Attraction (LOA) opportunities and solutions will come to you to help you progress step by step to make your idea manifest into a reality. You then have to recognize and take action on each step.

Most people think that they have to wait for their whole plan  to materialize in perfect detail to start something. This may look good on paper but it is rarely the case. Most people started and made course corrections along the way as very rarely things go exactly as planned.  If you just ignore your ideas, and do not honor the Source that sends it to you, they will start to decrease, and soon they will find someone who is actually going to do something with them.  Regret is the worst feeling in the world. Do not let your ideas fly by and regret that you never did anything. Take responsibility and honor your ideas by taking immediate action when they occur to you. Regardless of the size of action, start and do something to progress your ideas. It does not have to be big action. Baby step your way through the actions.  You will be happy you did. Take your future into your hand.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always please feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it. I also want to hear from you on times when you took action on your ideas, or when you did not take action and saw your idea come to life sometimes later by someone else. I think we can all learn from practical experience. Please  post your comments on my Facebook Page or on my Twitter by clicking the blue link for each site. As always I hope you have  a great week, and to your success.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to explore the reason why there is only a very small percentage of people in any field that reach the top 2%. You always hear that 2-3% of the population control the wealth, or success or anything in different fields.  Have you ever thought what makes them succeed? Why is it that the top is only reserved for the few? Why is this principle repeated over and over and in a vast array of different fields with consistency?  Is there a preverbal deck that is stacked against the common man? Far from it. It is just a matter of changing you thought patterns and displaying a little effort.

 I have been studying success and The Law of Attraction for many years now, and this post came to me as I was driving through central California staring at acres and acres of open fields.  There were many variations to what I observed. There were many fields that were plowed and were neatly prepared for planting. There were also many fields that were at the tail end of the harvest season, in disarray and having weeds growing all over.  There were fields of immaculately placed rows of blooming trees and flowers, and there were places where it seemed no one had lifted a hand for years. 

I likened these fields to our minds.  Our minds are the most important fertile fields that we have at our control.  The reason why many people will not achieve the success level of the top 2% is that most people leave their fields to chance, or take very little time to prepare and care for these fields to harvest the rewards.  For the longest time now I have developed the habit of listening to positive books on tapes or seminars as I drive long distances or as I fly.  I rarely listen to music now days, or watch news or stuff on T.V.  Weeds grow very easily.  They require little, to no care to flourish.  The  same is even more true with our minds.  Negativity, poverty, and thoughts of lack of success are weeds. They really do not require you to give any effort for them to take root in your mind. You never see someone wanting to be poor. You rarely see people working hard to fail, yet many do because they allow their mind to be populated with weeds. 

Success however, be it wealth or any other thing, requires you to prepare the field of your mind like a farmer painstakingly prepares his field for harvest.  You have to feed your mind positivity.  You have to feed your mind and take care of those thoughts, and those desires by being specific and doing definite planning. When you do this your mind will be increasing its vibration and plans and opportunities for success will come to you.  If you neglect your mind and allow negativity to take over the field, it will be seeded with weeds.  It will be disorganized and have no focus.  It will be ground for growth of useless and self-defeating thoughts that you are bombarded with on a daily bases, many so subtle that you do not even recognize them as having taken anchor in your mind. Take care to cultivate your mind exactly as you would want to harvest.  Pay attention to what you put into your mind and you will see the manifestation of all of your dreams.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to go into some detail about increasing your effectiveness when you are setting goals and visualizing. There are many steps to creating your reality as you wish it to be.  We have talked in detail about the power of visualization and affirmations. We have talked about being positive. We have also discussed that we need to believe that we can have what we want in order to receive it. Today I will go deeper into this concept.

As we have discussed the Law of Attraction is amplified by our feelings, and beliefs. So even though setting goals and repeating affirmations and doing visualizations are better than nothing, if you can inject a solid belief and faith that you can achieve your visualization you will exponentially increase the power of your manifestation.  The other day I was listening to Think and Grow Rich once again as I do many times each year, and a sentence in the chapter on faith stood out.  It was “… The emotions of love is very much like faith”.  The moral of the chapter on faith was that you can significantly increase your belief in yourself if you can bring the emotion of love into the picture. The examples provided in the book refer to the fact that many of the most successful men of the times, had the love of a significant other in their life. That had a great impact in their motivation to succeed.  I wanted to emphasize that point because I don’t believe if it is clear how important, and how much help this method of visualization or motivation can be in your success. 

