Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having the greatest day ever.  Today I want to discuss an example of an area  of working with the law of attraction that has proven frustrating for me at times.  That is dealing with my two little ones.

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Parenting is an emotional activity and hence it has a huge vibrational impact on how the Law of Attraction affects your day.  You can use this for any area that evokes the same type of emotional frustration.  

For the last year or so my 2 year old has had comfort issues going to sleep at times. Usually either my wife or I have spend some extra time cuddling, and in really challenging times when she just is throwing a tantrum my emotions go right down the emotional spectrum ranging from frustration all the way to out right anger. When that happens there is just a negative feedback loop that spins out of control. 

Last night I found the perfect solution. I usually do visualize a nice sleeping bundle of joy, but I loose my sense of joy when she starts with her tantrum.  So last night when she started to go into the tantrum I just held her and started to go into rhythmic breathing of meditation. As I started to concentrate on counting my inhalation and exhalation I relaxed and so did my daughter.  I then put her in bed and sat in the middle of the room and finished my meditation.  

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She relaxed and when I was done and left the room she told me good night and went to sleep.  So easy, and as a bonus I got my daily meditation done as well.  I have explained (see the video blog) how Esther and Jerry Hicks  explain the process of meditation as a way of letting your cork pop up and that is exactly what  happened. I was clearing my mind about the process of putting her to sleep.  As I concentrated on my breathing, the resistance and the negative vibration was not expressed and through meditation I moved up in the emotional scale to my natural state which is joy. You can use this process in conjunction with the leaving a task for a while and coming back to it later when you are fresh.

 At times when leaving the task is not an option, meditating while in the midst of doing a task may release all the resistance, And that maybe be the break you need.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Good day and I hope your week is going well. The other day I was walking through the LAX terminal 7 by gate 70 and I saw the following sign:

Now I travel allot and go through allot of airports, but I have never seen anything like this. Most of the shoe shine booths are seldom full. I watched for a good hour and customer after customer Jumped up on William's chair for a shoe shine. If I was not wearing sneakers I would have done the same.  

I asked if he would mind if I take a picture of his sign for my blog and he was gracious enough to allow me.  I asked if anyone has ever not given him a tip? He said he has been doing this for 12 years and every six months or so one person will not. I was actually surprised by how often that was. William in his cheerful way said "its like this, you know when you go to a party and there are little hors d' oeuvre and even if it is really good you might take a little? But there is always that one person that acts like it is dinner. It all the same".

I don't know how that business does as I didn't want to bug him during his work but the next time I am going through that terminal, I will get a shoe shine and ask. I am wiling to bet it is better than most places of similar business.

So if you are in the area stop by this shoe shine stand. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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Enjoy the video supplement bellow:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Good day and I wish you a great week. Today I wanted to discuss a topic I read not in a book about the LAW OF ATTRACTION but one by the authors of the best seller The Magic of Thinking Big Dr. David J. Schwartz called The Magic of Getting What You Want. This book was published in 1983. It is in essence a book about finding success in your life. That is a topic near and dear to my heart and this blog and the concepts I want to point out go hand in hand with last week’s post.

In the book Dr. Schwartz  outlines the interviews he has had with many successful executives, head hunters, sales professionals, and retired military and law enforcement personnel about the effect of nurture on success. Without exception they all agree that the food you feed your brain in the form of information gathered from people around you and the media programs you choose to watch has an immense influence in your success or lack thereof.

I love the simplicity of how he puts it. The good=good; bad=bad law. In short if you concentrate on good things more good things are followed and the more you concentrate on bad things, no matter what your intention, more bad things follow. The intention does not matter. You have heard this from many of the Law of Attraction teachers, human rights pioneer Mother Teresa, and others: “war against crime, brings more crime; war against terrorism brings more terrorism, was against drugs brings more drugs”. What is interesting is that the down to earth explanation is that the attention and publicity to such events causes “copycat” actions that defeat the whole point of the original intention. There is an example in the book about a hotel with an open terrace in New York. When there was a suicide attempt at that location the media jumped on the story and the manager of the hotel told Dr. Schwartz that in weeks to follow the rate of suicide attempts on that location sky rocketed.
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Isn’t it interesting how even before the concept of the Law of Attraction was main stream the results were evident. The intelligent  students of the concept of success have always known innately that you need to concentrate on what you want to achieve it. Concentrating on gossip and negativity does nothing to further your pursuit of what you want. In fact it has the opposite effect. You are telling your mind to concentrate on what you don’t want. Why would you want to sabotage your own success?

The people who have succeeded and know what it takes to succeed eliminate those people who are as Dr. Schwartz labels them  “one-on-one snipers”. That is a great term. Because negative people in your life KILL your chances for success. There is no gentle way of putting this. What he suggests is do not heed attention to these people if you have a choice. Remove yourself from their presence. If you do not have a choice do not add to their fuel by engaging in the conversation. Politely listen if you have no choice and do not add anything either pro or con to their conversation. Soon they will leave you alone and seek some other person who will feed their need for negativity.  It is very difficult not to get caught up in the locker room mentality of “bitching and moaning about our troubles”. Resist this temptation.

