Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
Today  I am reaching deep again into one of my favorite books on success and generation of wealth. This however does not imply that this post is solely about making money. This post will apply to any goal and task that you want to accomplish with success. It is a very important topic and I am going to discuss two points from the book that really caught my attention at this reading.
Door to success
If you are a student of success, or if you are in the business of sales you have undoubtedly have read, been taught, or gathered information on setting goals to accomplish your tasks. It is very important and you have heard me write and talk about how Brian Tracy states that if you simply write down your goals on paper you are setting yourself apart from 90% of the population. This post however, is for the top 10% who routinely do write down their goals and are focused on it. This is, you might say the power step to accomplishing your goals by doing things a little differently. We are going to start to use both our brain and our brawn and see how we can supercharge our success. 

Art Easel with Words Visualize and Create
In the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles,  that was published over a century ago he sets out a very clear and scientific plan on success. He says that “Every task can be a success or a failure. If you do everything that you have to do today efficiently you succeed. If you do not do what you have to do today you fail. And success is a combination of doing things successfully everyday over and over”. So it’s very simple in theory, but what usually happens when we are faced with doing some project or task is that we concentrate most of the times on things that are not relevant to our current task at this moment. We think ahead, or think to the past, and we are not wholeheartedly concentrating on the task at hand.  We go from the 10 ft view to the 40,000 ft view thinking that is what it takes to accomplish the task. Having a global picture is great in the start of your visualization and goal setting to get you on the right track and help you achieve your plans. Once you have the tasks outlined and know what you are doing every step of the way you need to be present on the task. In summary this is the first step: Whenever you are trying to accomplish a goal or project break down your task into  small pieces which every teacher advises, but when you are going about to accomplish those small pieces concentrate wholeheartedly on what you are doing. Make the little actions successful. As you make little actions successful the entire task becomes a success. 
The second thing that Wallace D. Wattles points out is that when you are doing a task, make sure you are visualizing and having your full belief mentally on the task at hand, as you are physically performing that task. He stresses that allot of people fail because once they start actually doing a task, they release their mental visualization and the belief that they can accomplish this task, and mentally move on to something else. Things like the next step, or what happened in the past during similar situation, or even things that have nothing to do with the current task. You are losing the mental power. Mr. Wattles states that when you are performing a task all your visualization in accomplishing a goal, and all your mental beliefs regarding the successful completion of this goal should accompany the physical actions for this task. So you are again 100% invested in what you are doing and hence you are going to succeed little by little and those little successes will lead to the bigger success. 

This is really important on things that you do routinely. If you are in sales, your call planning or initial visit can be something you have done millions of times, and you may think you are doing everything right. So in the presence of your customer you are already 10 steps ahead of the game. The obvious blunder here is that you are not really openly listening, which is the number one biggest mistakes unsuccessful sales people make. When you are not mentally involved with the action steps, you may think you are speeding ahead, but believe me it comes across to your customer. There is a magic in having your visualization and beliefs of exactly how this particular scenario should unfold going hand in hand with your actions. This process will make a huge difference in your success. 

So try this for the next few calls. The fact that now you have a new tool to use will make you more present mentally and physically on your next call. You will visualize and emotionally feel the outcome you want to have before you meet with the customer and as you are in the meeting your mental picture and emotions are in tune with your actual physical interaction. I think you will notice a difference in the exchange as well as your confidence and results.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am re-reading Esther and Jerry Hicks' book The Law of Attraction and as always new insights are revealed to me that I wanted to share no matter how obvious they seem.  I hope you are getting ready for the holiday season and this post will inspire you specially in these times when we are more charitable than usual perhaps.

You have read and heard me talk about the fact that what ever you want to have you should first give it out. It is a natural law. If you want muscles you give force and power to gain force and power. If you want love, you give out love. If you want wealth, you give money. Here is where the monkey wrench is usually thrown into the equation.  I sort of had explored the idea but I was not clear on it till this round of reading when it hit me like a brick when I was sitting in a hotel jacuzzi. 

Let me explain through a few examples. You are watching T.V. and suddenly Sally Strutters or some other celebrity comes on followed by pictures of little children in some corner of the world with flies on their face and ribs sticking out. A heart felt plea is put out to you for sending money. Usually minuscule  amount when broken down to daily portions, specially when they mention the cost of a cup of coffee (as I am sipping my green tea latte which has more calories than a pizza). So you have been studying the Law of Attraction, and are disturbed by the pictures and want to help these poor, poor children. STOP RIGHT THERE. What are you feeling? No really WHAT ARE YOU FEELING just reading my brief description of a commercial which undoubtedly evokes less emotions than the commercial itself? This is a question you should ask whenever you are setting out any desire as well. What are you feeling right now regarding this topic. Are you feeling pity, sadness, and despair?

