Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Many times when I talk with people who have seen the movie The Secret about their goals and achieving success, I get the impression that they believe that they can just visualize sitting or lying in their bed about money and wealth or health and prosperity and then magically that comes to them the next day.
I have struggled how to explain this fallacy. I have written a blog post on taking action  BLOG POST ON TAKING ACTION   But it wasn’t until I was working with my 4 years old on her math homework that it hit me like a rock.
For the longest time my girl has been watching an educational cartoon on the NICK Jr. channel called Team UMIZUMI ™. The heroes are math super -heroes. She has become excited about math and in her own way is visualizing and sending out the vibration that she wants to do match like her favorite characters. Well this week their homework was writing the numbers 1-10. If you don’t remember how difficult the first time you had to draw the number 2 was, I encourage you to watch a child try writing it and see the concentration and yes at times the frustration in their eyes. There were times that tears would form in her eyes because she could not make her hand do what she knew she wanted to do.
So what was the solution? We got a separate sheet of paper, and slowly first traced the number 2. Then we started putting dots to go over to form the number 2. Then we kept on practicing over and over and over and over. It did not happen in one minute. It did not happen in 15 minutes. It took 3 to 4 sessions of 15 minutes with breaks in between but after lots and lots of practice she was able to write the number 2. Not perfect at first but with practice she got better and better at it.
Back to reality now. When was the last time you tried some task you have never done before and got it perfect the first time around. I  personally cannot think of too many instances even taking into account those lucky breaks. If you are like most people it takes some practice and effort on your part to get a skill down to being able to performed it reasonably well. With more practice you become proficient at it. I read somewhere that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert at something.  So what shout it be different when it comes to using the law of attraction? Just like anything else this takes practice.
Taking it one step further when you start using the law of attraction and expand your desires, you will have to push through some old comfort zones. After all if the old boundaries were sufficient enough you would not be having desires for new things. So with new desires comes new sets of skills to be learned and new opportunities will hold in them unfamiliarity that you have learn to cope with. Those also take time to become comfortable and routine and finally become additions to your skill sets. But no matter how you go about it, it takes not only action but also patience and persistence.  This is so much more exemplified because the HARDEST TYPE OF WORK IS MENTAL WORK. And it is mental work that is required in the beginning of working with the law of attraction. Let me give you an example. I have been working with the law of attraction for a relatively short time. I was introduced to it shortly before my daughter was born in 2008. In the beginning I was so excited. Much like when you take a seminar or a course, or go to an event. You are pumped and you are ready to get on with it. I was lucky because my WHY was so strong that I saw immediate results. I had no problem sitting for hours with my eyes closed and fine tuning what I wanted in so much detail that the manifestation was the next logical step in the process and that is why I believe I succeeded from the beginning as a novice utilizing the law of attraction. Flash forwards to 2012. I have been writing this blog for almost 2 years now. I talk with people about success and many  times also about the law of attraction. But if I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I do not do the 6 steps of goal setting described in my book Road Map to Life every day. If you recall the final step is to take some specific actions twice a day, every day. I have not done that for a while, and perhaps this blog post is the push I need to get back to what got me here to begin with. I do not mention this to chastise myself. There is no right or wrong. This just happens to be what I am sending out vibrationally now. My WHY for getting my Porsche right now is not as important as kicking back with my daughter and doing her math homework or go to jiu jitsu when I am not traveling. When I am on a plane, I work on my new book, or my work, or watch a movie instead of concentrating on my goals. The results are that they are on their way and not here yet. Perhaps that is why I have not cleared my garage for the Porsche. It all falls into place. I take responsibility for not taking actions because I know the law of attraction is a universal law and does not care what I do or not do. I get what I am in harmony with.
By the same token it is so much easier for most people to do physical work than to sit and concentrate with all their senses for any extended period of time especially if they are unfamiliar with such activities. This is also a skill that can be cultivated and with time excelled at. It takes time and it takes effort just like anything else. What you put in you get out. That is not a cliché it is a fact. Sometimes it feels like you are planting a  Chinese Bamboo shoot. Did you know that once it is planted nothing happens for about 5 years while the intricate root system establishes underground? Then suddenly it shoots up to a height of 82 feet. But it takes knowledge and persistence care for 5 years to get the results. Imagine if you had no idea that this was the case and after a year or so you just GIVE UP. Well that is what most people do. Worse yet in reality it is usually like working 4 and ½ years then giving up because most people give up just at the brink of success. I wonder if IRONY is also a universal law going hand in hand with the law of attraction.
