Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to use some general principles in Quantum Mechanics to help understand what is going on with The Law of Attraction (LOA) when resistance is involved with your manifestation. This will be a cursory view and something a little different than my usual explanation of the basics of The Law of Attraction in hopes that for those of you who are more analytical and scientifically minded, there will be a logical explanation and assistance to get you over the resistance you may have been faced with. For others this will be yet another way to see how magnificent Universal laws can be explained in every way, and make sense no matter what your background.

If you have not  done so, please go to YouTube and search for the “Double Slit Experiment”.  It is a short cartoon summary of the basics of Quantum Physics. It shows that the smallest unit of energy, an electron, can act as a wave and as a particle.  This was mind blowing. Electrons are wave like and when there is an observer placed on the experiment they literally manifested into particles. How cool is that? Energy is usually seen as waves. In essence your thoughts are waves that with attention, can manifest into your reality.  This was very comforting for me when I first started to study The Law of Attraction. As a scientist I needed a solid logical foundation to understanding what everyone was saying about The Law of Attraction.  Up to that point the concepts surrounding LOA were just theory to me, and that caused me to have doubt. Doubt is a form of resistance just like negative beliefs. 

From a Quantum Mechanics point of view, when I doubted I was not on the same vibration as what I wanted and was visualizing.  When I was not in “resonance” or in “harmony” with the vibrational level of what I wanted to manifest, I was faced with disappointment.  You have heard me explain the frustration I had with trying to get my mother to understand and believe in the LOA, as being on the 101st floor of a sky scraper and shouting to her on the 3rd floor. It just was not practical. There were only two options. Get her to come up in her vibration to my level (good), or sink down from my vibration to her level (not so good). I found myself sinking and immediately my feelings would send out the warning signs in the form of feelings of sadness, or helplessness, or regret.  You see those feelings are not good and without knowing the basics of LOA, it would have been really easy to get caught up in those feelings and by consequence attract more of those negativity to myself. Even practicing and studying the LOA for many years, I still get side tracked at times. Don’t worry if this happens to you. Remember if you get caught up in beating yourself up for making mistakes, you are just coming further and further down the vibrational continuum. 

Let me give you a very solid example involving money.  Everyone seems to be able to relate to money. We have all heard of people who win the lottery or a very big jackpot somewhere and are suddenly thrown  into wealth, only to have lost it all or worse within a short period of time. Why does things like that happen? It happens allot so it is not just chance.  We have also seen companies that are doing really well, and suddenly expand and grow by leaps and bounds,  and then suddenly they  cannot handle the success and fail.  I think you are starting to see the pattern. Here is the basic Quantum explanation for this as I understand it.  When you are not on the same vibrational level of the status of wealth/success you wish, you will either not reach it or you will fail when you are there.

Said another way, if you cannot handle your money problems on a $30,000 annual income, can you imagine how much greater those problems and worries will be when you are making $1,000,000 per year? Many people think it is easy to be wealthy. As though problems just disappear. The reality is that you have to be ready for wealth. You have bring your vibration to the point where you can handle wealth.  How do you achieve this? By learning to handle what you have now. How do you do that? The easiest way is to be grateful for whatever you have now.  By learning more about how money works. By being responsible with your money now. The more you learn about a subject the more clear you are about exactly what you want, the more inline you are  with the vibration of what you want. That is why I devoted over 6 chapters in my book Road Map to Life: A real world lesson, to setting goals. You have to be really clear and ready for what it is you want.

It is harder for scientists to grasp this point sometimes. If you have faith you can chalk it up to “It was not meant to be”.  For those of us who happen to need a little more, it is like stepping into an advanced chemistry lab and try to do experiments with dangerous chemicals without knowing the basics of chemistry.  Not a good place to be.  So if “what” you want to manifest is delayed and you are having resistance to achieving it, concentrate on it and get clear on the subject. Learn more and more about it. When you can see it in your mind clearly as though it was there in every detail, it will have to also manifest in your reality. It is law.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today we are going metaphysical. We are really touching on the essence of this thing we have come to know as The Law of Attraction (LOA). This is going to bring a tremendous amount of relief to you if you are new to using this universal law, and it will confirm your confidence in what you are doing if you have used this law for a while now. Another words everyone can benefit from this post.

