Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. I just finished Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University©. I really enjoyed it and I found it to contain an amazing amount of usable information that can help anyone figure out the mess that we call finance, and get on the way to financial freedom.  I also found it refreshing that Dave brought into his course his deep spirituality and faith.

There was only one part of the course that I found to contradict with The Law of Attraction. I want to discuss that topic here and I hope to stimulate a discussion and see what you think about the way I understand The Law of Attraction, and how one of arguably the best financial education courses available today disagrees with this universal law in a small way. 

I am going to start by saying that I truly believe any financial course that you can take and utilize to better your standards of living is awesome. The purpose of this post is not to discredit or to dissuade you from taking the courses, it is just a reminder that you can use The Law of Attraction to supercharge any type of education you add to your repertoire. The course I mentioned emphasized getting out of debt as soon as possible . It makes perfect sense, since as long as the money you are bringing in has someone else’s name on it you cannot use it to build wealth for yourself.  The part that I was surprised about was the part about giving. In the course it was advised that you do not do anything else but concentrate on paying off the debts (with the exception of your mortgage) before saving, contributing to your retirement, or giving. This last part rubbed me the wrong way and as always when our feelings start to take a nose dive, we should recognize the warning bells and the fact  that we are not in vibration with what we are facing.

Here is the way I look at it, getting out of debt is great. Concentrating on debt however, is coming from scarcity. Using the techniques to positively concentrate on getting yourself to prosperity is great, but when you eliminate giving, you are in essence saying I DON’T HAVE it. That vibration is very powerful and will attract more instances where you can feel like “you don’t have it”.  Appreciation and giving has to be the corner stones of your strategy in order to utilize the Law of Attraction. I am not saying this out of some theological principle. I am saying it because it is Law. Review my blog on giving  but in a nutshell when you are coming from a point of view of giving, you are vibrating with prosperity. When you come from the stand point of not giving you are emitting the vibration of scarcity and in my opinion you are hampering your success.
It does not have to be huge at first. You have to feel comfortable with the amount you are giving. You have to totally be in joy when you are giving or you might as well not give at all, because you cannot fool the source. Remember it is the feeling that is the key, not what you say, or pretend. I have mentioned that I used to genuinely think that I had to be wealthy to give. I used to sit in my one bedroom apartment, and visualize all the causes and charities I “WAS” going to contribute to “WHEN” I became wealthy. That is not the way things work. If you are a student of The Law of Attraction I can see you chuckling a little right now.  You have to give to receive. You have to get into the mentality of giving and you will have more opportunities to genuinely contribute more and more, so you will have more and more to contribute.  Make sure you relish in the joy of giving, regardless of the amount you are giving. Feel the warm fuzzy feelings when you give. Bless it and give it away and then work on your debt elimination and I am willing to wager that somehow, things will accelerate above and beyond what you thought would happen. It is THE LAW.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. For the longest time I wanted to create a logo that represented the meaning of what this blog is all about. I wanted something simple, as I am very graphically and artistically challenged J. I wanted something subtle. I wanted something that would get people to ask what is that? So then I get a chance to explain and share and maybe, just maybe help someone get on the positive vibration that you all have.
Well I think I just came up with one.

What this represents is a time line. A timeline unlike anything you have come to believe in, or maybe a timeline exactly like you know it is if you are a student of The Law of Attraction. Time is NOT linear as many people believe. I have heard it explained that mathematically anywhere from 14-18 separate dimensions can be proven. That is way too much match even for me. I am life science oriented, and I took the easy math J

What is very obvious is that anything man can imagine and think, eventually comes to fruition. Think about it for a second, people thought the world was flat, that flight was for birds only, that you could not talk to anyone father than the reach of your physical voice, etc. What I believe and I cannot prove it, so it is even cooler because it is complete  and utter faith, is that all those magnificent events were part of the possibilities (points on an infinite array of possible points in time) that always existed, but never thought about until their culmination into reality.  What I am saying is that at any time someone could have for example made the concept of human flight into reality if only they had moved to a different plane with their thought and imagination. The Wright brothers  and many others who experimented with flight, were the ones that made this happen. This logo represents that concepts. We can move on the current reality by default in a straight line as most people have told us is the only possible way to go or we can visualize, imagine and transcend to a different reality and make and manifest our own destiny.