Another example: you are getting off of the freeway on your way to Costco, and right where you are about to turn, there is a late to middle aged person on the side of the road with a cardboard sign that reads, "homeless, veteran, hungry, please help".  Again you look around the car or reach for your wallet and grab some change or a dollar bill to give to the person; WHAT ARE YOU FEELING AT THAT MOMENT?

Giving is great.  What I want to point out here is that in addition to giving you can actually help the ones you are giving to in more ways than just the monetary gift. In fact I believe it is imperative to get into the right frame of mind before giving.  I also want to make sure you're going about attracting what you want and not what you don't want. It is by definition known that you CANNOT use the Law of Attraction for someone else or on someone else. This makes sense because you cannot THINK, and FEEL for them.  It is also by definition understood that what you feel empowers your thoughts when it comes to manifesting what you want. So if we presume that by sending your gifts you actually want to help empower then can you see where the whole situation can be counterproductive and sabotaged by your frame of mind during the giving process?
 Hand giving coin

Lets break it down.  Seeing those children on T.V. Is heart wrenching. That is NOT a good feeling attached to the gift. More importantly we are now giving more attention and even taking action to strengthen the situation.  Your emotions are saying "I want to be faced with heart wrenching situations, and I want more and more of them in my life". 
When I read Wallace D. Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich, which by the way was the spark that launched the famous book and DVD The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, I was disturbed at the direction the book took when it came to charity.  In no uncertain terms it advices staying away from giving to charity, or concentrating on poverty, or the poor because attention to those topics were counter productive to the goal. It advised get rich then you can help the poor. It stated poverty will not be eliminated by getting wealthy people to concentrate on poverty, but by getting the poor to concentrate on wealth. 
Hand giving money
Things now are making sense. I do not go as far as saying do not give to charity.  It is a cornerstone of my faith to do so. What I am saying is weather or not you give monetary gifts or not, give something more important.  Give the visualization, the thoughts, and emotions of uplifting the person you are giving to. See them as you would like to see them. See them succeeding. See the children fed, and sitting in school smiling and learning.  See the man on the side of the street well dressed and in a great job or business providing you and others a great service with a smile on his face.  Get your feeling of joy at those visualization up and pumping, and ONLY then if you want to give materialistic gifts then do so. If you are not moved to do so don't. 

