Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Occasionally I get the question what do you mean by "The Source"? That usually follows by "are you religious?" Well to answer the last question I am spiritual. I have been truly been blessed and have a strong faith. I do not practice my religion in a traditional sense but I think as long as I live my life to the best of my ability and treat people right, I am in good company.

As for what is meant by the source, I am using the word like many authors that work with LOA so I do not alienate, or offend any one. If you are spiritual and or religious it can mean God, The Creator or the likes. If you are a scientist it means the Universal energy, if you are a naturist it can mean mother earth. In either case the concept is the same. The source is always there, always has been and always will be. It can not be created or destroyed. It is loving and protecting without judgment. It is comforting.

I hope to have as many people make use of this blog site as possible and I want to learn from as many people as possible. There is no judgment on this site. On the road to success we can all learn from each other without judgment or pre-conceived ideas.

Many books and many people I respect have told me you need to be surrounding yourself with people whose level you want to achieve. In this medium we can raise the level of our circle of friends and each one of us can benefit from this.

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  1. I had a challenging morning today. feeling down, missing something, I don't know why I am feeing this way.
    Thank you for doing this, it really make a difference on me after reading it.
    thank you!

  2. Good day. Hang in there. There will be days when we do not feel good. It does not mean that things are wrong. You do not have to stress about the fact that you are not feeling good. Our feelings are a warning signals.
    When that happens all you need to do is work on feeling just a little bit better. Take a look at your children playing, sit and enjoy a breeze, or the sunshine, go to the beach and marvel at the power of the ocean. Go to a place of worship and just be thankful that your feelings are telling you that some thing is not in tune. Small steps of feeling good, will bring more and more of the things that will make you feel good and pretty soon things will look different.
    I hope you are feeling better today.

  3. OK I am Impress! do you have any idea how good you are? it is so true those are the thing that definitively make me feel better. god bless you

  4. Nice words - you inspire me!! What advice do you have for controlling the feelings, which are created by the environment (mostly). Thinking good thoughts can counter it and make it positive, make it feel better, but I am interested in your recommendations for regulating our feelings.

  5. Good day, interesting question. I talked this over with some colleagues over lunch so I could respond with some different perspectives.
    You are absolutely correct in that thinking good thoughts help but it is really difficult to force yourself to think good thoughts when you are down. In an earlier post titled "whipped cream on my head" I hinted to situation turners. Those are things that make you feel good for their innate emotional attachment to you. Things like a memorable song, or pictures of your loved ones. Keeping a ready supply of those things with you will help.

    Personally I have a set of songs on my i Pod that "pump me up". I also keep a number of pictures of my daughter on my phone and use the slide show feature to just sit down some where quite and go through them for a minute or two. These are things I do if I am faced unexpected downers.
    As a force of habit I always keep positive audio books on my i-pod play list. I am constantly re-listening to the books like Think and Grow Rich, or the Attractor factor, or The Secret, or The Richest Man in Babylon. I use these works to build a supply of positivity in my subconscious for the times when I will need it.
    My colleagues suggested to me "not to watch the news". I really have to say I do not watch the news on a any regularity either. Also another thing he suggested was "it is your reaction to the stimuli that counts". If we are driving and see an accident you can think of the horror or you can think of it this way "now I am more careful for the rest of my drive so that was a positive thing". Interesting way of looking at it, don't you think?
    I hope this helps.


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