Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The use of The Law of Attraction is not about what is coming out of our mouth. It is the feeling associated and more importantly the belief we have in the actual effect those words and feeling will bring for us. In my case, I truly believed that if I had this bad feeling about an exam when it was being handed back to me I would get an “A” on it. My friend believed for over 50 years that if she is negative about the major decisions, things would go her way. It is all using the law of attraction in our own way and the most important thing is that we do NOT have resistance to it because it has worked for us for so long. We have concrete proof of it internally.
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Good day and I hope you are having a great week as usual. Today I wanted to touch base on something that I used to do when I was a kid in school. I also have noticed many people do it and have built amazing amount  of energy around it. The only way I can express it is: POSITIVE NEGATIVITY. 
Let me explain. When I was in high school and it was exam time, particularly when we were getting our scores back, I usually had this rumbling in my stomach and a feeling that I messed up really bad. Every time, I mean 99.9% time when I had that genuine bad feeling in my stomach I did excellent. I aced the thing. I could not explain it. In fact I got so good at utilizing it then, that I think I was unknowingly using The Law of Attraction in my own way.
Recently I was talking with a friend of mine and she was about to embark on some big decisions in her life and she was so negative and when I asked her to be positive she just smiled and told me that whenever she is negative about some major decisions things go her way. Things absolutely work out. I thought she was kidding but she was dead serious about the matter.
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So do not beat yourself up if you have this type of built in tool you have been using for many years. It is nice to be able to use The Law of Attraction with positive thoughts, and saying, and feelings, but I personally think if you have really been using The Law of Attraction and it has been working for you why reinvent the wheel.?  It will take more and more energy and practice to get used to using a new method than using what you have been using for all your life and succeeding with it. That is very important. You have to have had good results using this method and have succeeded in getting good results that you DO WANT.  Otherwise you are just sabotaging your success.
It is the intent, the feeling and the belief. You cannot fake it. How you utilize it is as personal as your finger print or the image of your iris. You can use it, now that you know it is a POSITIVE NEGATIVITY.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


For years now I have been a student of The Law of Attraction principles, and I will be the first to admit that there have been more than one occasion when I give a halfhearted attempt at visualizing or days when I do not go over my goals out loud or at all. There are times when I do not set up a visualization board and justify to myself that I will keep it mental. Well if you give a half assed effort you will get a half assed reply from the source. That is just a fact of life and a fact of universal laws like the Law of Attraction. When I use examples like electricity it makes perfect sense. You cannot just go around not taking safety precautions seriously and expect to not get electrocuted when working with live wires. It is so obvious in this situations, but when it comes to something that is ultimately more important than anything in your life, such as your ultimate success and happiness, many people  do exactly that; flirt with disaster by giving a half-hearted attempt.

Good day and I hope your week is going great.
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I am going to start this week’s post by relaying an experience I had in my JKD class. This happened late last year but as I was thinking about the topic of what I was going to post, it seemed appropriate for this forum.
I was taking the class and we started with various punching and blocking drills in pairs. About 10 minutes into the drills Professor Roy Harris stopped us and commented that what he saw was a common mistake made by beginning students. The mistake was doing things halfhearted. He pointed out that he would see people throwing  a punch and then just walking away in a neutral posture. Or blocking and then settling or freezing as though someone had pushed pause. He mentioned if you train this way, when the real thing happens you will act this way and you will get hit. You practice the way you fight. You are always in posture after attack as well as in defense and you always move off angle. In posture, poised to strike and no relaxing until the drill is done.