If you happen to be religious or spiritual, you will have a base for the comfort this explanation provides to you, as you can relate it to what you already know to be true. If you are not, you can see the logic in the argument and also be able to take comfort in that this just makes sense. So keep your mind open and enjoy this ride with me. As an added suggestion if you are not familiar with the concepts of The Law of Attraction, please read the introductory posts and bring yourself up to speed. I have placed links on the right lower side of the main page to the basics and I believe you will gain a more significant benefit from today's discussion if you are well versed in the basics.

Many times when the practitioner gets introduced to the LOA, they are very excited and at the same time become apprehensive about the perceived enormity of the task at hand. The concept of total personal responsibility for our own reality is usually scary to many people. Many "what if?" questions start to occupy our thinking. This is exciting, and can hinder our success as well.

We become so focused on getting the result we want that we forget the magnificent point that the "how" is not our job. Don't mistake that statement with "there is no need for ACTION". Nothing could be further from the truth. What is important though is that, we try to make ourself be worthy. As though we are trying to persuade a judge that yes, we deserve to have what we want to manifest and what we consider to be SUCCESS. That judge is no other than ourselves. Since most of us didn't have a luxury of growing up understanding this concept of the LOA, we have embedded beliefs that we have picked up through our lives that equate "JOY" with some set of criteria that we have to meet in order to deserve it. WAKE UP CALL,  your natural state of being is JOY. There is nothing we have to do or complete to get it. We just happen to have forgotten this TRUTH.

This is the reason why people who have a strong faith tend to be able to utilize The Law of Attraction much more easily provided they get around the fact that it has nothing to do with religion. If you believe in a loving God, it is very easy to see how he wants you to be at ease and he will do what ever it takes to love and protect you as long as you let him. You are already deserving of his love.

Logically you can also see that as masters of this reality, we also are entitled to that joy. We are the masters of  this reality by the simple fact that we are the only organisms on this plane of existence that can control our thoughts and not merely progress on instinct for survival. The fact that we control our thought gives us the ability to control our reality. That is the LAW. Be joyful now regardless of where you are, because you have created it. As you recognize that there are other things that will bring you more joy, also realize you have the power to achieve them by first and foremost changing your thoughts about those things. Allow the magnificent universe to embrace you in its loving caress. This is a loving universe that does nothing with scarcity or malice. There is an order and a reason that everything is happening for the best results. Take comfort in the fact that the entire universe is working to bring YOU joy. Perhaps you have not recognized this fact and hence are ignorant to the plea of the most magnificent law. I paraphrase Wallace D. Wattles by saying if the bridge falls, we do not fault gravity for malfunctioning. There must have been an error in the way the operator utilized the law.

Your joy begins with the acceptance that you are deserving. It is your birthright. Accept the fact that you don't have to do anything but accept it. Also realize that if things are not proceeding in a certain way it is for your best interest and a better solution is forthcoming. This Universe though, is also patient and allowing, so if you try to fight the flow you will be allowed to experience the lessons.  Usually these lessons are gradual and as you ignore them, you face more and more difficulty. If right now you are facing a difficult situation, ponder where you have gone astray and not listened to the natural flow. This is easy. Your feelings are your teachers. When you do something and it feels good, you are in the flow. When you do something and it feels not good, you are getting off the path and going against the flow. I am usually challenged on his statement. I hear "but AJ what if I want to go and take someone's car because I like the feeling of driving it, or I want to have a relation with so and so because I am attracted to them?"  Let me remind you that this is a giving universe. When you try to "take", you are coming from a place of scarcity. That is a powerful signal that you want to attract more scarcity and lack and the universe will give it to you in the form of different hardships. Remember that we are not alone in this game. We are all manifesting our realities and many of us are doing it by default, and are following the lead of those who know the rules of the game and are playing it well. Competition usually comes from a place of lack. There is an exception to this when competition is used to motivate and it feels invigorating.