There are infinite possibilities that are only limited by the limits of your imagination. This is the gift of understanding The Law of Attraction.  Will you join me in exploring the limitless possibilities of what your life is capable of achieving? I hope so. To your success. 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today is very special to me because one of my mentors, Life Coach, Teacher, Healer Lorane Gordon  in reply to my request for some ideas posted this questions she hears from her clients, so we decided to tackle it together.  “Many of my coaching clients come to me with the following. Being here, yet always wanting to be there. No matter what you're doing feeling dissatisfied like you should be doing something else. VERY stressful!”

Let’s talk about The Law of Attraction and how this thinking applies to our reality based on universal laws.  It is important to realize that just because we are not aware of or do not “believe” In universal laws, it does not mean they do not apply to us.  In my interview with Lorane on Blog Talk Radio   I mentioned the example of not believing that gravity works. That does not mean that if I jump off the roof I am not going to fall. I will fall and most likely break bones. Ignorance of universal laws does not excuse our personal responsibility. 

Now let’s examine what kind of vibration we are sending out when we have the feeling of “wanting to be there…”  By definition when we are not satisfied with present and want something, we are coming from scarcity. Can you see that? It is very important that we take baby steps through this mine field.  When we concentrate on debt we get more debt, when we concentrate on wanting we get more opportunities to want.  Are you following the logic with me? When we feel prosperous we get more opportunities to experience… you guessed it; prosperity. When we express dissatisfaction, we are asking to have more circumstances to make us dissatisfied because the Law will give us what we concentrate on not what we say. Words of negation do not apply to universal law of Attraction. Thinking “I should be doing something else” only brings about the reality of always feeling like we are not doing what we want.  That is what we asked for.

How do you correct this? It requires a change in thought patterns and associated behaviors.  The universe DOES NOT recognize words or thoughts of negation. You cannot be thinking “I want” and expect to “receive”. That is why all teachers of The Law of Attraction, Goal Setting, and Success Principles emphasize the fact that you have to get into the feeling of having, visualizing, creating affirmations, and goals that express the fact that you have ALREADY achieved the ideal.  Do not “want”. The key is to feel like “I already have”. Is this confusing? It was to me when I started in this process. How can I feel like I have when I don’t? Remember I told you we need to change our thoughts and behaviors? Here is where we start. You have been misled into believing that to have something; you have to take action to, get something, so you can have the feeling of having it. Another words “do, have, be”.  That is completely a backward loop, but because you have believed in it, that is the way your reality works.  The correct way to think is you feel the way you want, then the opportunities come to you to do things that you need to do to finally, have what you wanted. The new logic is “be, do, have”. 

Here is how: The techniques of having all you could ever want is summarized in one word; GRATITUDE.  Be happy NOW and be thankful about what you have now.  Walk through the logic with me.  When you are happy now with what you have, you are sending out the vibration to attract more and more opportunities to be grateful.  When you set goals and visualize, feel with as many senses as you can, how good it feels to have achieved them now.  Make a detailed reality of having it in your mind and concentrate on it with joy.  Do not come from envy or lack.  If the visualization does not feel good, STOP. Take a break. Exercise, get ice cream. You want to do your visualizations when you are feeling good. This is not the time to try to FIX what is wrong. This is the time to enjoy the success and accomplishments.  A great way to start the process is to sit and write WHY you want what it is that you want. This has the added benefit of making you be specific and focus your thoughts.  Each point you write is the reason to be happy.  How does it feel to have it? How will you look having it? What will it sound like enjoying the experience? What praise is given to you now that you have achieved it? What does having those admiration make you feel like inside? If you are smiling right now, you have grasped the concept.