I am willing to bet  that if a portion of the people do this, that homeless man will be presented with opportunities to be uplifted and get what is in his best interest.  Those children will get the benefits of what is in their best interest  from the inflow of positive energy.  It is LAW. It happens weather we believe or not. 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day,
Today I want to discuss a topic that goes to the heart of using the Law of Attraction as well as being influential in your success. That topic is the core question of why is it easier to be negative than positive?
To begin with, there is negativity all around us. Negativity sells, and attracts attention. By default you are bombarded from the time you can comprehend and even before that subliminally with negativity. Is it any wonder that most hit songs that sell are about sorrow and pity, or any blockbuster movie have glamorous villains and negative messages in them? I am not advocating not watching movies or listening to songs, but you have to realize that when you go and watch some movie that shows the mutilation and destruction of buildings and surrounding those images are going to make an impact directly on your sub-conscience.
Why do you suppose it is so easy to give up? In many cultures giving up is seen or at least was seen as a sign of complete failure and disgrace. Imagine how you would view giving up if you were raised in a culture that if you give up on something you would be ostracized and looked on as a leper. You would see “easy” in a completely new terms. Would your definition of "difficult" change?
When we are programed that something is acceptable we are more apt to view that option as available. Therefore when you  see or experience positive feedback in doing something, you will retain that information for future use in similar experiences. Giving up is the same way. The more you give up on things, the more you are sending the message to your sub-conscience that it is ok to give up and in return it applies this paradigm to more and more situations until you consciously override it. Before you know it you are feeling comfortable with giving up.
In using the Law of Attraction we are taught that life is easy. We as human beings are the masters of our future. This is not what most people were taught when they were young at this point in time (2012). It goes against the grain of logic because most of us have learned that it take “hard work” to achieve success. It is difficult to get praiseworthy success. If it comes to you easily it is either a scam or against the law. All these paradigms have been ingrained into your psyche.  Combine that with the distinction that most people make about what is easy and what is hard and you get people that either think using the Law of Attraction is like a wishing well or just give up on it completely.
To be successful in utilizing the Law of Attraction you have to be able to keep a positive mental point of view. Growing up as a child what was the first thing you did when you were faced with something that was not going your way? In my case and obviously in my children’s’ case throwing  a tantrum seems to be the first go to action. At first that may have been cute. This equals reinforcement of action. Then when parents are fed up with the recurring issue it became “wrong” to throw a tantrum. But we do not really change the behavior. Take a look at adults in your surroundings or observe your own reaction the next time something does not go your way. What happens? You start to feel angry, your blood pressure goes up, your core temperature rises, you start to get into the fight or flight mode of dealing with things. This could also be wired in our genes come to think of it. I mean in the prehistoric time when the only way to get things done was brute force getting angry and releasing endorphins into the blood stream was a very useful mechanism for getting ourselves out of a sticky situation.
So we can blame our genetics, our ancestors and forefathers but the point of the matter remains that it takes effort and constant observation of your own reaction to a situation that test your comfort to think positively about “any and all” situations, and until we can make this the habit as opposed to losing our cool, the Law of Attraction will do what it is supposed to do which is to bring more and more situations that we are sending feelings and vibration for. In the case of bad things happening, it will lead to a negative feedback system.
It is so easy to say that “you have the option of reacting to anything that happens to you”, but saying it when we are calm and collected is something completely different than doing it when crap hits the fan. Unless we can start to first realize we are doing the wrong thing, listening to how it feels, i.e. like crap, and start to change our feelings to the situation step by step repeatedly we cannot hope to utilize the Law of Attraction to its potential. 
This is especially true when dealing with personal situations. Most people have more control over their emotions when dealing with “other people” or “other people’s “ things and situations. But heaven help us if we make a mistake or it is our kids doing something wrong. For some reason we tend to more easily loose it. This situation is so ingrained in our sub-conscience that we don’ t even notice the change in our feelings, which is the warning signal for us, and go from good to negative in mere seconds. It really takes being the master of our emotions to realize we are moving off course from our balanced emotional state. It takes effort and if you have been raised to believe effort is hard then that will be your reality to deal with. If on the other hand you view effort as a positive way of improving yourself and your surroundings then it becomes a new challenge and can even be fun.
Try this game for a few days. Whenever something comes up that make you upset see if you notice your change in emotions before you lose control. The first few times it may be that you realize after the fact when you already reacted impulsively. That is ok. We did not start to run before crawling either. Keep at it and make it fun. As soon as you realize it go back in your mind and feel the feelings you felt and see if you can slow them down and move up the emotional scale and get yourself to a point of neutral or positive. It will take some doing and depending on the intensity of the issue you may have to take a few hours, or even days to get yourself there. But it is well worth the practice. The benefit will be that whenever something happens to you, you will be able to see the “silver lining” and by doing that you will unleash the power of the Law of Attraction in your favor. Soon with practice your go to reaction to something bad happening will not be anger or aggravation but perhaps a chuckle and gratitude that things are never as bad as they initially seem. Can you see how dependable and skillful you will be when you can react appropriately to negative situations at work? What kind of success will that bring you? If you can control your emotions in times of turmoil you will be the go to person. It will not take long for people to realize and depend on you.  Is that worth the practice? You bet it is.
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This week my entire family went through the stomach flu. Full on nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea .  First my 4 year old, then my wife and as I write this my 2 year old is going through it. As we all take care of each other, I am struck by the similarity this incident has to the road to success. You may be thinking I have lost it. Let me explain.

If you have never taken care of a small child who is experiencing vomiting and stomach pain every 15 minutes in the middle of the night for the whole night you should be grateful. It is exhausting for everyone. When it comes to your kids however, you don't really feel it. You just do it.  I don't know where it comes from. No matter how hard of a day you had before, or what is ahead of you the next day you just do it. I was trying to imagine if this was happening to someone other than my own child or not my job as a care taker, would I have taken it as well. It was hard to imagine that I would have gone through it let alone having no issues and coming out with a smile on the other side. 

Recalling some of the stuff I have done either as part of my own project goals or for a client, I remember having less exhaustion but complaining and feeling like I just want to quit a lot more than this past week's experience.  Since I did not get sick I pretty much spend 5 days cleaning and taking care of my loved ones.  It did not even occur to me to want to do something else.  