I reminisced about a military saying I had heard coined by NAVY SEAL training instructors: “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”. How true is this concept in real life? It may not seem to you that the situation is as life threatening as bleeding in battle, but think about the ramifications? If you are not practicing the, so called, self-help and success principles that you commit to learning, what is that result on your success and on your life? What kind of a habit are you building?
How many courses, and seminars are sitting on your bookshelf, or in the corner of the office where you were so enthusiastic about and a week later it just sat there as “I will get to it later” project? I have done it, and I am willing to bet many of the gurus have also done it. The difference between those who succeed and have everything they want and those who get stuck is that, those who succeed do NOT beat themselves up at the realization of a mistake. They will change course and take action to remedy that situation and learn from the mistake and benefit from taking action to solve the issue.
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I know this post was a little on the stern side, but I figure if I needed a pep talk, maybe some of you needed it as well. Together we will keep each other accountable and together we will all succeed and live the life we want to live.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Good day and I wish you a very pleasant day.
I heard a great sermon the other Sunday. It inspired me to think about the truth in many ways.  When it comes to the subject matter of this blog, there are certain truths that I need to address for clarity. These are not my truths or your truths, they are absolute facts. Facts that are scientifically proven over and over thought out the centuries.
When it comes to success, the TRUTH is that YOU DESERVE IT. When it comes to the use of the law of attraction the TURTH is that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS, whatever that term means to you.
Growing up I was told many myths that I am sure you can relate to. Things like if you work hard you will succeed. That was a half-truth. Many people work hard their entire life and do not achieve any semblance of success. On the other side, many people seem to easily and effortlessly achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Also a half-truth.  I was told that to be wealthy means someone else had to be deprived. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was told if I studied hard, and got a good grade, and graduated from a good school, I would have a great job and will be taken care of for the rest of my life. I was told that highly educated people with high IQ were the most successful people in the world. I beg to differ, as Napoleon Hill said take a look at the payroll of any major University. I was told we get what we deserve. Again a sort of half-truth.
The thing all these myths had in common were that it conditioned my subconscious to believe that my reality dictated my thoughts.  For some reason all these beliefs came from a point of scarcity. The thing is that the people that taught me all these myths had the best of intentions and in most cases wanted me to succeed. They just happened to be programed by the same myths.
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Spiritually it was easy to understand we are well taken care of, but for some reason that comfort was never transferred any further. If you have not seen the blog post demonstration that I did with the CORK (look at the video in the post after clicking the link) that is described by Esther Hicks in her workshops, take a look at it because it points to the ultimate truth. That is that our natural state is one of being happy. Whatever that means to us, that is the starting point we need to concentrate on.  The natural state is not competition. The natural state is abundance of everything. The natural state is SUCCESS in everything for everyone, and here is the caveat,  WHO IS AWARE OF THE TRUTH.
Let me put it in terms of physical fitness. If you don’t know the truth, you would think that if you are fat and you do sit-ups and crunches all day for a year you will have the rock hard abs and the body of super models. Well you may have the rock hard abs, but you will NOT HAVE the body of a supermodel, because without the diet portion of the equation you will just push that fat out and in fact increase your waist size as opposed to getting a lean, slender body.  That is the truth about your physical fitness.  It is irrelevant how hard you work. It is completely dependent on knowing the truth about what you want to accomplish.
Learn the truth about who you are and the POWER you have. You know about the LAW OFATTRACTION from the previous posts, you know the truth now about yourself. Take the ball and run with it. Your future begins now, and what a bright future it is.
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Friday, March 8, 2013


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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


When we imagine and visualize from a point of envy, regret, sadness, we are planting poison on our mind’s fertile field. Having sown the seeds of poison we can only reap a harvest of poisonous night shade.  Conversely when we visualize from the position of enthusiasm for our goals, and how great they would feel when we achieve them; when we can see them and ourselves achieving those goals and living the life, we are planting seeds of corn. What we will harvest then is bountiful corn.
Good day and I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day.
What have you planted today? Strange question you may think. I just got the following link from a friend. I want to encourage you to take a look at it. 

Earl Nightingale states that the “human mind is more fertile than a farmer’s field. Neither your mind nor the field cares what is planted in it. It will however, only yield what was planted”. This statement is the core of goal setting and the foundation of using the Law of Attraction.
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I once heard a joke about a passerby stopping and admiring a beautiful garden that a man was tending to. The passer complemented the owner and said it is a beautiful garden. The owner replied “thank you, I’ve worked hard on it”. The passer then said “isn’t it God’s Garden though?” The owner replied “yes it is, but you should have seen it when God was taking care of it”. 
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No matter what your beliefs, we as humans have been given an amazing ability that no other living organism on this planet has. We have the ability to deliberately think the thoughts we want.  No matter what the circumstance is, we have a choice on how we react and what we think about the situation. No matter where we are in our lives currently we have the ability to think and imagine/ visualize what we want it to be like and how we want to live.

The idea is simple. The practice of this idea is what separates those who fail from those to who succeed. The great takeaway from all this is that we can always change what we are thinking about. That means we can always choose to plant the seeds of success. By planting the seeds of success we can only harvest the fruits of success.
When you get excited about the visualization and the achieving of the goals you have, you will have opportunities to act on them. Do it immediately.  The key word was the “PRACTICE” of what ideas we have. Many times we are inspired and pumped up only to wait and wait and with time the enthusiasm dies, and doubt and ROUTINE sets back into place. It is our subconscious minds job to keep the status quo the way it is. You have to change those status quo habits by deliberate action until it is settled as your new paradigm. Take action as soon as you can no matter how small that action is. There is magic in taking action. The opportunities and gut instincts that follow your visualization and goals setting sessions are doors opening to let you in on the path to your success. By taking action you are opening the doors and more and more of them will open. You can only receive the fruits of your labor if you go through the doors. Don’t be like the person who complains to the source that he cannot win the lottery no matter what, only to hear the divine voice saying “but you have to buy a ticket”.  Wow I am on a roll today with Cheesy jokes.

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