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Today I want to discuss a topic that goes to the heart of using the Law of Attraction as well as being influential in your success. That topic is the core question of why is it easier to be negative than positive?
To begin with, there is negativity all around us. Negativity sells, and attracts attention. By default you are bombarded from the time you can comprehend and even before that subliminally with negativity. Is it any wonder that most hit songs that sell are about sorrow and pity, or any blockbuster movie have glamorous villains and negative messages in them? I am not advocating not watching movies or listening to songs, but you have to realize that when you go and watch some movie that shows the mutilation and destruction of buildings and surrounding those images are going to make an impact directly on your sub-conscience.
Why do you suppose it is so easy to give up? In many cultures giving up is seen or at least was seen as a sign of complete failure and disgrace. Imagine how you would view giving up if you were raised in a culture that if you give up on something you would be ostracized and looked on as a leper. You would see “easy” in a completely new terms. Would your definition of "difficult" change?
When we are programed that something is acceptable we are more apt to view that option as available. Therefore when you  see or experience positive feedback in doing something, you will retain that information for future use in similar experiences. Giving up is the same way. The more you give up on things, the more you are sending the message to your sub-conscience that it is ok to give up and in return it applies this paradigm to more and more situations until you consciously override it. Before you know it you are feeling comfortable with giving up.
In using the Law of Attraction we are taught that life is easy. We as human beings are the masters of our future. This is not what most people were taught when they were young at this point in time (2012). It goes against the grain of logic because most of us have learned that it take “hard work” to achieve success. It is difficult to get praiseworthy success. If it comes to you easily it is either a scam or against the law. All these paradigms have been ingrained into your psyche.  Combine that with the distinction that most people make about what is easy and what is hard and you get people that either think using the Law of Attraction is like a wishing well or just give up on it completely.
To be successful in utilizing the Law of Attraction you have to be able to keep a positive mental point of view. Growing up as a child what was the first thing you did when you were faced with something that was not going your way? In my case and obviously in my children’s’ case throwing  a tantrum seems to be the first go to action. At first that may have been cute. This equals reinforcement of action. Then when parents are fed up with the recurring issue it became “wrong” to throw a tantrum. But we do not really change the behavior. Take a look at adults in your surroundings or observe your own reaction the next time something does not go your way. What happens? You start to feel angry, your blood pressure goes up, your core temperature rises, you start to get into the fight or flight mode of dealing with things. This could also be wired in our genes come to think of it. I mean in the prehistoric time when the only way to get things done was brute force getting angry and releasing endorphins into the blood stream was a very useful mechanism for getting ourselves out of a sticky situation.
So we can blame our genetics, our ancestors and forefathers but the point of the matter remains that it takes effort and constant observation of your own reaction to a situation that test your comfort to think positively about “any and all” situations, and until we can make this the habit as opposed to losing our cool, the Law of Attraction will do what it is supposed to do which is to bring more and more situations that we are sending feelings and vibration for. In the case of bad things happening, it will lead to a negative feedback system.
It is so easy to say that “you have the option of reacting to anything that happens to you”, but saying it when we are calm and collected is something completely different than doing it when crap hits the fan. Unless we can start to first realize we are doing the wrong thing, listening to how it feels, i.e. like crap, and start to change our feelings to the situation step by step repeatedly we cannot hope to utilize the Law of Attraction to its potential. 
This is especially true when dealing with personal situations. Most people have more control over their emotions when dealing with “other people” or “other people’s “ things and situations. But heaven help us if we make a mistake or it is our kids doing something wrong. For some reason we tend to more easily loose it. This situation is so ingrained in our sub-conscience that we don’ t even notice the change in our feelings, which is the warning signal for us, and go from good to negative in mere seconds. It really takes being the master of our emotions to realize we are moving off course from our balanced emotional state. It takes effort and if you have been raised to believe effort is hard then that will be your reality to deal with. If on the other hand you view effort as a positive way of improving yourself and your surroundings then it becomes a new challenge and can even be fun.
Try this game for a few days. Whenever something comes up that make you upset see if you notice your change in emotions before you lose control. The first few times it may be that you realize after the fact when you already reacted impulsively. That is ok. We did not start to run before crawling either. Keep at it and make it fun. As soon as you realize it go back in your mind and feel the feelings you felt and see if you can slow them down and move up the emotional scale and get yourself to a point of neutral or positive. It will take some doing and depending on the intensity of the issue you may have to take a few hours, or even days to get yourself there. But it is well worth the practice. The benefit will be that whenever something happens to you, you will be able to see the “silver lining” and by doing that you will unleash the power of the Law of Attraction in your favor. Soon with practice your go to reaction to something bad happening will not be anger or aggravation but perhaps a chuckle and gratitude that things are never as bad as they initially seem. Can you see how dependable and skillful you will be when you can react appropriately to negative situations at work? What kind of success will that bring you? If you can control your emotions in times of turmoil you will be the go to person. It will not take long for people to realize and depend on you.  Is that worth the practice? You bet it is.
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