Friday, August 20, 2010


Good day. I hope you are doing fantastic.
I wanted to continue on with the use of the Law of Attraction and relationships. There are times that no matter how perfect our relationships are conflicts and disagreements arise. Those are times of intense emotional trials. As you have read intense emotions send very powerful vibrations and signals to the source. So you have to take control and make sure you treat this with actions that are beneficial to you as apposed to go about with default setting and hope for the best. Just like in investments "hope" is not a strategy.

When conflicts  come about, it is hard to think rationally. If you are annoyed with some one or feel that you are not being appreciated, or understood, it is easy to blame the other person. I am going to go through some techniques to make things better but it bears some significance to say that what ever, and whom ever is in your life at this time, is because of what you have manifested in your life by thinking and concentrating on that in the past. So if the person you are with is not what you are wanting then you have to seriously think about how this person came into your life.

I am going to go on the assumption that the person in your life IS exactly what you want and you are just going through some disagreements that can be fine tuned. Remembering that we CAN NOT change another person, we are going to have to work on our thoughts. You want to be appreciated and loved? Remember the posting on giving? What you need to do is give and concentrate on what you WANT. So in addition to giving what you want a good exercise that was in the book The Secret is writing the things that you admire and like about the other person and going over that list daily for at least 30 days. At first this seemed like a hard thing for me. I had an issue with some one I had worked with outside of my job. So since I had nothing to loose I tried listing 20 things that I felt were this persons good qualities and that I admired. The first 5 or so things came out easy but that is where things got interesting when I had to come up with things to finish my list of 20. I had to really concentrate. That feeling and concentration increased my vibration and that is when things happen. Reading the list just for the mere purpose of reading is NOT going to help. You have get into the feeling of appreciation and admiration because those are the feelings you want to attract. Well it worked and it did not take 30 days.

I don't know if it was my perception of the person or just that person changed, but I did not care. The only thing that mattered was that I got along much better with the person and there was no more conflict that caused annoyance. Oh sure we have disagreements, but it is a logical process of working it out to the benefit of all concerned.

So remember that the law of attraction brings you more of what you are concentrating on. So concentrate on what you want in your friends, relations, and people you deal with and more of that will find its way to you.
I hope this helps. Please feel free to add comments to help our readers. Thanks.

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