Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Two weeks ago I Tweeted and posted on FB for ideas for this blog post. I got 2 quick responses. This week I will address one and next week the other.
This week the question was: “How to stay informed on world events and financial markets while not upsetting yourself. How to filter out the negative posts on Facebook without blocking someone".

I want to start off by saying I do not, and have not watched televised news routinely, or read a newspaper for about 3 years. I occasionally run across CNN in the airport, or glance at the USA Today, or Wall Street Journal  that is placed outside of my hotel room when I travel. Even then I strongly filter what I pay attention to. I do this because there is little to nothing in general media that is positive.  I don’t mean to be crass, but my well being is infinitely more important to me than any crap that is happening across the world, in my country, in my city, or in my neighborhood. In all likelihood I have little or no control over the events at the time anyway. I have proven over and over to myself that if there is a genuine need for me to be aware of any news, it will reach me without the need to bombard myself with negativity.  

As for financial news, I used to be an avid options trader. Hence from 6:30am to around 9:00am PDT, I was glued to the financial news and charts. I am happy to say, I don’t do that anymore either and my investments have actually performed better. 

I am not saying you should ignore the news or financial sector IF IT IS PART OF YOUR DAILY WORK. What I am emphasizing  here is this: since you KNOW how The Law of Attraction works, be aware of what you are putting in your mind.  There is a huge difference between the news that you pay attention to when you are involved for one reason or another, with the behind the scene part as a journalist, or a stock broker, and what you listen to and are presented with as the lay public.  I do not have the hard facts, but I venture to say that 90% of the crap you hear on the news is someone’s  best guess, or opinion on the subject at the time.  You can prove it to yourself. STOP watching or reading anything that makes you feel bad.  Pay attention to your feelings. As soon as you start to notice you are feeling anything but good, take your attention away from whatever you are watching, or reading during your FREE time.  If you have to deal with news as part of your work, clearly classify it as such. DO NOT resist. Accept the fact that this news is not making you feel good and you are providing a service and adding VALUE as part of your work by dealing with this news.  Concentrate on the ADDED VALUE and the SERVICE you are bringing to the table.
I will guarantee you that after 30 days of this you will not want to waste your precious time on things that drain your energy.  I also am willing to bet that your life circumstances will have improved by a noticeable measure. (Please let me know how this works out on my FB or TWITTER).

As for Facebook, if someone puts negative comments on my pages, personal or business, they get one warning. You can always click on the comment and “hide” it, but again why would you tolerate something that will change YOUR reality for the worse? Remember Abraham-Hicks’ mantra “nothing is more important than you feeling good now”.

As you learn more and more about The Law of Attraction and how powerful your thoughts are, you will also NOT tolerate anyone or anything that can change your reality for the worse by default.  Would you willingly throw your savings into a bon fire? Would you willingly destroy your house? Would you willingly put yourself or your family in harm’s way? Well I am here to tell you “THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ATTRACTING” when you concentrate over and over on the doom and gloom of mass media. Your emotions of fear, anger, and sorrow, have an immense amount of energy and when you release them over and over, you are in essence begging for more opportunities to feel that way. SO PLEASE STOP.
I repeat any news you NEED to be aware of will reach you when and where you need it. Have faith and watch a baby play in the park, or play with your pets.  Spend an hour reading an inspirational work of Non-fiction. It will make you feel better, as well as expand your knowledge and comfort zone. I hope you found this post helpful. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit from it, and as always make sure to follow me on Twitter and like and comment on our FB PAGE.

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