If you ever have had your back against  the wall and had to make it or perish you can probably relate.  That could be why so many successful people achieved their major victories at the brink of a disaster.  What I want to point out is that the same principle can aid you to succeed when the situations are more positive and you do not have a do or die situation ahead of you.  The key is the strength of your why.

What ever you have to do, whether it is a personal project or something your boss gave you, has to have a strong PERSONAL REASON behind it. The reasons that other people give you in instances where you "have to do something" is not strong enough to make you keep on going when strong challenges arise. So you need to Personalize the task in some way. The more senses you use the better.  How will the result effect you financially? Is it a matter of pride? Is it a point of recognition as the go to person and what are the ramifications of it? Can you hear what your co-workers are saying? Can you see the money in your account? Better yet what are you going to do with the extra chunk of change? How will you feel, what you hear, see, and smell, are very important in that initial process of making the ultimate goal a personal one with a big WHY attached to it.  It takes effort but it is well worth it because the bigger the why, the more inspired you are and the less likely you are to let the challenges beat you down. Remember as humans we always like to take the easier path and if the WHY is not strong enough we will look for a way out. This can become a habit, so more importantly by making a practice of creating a strong reason to succeed you will train your mind to continue, and persevere. The less likely it is that you will quit in one circumstance the greater the chances that the next time you also keep on going through the resistance that pops up in your path to success. 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
Today I wanted to share again a mistake I made so you can benefit from my experience. For the past few months I have been really concentrating on getting some internet marketing projects off the ground. This is a very new filed for me and totally out of my comfort zone. In addition to my regular work, I have been taking classes, and seminars and working on setting up websites, and creating products around my book and putting together offers etc. It is very exciting.
This past month, I was faced with numerous setbacks that really derailed my concentration and I totally started to experience the warning signals of my feelings, but kept on ignoring them and tried to get away by  putting a few days of rest and relaxation in and as you read in the last post, I even took some “pity me time”.

I started to feel better but, I was very concerned at the amount of negative energy and by default the amount of negative circumstances that suddenly hit my reality. I could not really come to grip with them because “from my perspective” I had realigned myself and was emanating positive energy.  Well there are times like these that having a loving and in tune spouse is a great blessing.
In no uncertain terms my wife sat me down and told me that I was neglecting my family. As she was illustrating this to me I realized that recently my patience with my two little girls had been really short. I tended to yell at them and put them in time out more than I usually do. I had not gone to Jiu Jitsu or JKD in 4 months, and in general I was just off centered.
Well yesterday I went to my first JKD class in about 4 months. It was like all the toxins was sucked out of my body. I found myself concentrating and visualizing being more patient with my 4 years old daughter. I played with both of my little ones in the playground after work since I was not traveling out of town. In a word  there has been one day when I was starting to get back to myself.
I did not do anything with my personal projects. I have not touched the website or the auto responder. I have not recorded a single minute of video for the product launches I am planning. In fact if this blog was not a form of release and therapy for me I may have taken a few weeks off of writing as well.
I say all that to bring about the point that we all know innately, but in the busy hustle and bustle of daily life we seem to forget. The question of "what is more important"? We all have heard that success is a balance of everything in our life not just the financial aspect. Men specially have a tendency to think that if I work harder and bring home the bacon I am doing the best for my family. That may not be the case if you spend all or a major part of your time working and missing the events of your children or your spouse’s life.  Sometimes an evening out with your spouse, or having a glass of wine (or in my case green tea) together after the kids are gone to sleep has more value than a $1,000 check. It is important to keep the little things in perspective. When it comes to spending TIME, The most important commodity we have, we have to really think about the way we are investing.

How many times have you read that some really rich mogul passed away leaving a fortune to their heirs but the son or daughters utters "I wish I had had my parent come to my soccer game etc."? Don’t let that be you.
It is really easy to get out of balance in this day and age where there is more information exchanged in a second than it would have taken decades only a century ago. The same technology that has enabled us to be more productive, can also take away our most precious commodity from our loved ones.
Truly successful people schedule their non-work time and stick to it. Make sure that you take time for yourself to meditate, to exercise, and also make sure you take time to be with your family. When I say “be” with your family I mean truly be with them. Put the phone aside and be present with them. This is something that I seemed to have forgotten in the last few months and I need to really recheck my priorities because no amount of money or success is worth missing the growing millstones of my little girls or the loving embrace of my beautiful wife.
I hope this post was helpful and if not a warning signal at least a reminder that success and the Law of Attraction are all about balance and not stacking the chips on only one side of the scale.
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