To me it was a revelation at the time although it is very obvious now.  When you are setting goals, and when you are visualizing something you want to manifest, think deep and see if there is someone special in your life that you can link the emotion of love to, with your goals.  It is simple to say and visualize that for example “I want to be a millionaire and drive this Porsche 911 turbo, convertible, or I want to have that house” but the visualization’s impact and the power of the vibration will be significantly higher it you say for example “I want to be a millionaire because I love my wife and children. I don’t want my wife to be working anymore. I want my kids to go to the best schools so they can have the best chances that life can offer them.”   You can see indeed there is a difference in motivation and belief in the second example than the first.

The second part of the equation is persistence. By inputting the emotion of love you have increased the vibration of your thoughts, by continuously reaffirming and being persistence you will DEVELOP the faith and the belief that supercharges  your manifestation. Combining the habit of not stopping until you get what you want with the power of love will bring self-confidence in your ability. It will built faith where there may not be any.  This is the recipe for success in any walk of life. Remember success sometimes wants to play games with us, to test us to see if we are ready for it. Don’t stop when  things go wrong. Change your plans and keep on going, never stopping short of what you desire. 

I hope this helped and clarified another method of increasing your success with the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA). Please feel  free to share this with anyone who may benefit. Please leave me comments and your experiences on my Facebook Page, and Twitter feed by clicking the blue link for each and help others benefit from your wisdom. Until next week, to your success.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today we are going to go into the explanation of why when things go wrong, and when we make mistakes, from the stand point of The Law of Attraction, it is actually a benefit. Keep in mind that Universal laws are precise and have no agenda. This point may not seem applicable sometimes but it is a fact.  Remember that you are the ultimate being on this planet and quite possibly in this entire Universe. Let’s begin and you will see what I mean.

Have you ever made the same mistake over and over and  over, and wonder what the purpose of this whole thing is within the context of The Law of Attraction (LOA)?  If you are a student of this process you will take personal responsibility and know that you have attracted this circumstance into your reality.  Once again as I mentioned in the discussion about Quantum mechanics last week, if you are a person of faith, the explanation is allot easier;  God is trying to help you figure out how to do this. If you are not spiritual, or need more logic, lets dig in and pursue the logical explanation within the context of LOA.  In a previous post I mentioned that you have to be on the same vibrational level as the objective you want to manifest.  If you have not read last week’s post, I suggest you do that before proceeding further, however you don’t really need the background.

As you go about taking inspired action necessary to achieve vibrational parity with your  manifestation, and get clear on what you want, you are coming up in your vibrational level to the level of what you desire.  Sometimes you tend to get off track in the process. You ignore the feelings you have. You may ignore the warning signs.  I tend to do this allot, especially when I am emotionally vested in a goal, even now after studying The Law of Attraction for many years.  When that happens you will make mistakes. Some of us learn quickly from our mistakes and make corrections. Others need a little more probing.  How does that probing work? You will keep on making the same mistakes over and over until you actually figure it out.   Why is that? Why is this happening? The reason for this is not that Universal Laws are vindictive, or have a sense of humor, or that you are a comic relief for the Universe.  The reason for the repetition is that there is a certain way for you to increase your vibration.  There is a certain way for you to become ready and become competent.  There are certain actions that need to happen for you to get to the level that you need to be, in order to receive your desired goal.  In some circumstances you get the point quickly and move on. Some people are very receptive regarding certain circumstances, while the same person is a mess regarding other situations. Other times it takes longer and we may want to force the issue but things will progress according to Universal Laws no matter how hard we push.  There is allot of wisdom in the saying “if you keep on doing the same thing, you will get the same results”. 

This process will make you proficient so you will not lose the skill set once you achieved it.  Have you heard of extremely wealthy people who have lost everything and yet within a short period of time they are back on top again?  That is a good example.  Very few people who have reached their wealth through short cuts can recover from loss. The process will make you competent so you will not make bigger mistakes when the stakes are much higher.  It is just a perfect mechanism to make you realize that you are whole and perfect. Can you see the beauty of this law that will take you through a way to have what you want and at the same time be competent to enjoy and use it? The catch is you have to listen to your feelings.  It is your guidance system and Abraham-Hicks say it in their works repeatedly.  Listen to the warning bells as well as the good feelings, and things will proceed smoothly. 

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