It is not a race. It is a journey. Be specific and live your dreams in your mind to the point that you can make your body express physiological reactions as though you have it. Is your heart racing? Are you feeling the wind in your hair? Are you getting goose bumps? This when you will start deliberately manifesting.  

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Two weeks ago I Tweeted and posted on FB for ideas for this blog post. I got 2 quick responses. This week I will address one and next week the other.
This week the question was: “How to stay informed on world events and financial markets while not upsetting yourself. How to filter out the negative posts on Facebook without blocking someone".

I want to start off by saying I do not, and have not watched televised news routinely, or read a newspaper for about 3 years. I occasionally run across CNN in the airport, or glance at the USA Today, or Wall Street Journal  that is placed outside of my hotel room when I travel. Even then I strongly filter what I pay attention to. I do this because there is little to nothing in general media that is positive.  I don’t mean to be crass, but my well being is infinitely more important to me than any crap that is happening across the world, in my country, in my city, or in my neighborhood. In all likelihood I have little or no control over the events at the time anyway. I have proven over and over to myself that if there is a genuine need for me to be aware of any news, it will reach me without the need to bombard myself with negativity.  

As for financial news, I used to be an avid options trader. Hence from 6:30am to around 9:00am PDT, I was glued to the financial news and charts. I am happy to say, I don’t do that anymore either and my investments have actually performed better. 

I am not saying you should ignore the news or financial sector IF IT IS PART OF YOUR DAILY WORK. What I am emphasizing  here is this: since you KNOW how The Law of Attraction works, be aware of what you are putting in your mind.  There is a huge difference between the news that you pay attention to when you are involved for one reason or another, with the behind the scene part as a journalist, or a stock broker, and what you listen to and are presented with as the lay public.  I do not have the hard facts, but I venture to say that 90% of the crap you hear on the news is someone’s  best guess, or opinion on the subject at the time.  You can prove it to yourself. STOP watching or reading anything that makes you feel bad.  Pay attention to your feelings. As soon as you start to notice you are feeling anything but good, take your attention away from whatever you are watching, or reading during your FREE time.  If you have to deal with news as part of your work, clearly classify it as such. DO NOT resist. Accept the fact that this news is not making you feel good and you are providing a service and adding VALUE as part of your work by dealing with this news.  Concentrate on the ADDED VALUE and the SERVICE you are bringing to the table.
I will guarantee you that after 30 days of this you will not want to waste your precious time on things that drain your energy.  I also am willing to bet that your life circumstances will have improved by a noticeable measure. (Please let me know how this works out on my FB or TWITTER).

As for Facebook, if someone puts negative comments on my pages, personal or business, they get one warning. You can always click on the comment and “hide” it, but again why would you tolerate something that will change YOUR reality for the worse? Remember Abraham-Hicks’ mantra “nothing is more important than you feeling good now”.

As you learn more and more about The Law of Attraction and how powerful your thoughts are, you will also NOT tolerate anyone or anything that can change your reality for the worse by default.  Would you willingly throw your savings into a bon fire? Would you willingly destroy your house? Would you willingly put yourself or your family in harm’s way? Well I am here to tell you “THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTING” when you concentrate over and over on the doom and gloom of mass media. Your emotions of fear, anger, and sorrow, have an immense amount of energy and when you release them over and over, you are in essence begging for more opportunities to feel that way. SO PLEASE STOP.
I repeat any news you NEED to be aware of will reach you when and where you need it. Have faith and watch a baby play in the park, or play with your pets.  Spend an hour reading an inspirational work of Non-fiction. It will make you feel better, as well as expand your knowledge and comfort zone. I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it, and as always make sure to follow me on Twitter and like and comment on our FB PAGE.