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I am re-reading Esther and Jerry Hicks' book The Law of Attraction and as always new insights are revealed to me that I wanted to share no matter how obvious they seem.  I hope you are getting ready for the holiday season and this post will inspire you specially in these times when we are more charitable than usual perhaps.

You have read and heard me talk about the fact that what ever you want to have you should first give it out. It is a natural law. If you want muscles you give force and power to gain force and power. If you want love, you give out love. If you want wealth, you give money. Here is where the monkey wrench is usually thrown into the equation.  I sort of had explored the idea but I was not clear on it till this round of reading when it hit me like a brick when I was sitting in a hotel jacuzzi. 

Let me explain through a few examples. You are watching T.V. and suddenly Sally Strutters or some other celebrity comes on followed by pictures of little children in some corner of the world with flies on their face and ribs sticking out. A heart felt plea is put out to you for sending money. Usually minuscule  amount when broken down to daily portions, specially when they mention the cost of a cup of coffee (as I am sipping my green tea latte which has more calories than a pizza). So you have been studying the Law of Attraction, and are disturbed by the pictures and want to help these poor, poor children. STOP RIGHT THERE. What are you feeling? No really WHAT ARE YOU FEELING just reading my brief description of a commercial which undoubtedly evokes less emotions than the commercial itself? This is a question you should ask whenever you are setting out any desire as well. What are you feeling right now regarding this topic. Are you feeling pity, sadness, and despair?

Another example: you are getting off of the freeway on your way to Costco, and right where you are about to turn, there is a late to middle aged person on the side of the road with a cardboard sign that reads, "homeless, veteran, hungry, please help".  Again you look around the car or reach for your wallet and grab some change or a dollar bill to give to the person; WHAT ARE YOU FEELING AT THAT MOMENT?

Giving is great.  What I want to point out here is that in addition to giving you can actually help the ones you are giving to in more ways than just the monetary gift. In fact I believe it is imperative to get into the right frame of mind before giving.  I also want to make sure you're going about attracting what you want and not what you don't want. It is by definition known that you CANNOT use the Law of Attraction for someone else or on someone else. This makes sense because you cannot THINK, and FEEL for them.  It is also by definition understood that what you feel empowers your thoughts when it comes to manifesting what you want. So if we presume that by sending your gifts you actually want to help empower then can you see where the whole situation can be counterproductive and sabotaged by your frame of mind during the giving process?
 Hand giving coin

Lets break it down.  Seeing those children on T.V. Is heart wrenching. That is NOT a good feeling attached to the gift. More importantly we are now giving more attention and even taking action to strengthen the situation.  Your emotions are saying "I want to be faced with heart wrenching situations, and I want more and more of them in my life". 
When I read Wallace D. Wattles' The Science of Getting Rich, which by the way was the spark that launched the famous book and DVD The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, I was disturbed at the direction the book took when it came to charity.  In no uncertain terms it advices staying away from giving to charity, or concentrating on poverty, or the poor because attention to those topics were counter productive to the goal. It advised get rich then you can help the poor. It stated poverty will not be eliminated by getting wealthy people to concentrate on poverty, but by getting the poor to concentrate on wealth. 
Hand giving money
Things now are making sense. I do not go as far as saying do not give to charity.  It is a cornerstone of my faith to do so. What I am saying is weather or not you give monetary gifts or not, give something more important.  Give the visualization, the thoughts, and emotions of uplifting the person you are giving to. See them as you would like to see them. See them succeeding. See the children fed, and sitting in school smiling and learning.  See the man on the side of the street well dressed and in a great job or business providing you and others a great service with a smile on his face.  Get your feeling of joy at those visualization up and pumping, and ONLY then if you want to give materialistic gifts then do so. If you are not moved to do so don't. 

I am willing to bet  that if a portion of the people do this, that homeless man will be presented with opportunities to be uplifted and get what is in his best interest.  Those children will get the benefits of what is in their best interest  from the inflow of positive energy.  It is LAW. It happens weather we believe or not. 

I hope this was productive reading and as always please comment and like our Facebook page. Till nextTuesday, to your success. 

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