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For years now I have been a student of The Law of Attraction principles, and I will be the first to admit that there have been more than one occasion when I give a halfhearted attempt at visualizing or days when I do not go over my goals out loud or at all. There are times when I do not set up a visualization board and justify to myself that I will keep it mental. Well if you give a half assed effort you will get a half assed reply from the source. That is just a fact of life and a fact of universal laws like the Law of Attraction. When I use examples like electricity it makes perfect sense. You cannot just go around not taking safety precautions seriously and expect to not get electrocuted when working with live wires. It is so obvious in this situations, but when it comes to something that is ultimately more important than anything in your life, such as your ultimate success and happiness, many people  do exactly that; flirt with disaster by giving a half-hearted attempt.

Good day and I hope your week is going great.
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I am going to start this week’s post by relaying an experience I had in my JKD class. This happened late last year but as I was thinking about the topic of what I was going to post, it seemed appropriate for this forum.
I was taking the class and we started with various punching and blocking drills in pairs. About 10 minutes into the drills Professor Roy Harris stopped us and commented that what he saw was a common mistake made by beginning students. The mistake was doing things halfhearted. He pointed out that he would see people throwing  a punch and then just walking away in a neutral posture. Or blocking and then settling or freezing as though someone had pushed pause. He mentioned if you train this way, when the real thing happens you will act this way and you will get hit. You practice the way you fight. You are always in posture after attack as well as in defense and you always move off angle. In posture, poised to strike and no relaxing until the drill is done.

I reminisced about a military saying I had heard coined by NAVY SEAL training instructors: “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”. How true is this concept in real life? It may not seem to you that the situation is as life threatening as bleeding in battle, but think about the ramifications? If you are not practicing the, so called, self-help and success principles that you commit to learning, what is that result on your success and on your life? What kind of a habit are you building?
How many courses, and seminars are sitting on your bookshelf, or in the corner of the office where you were so enthusiastic about and a week later it just sat there as “I will get to it later” project? I have done it, and I am willing to bet many of the gurus have also done it. The difference between those who succeed and have everything they want and those who get stuck is that, those who succeed do NOT beat themselves up at the realization of a mistake. They will change course and take action to remedy that situation and learn from the mistake and benefit from taking action to solve the issue.
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I know this post was a little on the stern side, but I figure if I needed a pep talk, maybe some of you needed it as well. Together we will keep each other accountable and together we will all succeed and live the life we want to live.
I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please comment on our FACEBOOK page and share this with anyone who you think will benefit from it. Till next week, I wish you success.

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