The media is another source of constant negativity. Dr. Schwartz points out most of what the media “news” channels broadcast is vast exaggeration of the truth in order to gain ratings and sell magazines. Think about it for just a minute: if there is really a noteworthy news you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW someone will tell you about it very quickly unless you are living in a vacuum. In this age where information travels at the speed of light  the chances that you will miss a noteworthy story are slim to none. So do not place yourself intentionally on the path of getting nonproductive information that does nothing to further your success.

I always hear “but A.J. I have to be informed to make a good decisions”. I disagree. Do your own due diligence and then make your decisions based on solid UN-exaggerated information. If you are talking about investments for example,  by the time the information has reached the mainstream media it is too late anyway. What good will the news that “the economy is in the toilet do for you?” In this time and place like the time of great depression there are thousands upon thousands of successful people that are taking advantage of opportunities all around them and prospering.  Resist the temptation to say “yeah but…”.

If you want to know what is going on truly in any field find the person who is succeeding in that field and ask them for their opinions on the subject. The people who are giving you the doom and gloom information are neither well informed nor even slightly competent on the news they are delivering to you. If they are they are trying to mislead you.

Law of Attraction and success principles that millions of people have used since the dawn of time always, without exception favor the person who either purposefully or accidentally does not know how to quit or listen to the nay Sayers.  I have said this before, do you prefer to be in a company of a person that constantly complains for long?  Even if you agree with their point of view today, there will come a time where you just feel drained by the constant negativity.

No one wants to do business or associate long with someone with a poor disposition. Your customers will not trust your skills, your friends will not want to associate with you, and in time even those close to you will get tired of  trying to cheer you up.  YOU CAN NOT SUCCEED BY BEING NEGATIVE. It is unprofessional to say the least. Take for example this note from Dr. Schwartz’s book: Imagine for example you are looking for a new position, and in the interview they ask you about your last job. If you bad mouth your previous employer do you honestly think you will get the job? Or imagine you are on a date with someone who asked you about your previous relationship and your rant about how bad your partner was, do you really think you have a chance with this new person for any meaningful relationships? The answer to both is NO.
People, opportunities, and success gravitate to people who can be positive in the face of adversity and break down the issues to their core factual ingredients and solve those issues one step at a time with a smile on their face. Become someone who can be positive no matter what and watch your success soar in any part of your life.

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As always to your success and until next week, have a great day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Good day and I hope your 2013 is going well.
In this 2nd week of the year I was inspired to talk about the old saying “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”.
I am sure we all have heard of it at one time or  another. In my case my grate grandmother use to tell me this. I have noticed this is an advice that is usually given by people who are more mature in age. In my experience much more people have heard of this than practice it. Today I want to delve into the powerful Law ofAttraction force behind this saying. You can probably take the thread from here if you are a reader of my blog. If not here it is.
When you do not practice the advice in this saying you are apt to criticize, gossip, blame, complain or in general express yourself in a nonproductive, and what I refer to as a negative vibrational state. The problem is that usually when we are in such a state we are very emotional about the subject of our conversation. That emotion as you know powers the vibration that we are sending out to the source and by The Law of Attraction we will get more and more opportunities to feel that way. So let’s examine what type of circumstances we are attracting to ourselves.
Gossip, blame, criticism, complaining all bring about circumstances for us to do things that we do not want to have in our life. Why would we intentionally go about sabotaging our life by attracting so much of what we do not want? Because that is what we are used to doing. Even people who by now know about The Law of Attraction, get caught up in the moment. Why? Simply because we are not on guard about our circumstances every moment of every day. The majority of people even in 2013, either do not understand how The Law of Attraction works, don’t care about it, don’t believe in it, or are unaware of it. When we run into enough of these people we are bound to get caught up in the moment. That is why having rules of thumb like the above statement helps us be on guard. It brings us back to reality and now that you are reading this blog it will add some logic and fuel to the” why” of the whole thing.
So now let consider what happens if we do exhibit some discipline and hold our peace if we don’t have any good thing to say.
At first it is like we have to bite our tongue. We have to control our urges and that can be trying at times. In time  though, the urge does go away. That brings with it some major benefits among which are increase discipline which expands our comfort zone, as well as attraction of more and more positivity. When we stick to this saying we may find ourselves trying to bring positivity to the conversation if we are faced with it, or we take the choice of taking ourselves out of the situation all together.  Bringing positivity sends out the vibration that will bring with it more of what we are now concentrating on, which is what we want to have since it is positive to us.
We have increased our discipline, expanded our horizon by controlling our urges and brought about more positive energy to enjoy. Did you ever thing that shutting up would be so beneficial? Neither did I.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Good day and I hope you had a great New Year.
Today I am going to walk you through another way of clarifying how the law of attraction works with the use of the example of ORIGAMI. I hope you enjoy it: