Monday, August 9, 2010


Good day. I have had some questions about what I mean by success and how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve success. So I wanted to put a short post to address both of those comments.
When I talk about success, I mean accomplishment of a set specific goal. That goal can be as vague as having a generally good day, or as specific as I want to have $100 by the end of the day. I used the example of getting a parking space in a crowded mall in previous postings. So that in itself indicates that we need to have specific goals in our lives. How specific? Let me try to answer that with a question that I think will clarify it.

Let say you are a parent of a child that wants a toy car. You run to the store and get a red car. When you get home he tells you he wanted a blue car. You run out to the store again and get a blue car. When you get back home he tells you he wanted a blue BMW. You run back and get a blue BMW, 4 door. When you get back he tells you he wanted a 2 door. Do you see the waste of energy in this process? Law of Attraction is also the same way. If you are general your  manifestation will not take form because the universe waits until you know what you want before it comes into physical form. There is no scarcity in any thing the universe does. Every thing is done with ease. You don't see trees with only one branch or flowers with only one leaf. So it when you are not clear on what you want nothing will manifest. This is efficiency of the universe as well as a protective mechanism for you.

So lets say you get clear on what you want. The next step is to concentrate and visualize exactly what you want. Again I point out here you want to concentrate on what you WANT and not what you want to avoid. The Law of Attraction does not recognize words of negation like "don't, or not". So if you are concentrating on "not being late" the LOA sees you concentrating  being late.
Visualize what you want in all its clarity. Use as many of your senses as you can and see yourself in the present actually having what you want and achieving the goal you wanted. Feel the feelings and have the gratitude of accomplishing the task and then let the universe bring to you opportunities to take ACTION on to reach your goal.
That's it. Simple in concept but takes some practice. I have detailed instruction in my e-book on how to set the goals and achieve them. It works, and it works all the time.
Hope this helps.
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