Let me give you an example to clarify. When you are exercising to gain force and muscle, you cannot take it first. You have to give it first. You give force in the form of resistance and exercise and you build muscles and increase your force and strength. What makes you think love or wealth is any different? If you are still unclear read my earlier posts on GIVING and GRATITUDE to clarify these concepts because they are not what we normally hear or learn in the business world or the commonly called "real world". The good news is that the so called "real world" you have come to know is only an illusion you have taken part in and can abandon at anytime. This blog and The Law of Attraction will give you the tools to recognize and change your reality. Because, let me hear it.... YOU DESERVE IT.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today once again I am going to fall back on my martial arts training to clarify some concepts of The Law of Attraction.

Due to the visual nature of this post, I decided to make it a video blog. So enjoy by clicking the YouTube link and make sure you comment on my FacebookPage and Twitter Feed. Till next week to your success.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Good day, I hope your week is going well.  Today I want to explore the topic of sharing your dreams with loved ones and people you care about.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Do not take this lightly as it is a double edge sword that many people may not recognize and wonder why things are not manifesting in their lives the way they should? Let’s begin with a story.

There once was a boy who had dreams of grandeur.  He wanted to be the master of his destiny by having multiple businesses and thousands of employees working for him.  He wanted to have many homes in beautiful places. He wanted to have cars, and toys and be popular and in general enjoy the finer things in life. He wanted to have housekeepers and chefs that would clean up and maintain his homes, and make delicious and healthy food for him to eat.  He wanted to have physical trainers that would help him be healthy and vigorous, and be the best he could be. 

He told his family about his ambitions, while attending college.  He told them how he would be starting his own businesses little by little, and become wealthy and take care of the whole family so they could really enjoy life and care for the things that really mattered.  His family was very supportive and loving. They cared for his well-being.  They loved him allot. They wanted the “best” for him.  The elder, and “wiser” members  of his family , seeing that this was not a temporary impulse started to talk to him about his dreams.  They wanted him to be “REALISTIC”. They asked how he was going to build his businesses? He would usually answer that he had no idea but that the ideas would come. They would ask where was he going to get the money to start the business. He would answer that he would get a business loan.  To which with a warm smile they would tell of their own experiences in attempting to get loans for cars, or homes and the fact that you “need” a good FICA score, and work experience, and an income.  None of the elders were business owners. They were all well-educated and smart but non had actually created a business or ran one.  This did not deter them from “PROTECTING HIM”. Things like debt to income ratios would be mentioned. The need for attorneys to make sure you are well protected from people who would want to sue him would be discussed.  Hard work that is needed to run a starting business would be explained.  “A business is not like a job after all”, they would warn.” If you are not working it, it is not making you any money.”  “You have to be careful who you deal with you know?” they would say,” there are so many con men out there just waiting to take you for your worth”. 

Some of the middle aged members of the family with really impressive titles and jobs would encourage him to get good grades in the good schools and become impressive employees like lawyers and doctors, and engineers and get a job with companies that pay you lots of money.  “It is safe they would say.”” You will always have an income.” They would say health insurance is so expensive here, and the company would pay for you and your family.  “What about the family.  How will you take care of your family if the business does not make it?” “ Do you want to work for ever? You can put in 20-25 years and the company will have established a great retirement for you.”  “Then you can enjoy your life. If then you want to start a business, go ahead. You have the experience necessary and the wisdom to be successful” they would say.
The young man at first would just be polite and not pay attention to such things. But year after year of hearing these things would eventually cause him to stop sharing his dreams with those he loved for the fear that they would come up with all the reasons he could not succeed.  Eventually he stopped dreaming all together.  When the dreaming stopped so did hope.  He just went through his life doing what was just enough to get by and he lived a good happy life by “everyone’s” standards. BUT…

You can fill in the rest of the story for yourself.  The point I am making is that you have to be very careful when you share your dreams, especially at the early stages of your dreams when you are excited and the dream is in its infancy.  People who love you, naturally want to protect you from pain of failure.  Unless the people you share your dreams are well aware of “how much and how bad it matters to you to reach your dreams, and are involved in that process”, they may out of love, CRUSH your dreams inadvertently.  They do not mean any harm.  They love you. That means nothing however, when the sparks of a desire are young.  They can be muffled and put out very easily, and as it happens more and more, then you will stop dreaming and that is a very bad thing from the stand point of The Law of attraction.  Take the wise words of Napoleon Hill to heart “show the world what you can achieve, but DO IT FIRST”.

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