Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. For the longest time I wanted to create a logo that represented the meaning of what this blog is all about. I wanted something simple, as I am very graphically and artistically challenged J. I wanted something subtle. I wanted something that would get people to ask what is that? So then I get a chance to explain and share and maybe, just maybe help someone get on the positive vibration that you all have.
Well I think I just came up with one.

What this represents is a time line. A timeline unlike anything you have come to believe in, or maybe a timeline exactly like you know it is if you are a student of The Law of Attraction. Time is NOT linear as many people believe. I have heard it explained that mathematically anywhere from 14-18 separate dimensions can be proven. That is way too much match even for me. I am life science oriented, and I took the easy math J

What is very obvious is that anything man can imagine and think, eventually comes to fruition. Think about it for a second, people thought the world was flat, that flight was for birds only, that you could not talk to anyone father than the reach of your physical voice, etc. What I believe and I cannot prove it, so it is even cooler because it is complete  and utter faith, is that all those magnificent events were part of the possibilities (points on an infinite array of possible points in time) that always existed, but never thought about until their culmination into reality.  What I am saying is that at any time someone could have for example made the concept of human flight into reality if only they had moved to a different plane with their thought and imagination. The Wright brothers  and many others who experimented with flight, were the ones that made this happen. This logo represents that concepts. We can move on the current reality by default in a straight line as most people have told us is the only possible way to go or we can visualize, imagine and transcend to a different reality and make and manifest our own destiny.

There are infinite possibilities that are only limited by the limits of your imagination. This is the gift of understanding The Law of Attraction.  Will you join me in exploring the limitless possibilities of what your life is capable of achieving? I hope so. To your success. 

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