Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Good day everyone,
I am sitting in Madrid international airport waiting for a flight so I thought I would try to get ahead and write a post for future date. The past 3 days have been full of learning experiences for me. I share them here in the hopes that it may help someone in a similar situation.
On Friday when I returned from a business trip late in the evening, I was going through my mail for the week and noticed a letter from the IRS. Naturally I tore through it and noticed they had send me a bill for $14,000 for discrepancies in my 2009 1040. Not exactly the type of mail I was looking for during a weekend where I would be flying out of the country and had very little access to phone, Internet, customer service etc to deal with the matter. Normally I would have felt a pang of frustration that eventually would have lead to anger. But I guess writing on this blog finally has paid off and I instantly recognized the surge of uncomfortable feelings. I concentrated on trying to slowly turn it around. I knew I could not let it get out hand because my entire trip and the entire week were at risk not to mention the one day I had to spend with my family. It also helped that as I forced my face to smile and started reaching for thoughts to work towards feeling a little better, my wife commented that ¨"you are taking this really well". She always knows what to say and to help me come back to the path. I love her.

So slowly I started to rationalize that I have very competent tax advisor with whom I have been working for 7 years. I am sure he would be able to fix this situation. I send him an e-mail not really expecting to hear from him as it was a weekend and during off season they only work Monday through Thursday. I also kept on reaching for good feelings. I used logic to empower myself. I could take it step by step and figure out what is going on. As I was researching the letter, my tax advisor shot back an e-mail with guidance. The customer service was not available but on Monday I talked to them and it turned out to be a simple situation that needs doccumentation and will work itself out.

The important thing is that as I was flying out of San Diego on Sunday on my way to France, the flight was diverted to Los Angeles due to mechanical issue, and after 4 hours in the airport I was placed on British Airways instead of my original American Airlines. Well things could not have worked out better. The plane on British Airways had their own monitor so I saw 4 of the movies I have been wanting to see. Since I was on BA, I could use their lounge with my American Airlines status. Ironically if I was on American I could not use the admiral club because that is extra cost. Not only that since the entire trip now was on partner airlines, I was able to use the business lounges in London, and in Madrid. So I got to eat for free, use the internet for free, take a nap on a bed for free in the airport durring the layover. What could have been a huge disasterous weekend was one of the easiest trips I have taken internationally in a long time.

It is all in how I CHOSE TO LOOK AT THE SITUATION AND LISTEN TO MY GUIDANCE SYSTEM. My feelings as Jerry and Esther Hicks refer to is the guidance system. When I realized I was starting to feel bad I immediatly took control and reached for small steps towards feeling a little better. It was not easy. That first few hours after seeing the letter, took real effort and control to just keep neutral, but it did the trick. Slowly the frustration went to problem solving, to hope and optimism, to reaching for expert guidance, and to locially working the problem one step at time given what I had to deal with (i.e. weekend, and no access), and not worrying about what I could not do.

With practice this process gets easier. It does take effort but holly cow what a difference it made. I am certain that had I let that letter push me into the abyss of anger, the flight issue would have just unraveled me. It would have been so much more difficult to try to fix the barrage of things that the law of attraction was bringing to me, but by taking control and thinking thought that made me feel a little better one step at a time I used the Law of Attraction on purpose to bring more and more situations that were going to make me feel better instead of going on autopilot and being dictated to by default like most people allow.

So monitor your feelings. Bad feelings are a true blessing because they are telling you that you are heading off course and you need to make corrections. Listen to them and use them to head off any issue right at the beggining. With practice it will become second nature, and you will live your life by design.