If you are reading this and saying “that’s too hard” then your why is not big enough. There is no magic pill in getting what you want? The law of attraction does work like magic because if your why is big enough when the opportunities present themselves you will take action and you will learn and adapt and get better and finally get whatever you want. Believe me that is worth it. Ask anyone who has been successful in anything they have done and if they are honest with you, you will hear that it took work, but it was well worth it. Success is a journey and the pleasure of success lies in the steps of that journey not in the conclusion.
I hope this is helpful and clear. I hope you achieve all the success that your heart desires, and I know if you take actions and keep at it you will have that success.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
Today’s post is about a way to help you overcome the feeling of helplessness or disappointments. This is a simple technique and I find it very valuable because as long as you are feeling bad, disappointed, helpless, etc.  you cannot go about doing things the way they need to be done to be successful.
Here is the technique in simple terms: GET OVER YOURSELF.
At first glance it seems harsh. But let’s take a good look at it. As human beings we are always hardest on ourselves. When we feel like things are at their worst we are usually not looking at the forest but are concentrating on the individual trees.  At its core the feeling of helplessness, and disappointment is a very selfish emotion. To get yourself out of that rut you need to take the focus off of yourself and put it where it can do some good.
So how do you get over yourself? Simple: GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR SOMEONE ELSE. This may not seems like a success tool at first but it works. When you are feeling bad the last thing you want to do is to do stuff for other people. You want to sulk, and feel hurt, and concentrate on how unfair things are and put attention of the poor old you. You want a sense of pity from others. That is natural. But that just feeds the negative feedback loop. You need to stop the negative energy in its tracks.
By forcing yourself to try to do something nice for someone else you take the attention away from the selfish and also you are making your mind think positively instead of negatively. Try it the next time you are feeling bad.
The act of going out there and for example gathering all the clothes you don’t use in a bag and taking a trip to the Goodwill, or Salvation Army or the local shelter to donate them will lift the burden off of your shoulders. As much as possible you should try to do something that is as much as possible personal. If you know a specific person who needs help is much better than just dropping of a bag at the collection site where no one is present. You want the good feeling generated by people interacting with you. You want to see the person’s eyes, and see the gratitude and the embrace the joy of giving.
This type of activity will take your attention off of self-pity, and refresh your soul. It will allow you to feel good about yourself and you will attract more and more opportunities to feel good about yourself. The result is that you will start to do better and feel good, and do better and feel good, and soon you will find yourself out of the rut.
Do small acts of kindness. Especially when you feel like you have been wronged or are unhappy. See how when you bring happiness to others, joy and happiness will find their way  into your life. It works. Humans are social creatures. Even those who have made themselves believe they need to be alone need human interactions. Giving is the greatest high. It is the ultimate in win-win situation.
I hope you try this technique and enjoy the results you see. To your success.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Good day,
Today’s post is a reminder that no great achievement happened to any successful person without the lessons learned by failing.
I read in one of John C. Maxwell’s books about an experiment performed by an art teacher that demonstrates this point well. The teacher explained to the class that they would be divided into 2 separate groups and graded accordingly by two different methods.
Group one would be graded purely on the quantity of works they produced. At the end of the semester the teacher would weigh the amount of crafts each student had created and the grades would be based on the quantity alone.
The second group would be graded on quality. They only had to produce one piece of work, but that work had to be perfect.
The results were a surprise to me.  The best QUALITY of the work in the class was created by the students in the 1st group. The group that was graded on quantity learned so much by making mistakes that their craft became better and better and they produced the best works.
By contrast the second group spend most of their time theorizing on how to produce the perfect work. Most of their efforts was theory and the work itself was unremarkable.
We need to learn by making mistakes. No amount of knowledge is worth a damn if you don’t take action to perfect that knowledge in its application.
For those of you who are parents take this to heart. Let your children make mistakes and help them learn  from them. If we try to prevent mistakes our children will be handicapped instead of protected.
The next time you make a mistake, realize that you are perfecting your skills. Shrug off the disappointment and move on to do it again. Learn, act, analyze. That is the way to perfection.
In a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, I read that on average it takes 10,000 hours of practice for someone to become an EXPERT on something. Can you imagine all the mistakes one has to make in that time? That is the price one has to pay to be great at something. The next mistake you make is one stepping stone closer to ultimate success.
I hope you enjoyed this post. To your success.