I hope this helps. Best wishes for your success this week.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Good day,
Today I want to talk about a concept that is one of the 17 principles of success according to Napoleon Hill in his famous best seller Think and Grow Rich. That is the concept of a mastermind group. Many successful people site this principle as one of the keys to their success. In nutshell, Mastermind is group of advisers/friends that you surround yourself with as experts to help you achieve your goals . The principle of Mastermind rests on the idea of synergy and the  cooperation between many minds to help achieve success in a common goal, sooner and easier than a person could do on their own.
Jack Canfiled said that your wealth, and your level of success is directly proportional to the 5 closest people that you associate with. So you want to have people in your mastermind group that are above your level in their achievement and expertise. You want to associate with people that you want to be like. If you are the sharpest person in your mastermind group then you need to expand your box.
I am often asked by people how do I go about getting involved with a mastermind group, or how do I create a mastermind group if I am new in a field. How can I find people that are above my level. That is a great question. It was difficult for me to find the answer to this because I thought like most people that I have to be an expert to find a mastermind group. The truth is that most people who have achieved success are very open to helping people who are serious and committed and respectful. So the first step is to just ASK. Find a person that has achieved what you want and ask them how they got there?
Another really nice way of creating a mastermind that utilizes The Law of Attraction and visualization and has been talked about by Napoleon Hill himself is actually creating a mastermind group in your mind. Visualize people, dead or alive, that you want to immolate. Read as much as you can about them. Try to get to know what they did and what their philosophy and habits were. How they conducted themselves in business and in their personal lives. Then visualize having a roundtable discussion with them in your mind on a daily bases. Napoleon Hill mentions that in his mental mastermind he regularly had people like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford and other great minds of his time and of history.  On a nightly bases he would sit, concentrate, and have outright discussions with them.  After a while his confidence grew, because not only was he having discussions with his heroes, but he was the moderator of this group of advisers. It became so real to him that at times he had inspirations coming to him immediately.
This is a skill that you already have, but may have forgotten. If you think back to your childhood, remember those times when you were playing with your sports heroes on the playground. Did you have a basketball game all by yourself, but pretended to be playing against a  Michael Jordan, or a Magic Johnson. These are the skills you had when you were a child. We tend to loose the skills of visualization as we grow up because we think it is not acceptable by the society. But  those are powerful sources of your inspiration and you can tap into them.
The benefit of doing this type of exercise is that once your mind becomes focused on a particular principle through  these visualizations, you will start finding opportunities to meet people that will match the areas of success that you are striving for. They will come into your lives. You will see opportunities to expand a real mastermind group. That has to happen based on the Law of Attraction. Soon your imaginary mastermind group will turn into a real mastermind group.
I hope this is helpful. Here is to your success. Feel free to share this with anyone who could benefit.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We have discussed  the Law of Attraction and how Visualizing and having good feelings about those visualizations help bring goals into successful completion. We have also discussed that if you have resistance towards those goals it will delay or prevent the completion of your goals. In my previous posts you have heard me talk about the Sedona Method, or the Emotional Freedom Technique as tools to reduce and eliminate resistance. The process of meditation is another way to help you succeed.
When you are truly meditating and clearing your mind you are also eliminating resistance that is inherent in your subconscious.  Resistance comes about in response to thoughts. When you are clearing your thoughts you are eliminating resistance.  When you don’t have resistance all of those visualizations and the wants and your goals are now free to come to you.
Esther and Jerry Hicks in their books have a great analogy that I will use with permission here. They compare resistance as pushing a cork under water. The cork representing your  natural vibration. When resistance is removed the cork can pop up above the water. Because as they and many other Law of Attraction experts have pointed out, our natural vibration is to be happy and have what we want, i.e. for our cork to pop out of the water. It is only with negativity, either conscious or subconscious that we are holding our success back.  Meditation takes you to a place where you let go of the cork and let your natural vibration take over.
Before I go into how to meditate let me answer a question that comes up frequently when the topic of eliminating resistance is brought up. The question is this, “if I have had years and years of resistance building up and keeping me from reaching my success how is 10-15 minutes of meditation is going to erase all that negativity?” This is a very valid point and at first glance it actually seems logical, but the perception is faulty.  The reason the question seems logical at first glance is that most people are programed to think that if I want to get something good, and I have had lots of bad things, I have to first erase the bad things before I can go to the good. Sort of like mathematical equations. If I have negative then I have to first add enough positive to overcome the negative before I can get to positive.  I have good news for you. That IS NOT THE WAY THINGS WORK. This is not math. It is as concrete and as exact as the science of mathematics, but it is not linear.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO ERASE ALL THE BAD stuff. You only need to allow the good stuff. So to answer the question, you do not need to erase years of negativity. You just need to be positive and clear the resistance for few minutes at a time to ALLOW. That is not to say that one period of meditation will get you what you want if you have built up habits of resistance over the years, but with meditation you will be now perhaps for the first time in your life become aware of those bad habits and start replacing them. Do not be overwhelmed with thinking you have to now meditate for 20 years to overcome your past 20 years of negative thinking.  When you meditate 10-15 minutes a day, for that period you are not giving energy to your resistance. What that does based on the Law of Attraction, is that it will allow all the positivity and focus you have given to your goals to be in tune with your vibration and start coming towards you. For that period of time the good vibrations come to you and that shifts your energy. You cannot be negative and positive at the same time. So when you are meditating the lack of resistance naturally allows your cork to be at its natural positive vibration and more and more of things that will keep you positive will have to come to you because that is what the Law of Attraction dictates.  The more you practice the more you get into the positive vibration. The more you get into a positive vibration the more you allow. Combine that with the gratitude for the positivity and you are now exponentially moving towards your goals and success.  So do not try to erase bad, just concentrate on being good and more and more of good will come to you.
Now let’s concentrate on how to meditate. As human beings our mind naturally seeks things to concentrate on. That’s why it is so hard to “clear” your mind. So unless you have practiced meditation for many years, even lifetimes it is almost impossible to completely clear your mind. There are however, some simple ways to do this. The best way to meditate is to let your mind concentrate on thoughts that will NOT lead to other thoughts. For example concentrating on your breathing. Even counting your breathing helps keep your mind quite enough for the purpose of meditation. I have had different ways of doing this. You can count from 1-10 for each breath that you take in and out. You can combine the inhale and exhale as one count. Then you start over from 1. You will most often loose count and start thinking of other thoughts. If this happens do not get upset. Simply acknowledge that you have lost track and let go of the new thought by going back to counting your breaths. Another way to meditate is to count to 4 on the inhale, hold for a count of 7 and count to 8 on the exhale. This is more complex and therefore it is easier not get distracted by other thoughts. Yet another way to meditate is to repeat a short phrase over and over as you breath. That is how the proverbial ‘aahh uummm’ or “Bra Ma” or mantras like that come into play. The phrase can be anything you want as long as it does not sent you on other thoughts. Once again you will get distracted and other thoughts will come rushing in. Just make sure you do not get stressed. Let the thought go by going back to repeating your mantra and breathing. The most important thing is for this to be enjoyable otherwise you are just sending your vibration the other way and sabotaging your efforts.  Try the different methods and pick the one that feels most comfortable and the KEY HERE IS ENJOY YOURSELF.  
Start with doing 5 minutes every day for a week.  Then increase your time to 10 minutes. The more time you can devote to doing this per session the better the results, but if you do not have 10 minutes in one sitting, then do 2 five minutes sessions. Try to meditate early in the morning before you start your day. That way you have set up your vibration for the rest of the day.  The position is not important as long as you are comfortable and WILL NOT FALL SLEEP.
Play with this and see how much of an impact it will have on your success and the great side effect of this is that your health, your attitude, and your energy levels will also be positively impacted.
Enjoy and please feel free to share this with anyone that can enjoy and benefit from it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Good morning,
I got this e-mail from Christopher Westra. He is one of the people I have a newsletter subscription with and has a wealth of good information. I am sharing this with you because I think it is very important to think of your live as holographic and in the now. If you have not read the Holographic Universe, I highly recommend it. So with permission enjoy the e-mail in its entirety.

Here is an exercise that will help you live in Holographic Time,

It's called the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present.

Living in Holographic Time is a key to being successful using Holographic Creation to manifest the events and things and emotional states you desire.

I came across the idea for this exercise by reading a book called Time and Free Will, back when I was in college.

This mind-blowing book explains how viewing time as linear makes our consciousness fragmented into past, present, and future.

When we are fragmented in this way, we actually lose some of our free will because we can't see things clearly.

By learning to live as a whole person in the present moment, we become free and powerful, as we are meant to be.

Here are some benefits from the exercise, and then we will present the exercise.

3 Main Benefits You'll Get from the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present Exercise:

1.  See Life More Clearly.

You'll better remember the lessons you have learned from what you call your past.  You'll realize there is no past, and the lessons are here with you now.

2.  Reduce Your Fears.

You can stop imagining future negative scenarios.  These pictures of the future are the basis of fear.  They are not real.

3.  Experience More Free Will and Power.

When we fragment our consciousness into past, present, and future, we play "mind games" in order to "not see" the implications and consequences of our actions.

When we act from an unclear perspective, we often make dumb decisions that thwart us from achieving what we really want.

Now, here are the steps to the actual Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present Exercise.

Read through all the steps and then close your eyes and do it as best as you can.  If you need to open your eyes to peek at the instructions, that is OK.

Step 1.  Close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths.  Say to yourself "My consciousness is one, and cannot be divided."

Step 2.  Visualize the past and present and future as a timeline.  This is easy because it's what we usually do!  We even create timelines of history.  This is what is known as "Linear" time, because it is modeled after a "Line".

Step 3.  Now, time really isn't a line.  In fact, time as we think about it doesn't exist at all.  This is what Henri Bergson taught. 

Tell yourself, "There is no past, present, and future - all laid out in a line."  It is our consciousness that we either experience holistically or in a holographic manner, or in a linear manner.

Step 4.  Starting with the "past" side of the line, picture the line being rolled up into a ball towards the present moment.  All the memories..
all the learning...  all the connections... still stay right with you now. 

They are present. 

If parts of the "line" represent stories that you have made up and no longer want - stories of resentment, or pain, or abandonment, or loneliness, then let these parts of the line just be "cut off" and float away.

Only roll up those parts of the "past" that you want to keep.  As you roll the line, the point of the present grows bigger and brighter as it forms into a sphere.  This sphere is the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present!

Step 5.  Now take the "line" of the future, as you usually think of it, and start to "roll up" that line into the present moment also. 

Collect all the plans, all the goals and dreams, and all the meanings and hopes and desires and roll them right into the present.

You aren't affecting time - time doesn't exist.  What you are changing is your consciousness of time.  As the so-called future is also rolled up into the present, the sphere of the present becomes brighter and brighter.

Step 6.  Now see this sphere of the present pulsating and glowing with power and life.  This Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present is your new symbol for your consciousness.

OK - that's the end of the exercise.  You can open your eyes now.

Conclusion:  You will improve with practice.  As you go about your day, and your week, use this exercise whenever you need to regain the power of the present.

Fragmenting our consciousness has become a deep habit for most of us.  In fact, most of us really believe that reality is fragmented because that's how we were taught to experience it.

Learning to live in Holographic Consciousness will greatly improve your ability to Holographically Create or Manifest what you desire in your life.



P.S.  Some things I've got coming for you are another book by James Allen, this one called Daily Meditations, and some helps on ending procrastination in your life.

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Do the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present exercise daily for a couple of weeks to get it into your consciousness.  It will make a difference in your life.

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