Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good day,  this post is about feeding your mind positivity. Throughout the day there are times when ideas for blog posts come to me like rushing water and then there are other times when I have to really concentrate on a topic to be able to write a post.  What I have noticed is that when I am involved with other positive blogs, when I  am reading positive books, or am listening to positive  tapes, ideas about my blog posts come to me naturally and frequently. At other times if I get involved with the family or work and I don't have the chance to read or listen to positive information, writing a post becomes an arduous task.  When I started thinking about it, this made perfect sense. When I am feeding my brain positive material more and more circumstances and opportunities come about so I can experience positive materials. Because of that I experience positive thoughts and I get inspirations to write about success in this blog. On the other hand when I don't get the chance to feed my brain positive material it feels like the creativity in the writing process is in a state of stagnation. There are times when I get too busy with school work, family, career, and even though those are productive tasks it does not take away from the fact that I am not concentrating on being creatively positive. Based On the law of  attraction then when I am concentrating on those task more and more circumstances come about to keep me feeling and concentrating on those tasks.  This brings up a very important point about concentrating on creativity. If you want to have inspirations and creativity, you have to give yourself time and feed your mind creative writings, tapes, or even conversations. No matter how intellectually stimulating your work is you need to take some time to just relax and listen to or  read purely positive works. By opening your mind to different fields you also expand your horizon which is an added benefit to working on positivity.  You don't need me to tell you that throughout the day you're constantly bombarded with negative vibrations.  Taking time out to feed your mind positivity will help recharge your internal battery.  This will help you reach for better feelings when you encounter challenges in your day to day lives. A perfect example is when I am in traffic. If my iPod is charged and I am listening to some inspirational book, I rarely get frustrated. When I forget to charge my iPod though I have noticed I get frustrated much faster in reaction to the same stimulus. The reason for this is because by taking time to feel and concentrate on positive things you are creating the vibration that brings you more of those circumstances.  If you make a habit of doing this daily then when challenges arise you are not in a rut so to speak. The reaching for abetter feeling will not be a long shot, because you have taken the time to keep yourself grounded, or rather at a higher vibration. It will not be a stretch.  It will be in your grasp and you will be higher on the spectrum of good/bad feelings than you would be if you had not practiced something positive.  I hope this convinces you to reach for something positive on a daily basis no matter how small. As always please  feel free to make comment on this post and share it with anyone who may need it.  To your success till next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Good day. Today's post is about teaching our young people how to research their futures. The other day I was talking to an educator who advises students on their college or trade school selection. She pointed out the fact that most college graduates do not end up in a career for which they studied in undergrad. These days many students have no idea what curriculum will prepare them the most for life in the real world, and they are afraid to follow their passion because they think they cannot make a living from it. The frustrating thing for educators is that at the events where large population of trade school and college representatives are present, most students do not know what questions to ask. In fact most students just gather information and brochures and do not ask a single question.   I am all in favor of letting the younger generation pursue their dreams in college, however a discussion regarding the real world and career path is something that needs to take place at home.    At the very least parents should discuss with their children what questions to ask at career fairs. These questions should not be dictated to the youngsters, but through questions parents should guide the youngster to come up with their own questions based on their desires and interests.  By thinking about these questions the youngsters are solidifying their focus and figuring out what they really want to do without the pressure and prejudices of their parents. Certain career aspirations may very easily be met through a trade school. Sometimes us as parents feel that if our kids do not graduate from a university they will not succeed in life.  The fact remains that most graduates, even of prestigious universities, do not end up with a career for which they studied in school. Many students could have saved both time and money pursuing their desires and careers in well-respected and accredited trade school or other learning institutions. I do not want to come across as someone who is against higher education. On the contrary, I am very much in favor of higher education. However the educational atmosphere today is very much different than when I attended University. There are opportunities available for people to fast-track their real-world careers instead of figuring out that objective after graduation. By design most trade schools require a focused decision making maturity in their students. There is very little time spend on non-focused curriculum. It may have been fun to waste two years of one's life taking various courses which have nothing to do with  one's major. The staggering amounts of student loans that today's students are faced with is a testament to some of that. Alternative options include starting one's college education at a junior college in an environment less competitive and more conducive to general education learning. This also has the advantage of costing a lot less than a four-year university. This may not be appropriate for everyone. I just wanted to point your attention to some available alternatives for higher education that will prepare our youngsters for the real world with less baggage in the form student loans, and a more focused goal and career planning. I welcome any comments and opinions on this post as I am a young parent whose children have a long way to go before higher education. Your comments will help other  readers specially if you are at the point where your children are about to enter the higher education.  As always please feel free to share this post with anyone who may benefit from it and until next week have a prosperous and great day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Good day, I  hope you are having a  great week. Recently I have read so much and discussed the topic of this blog post that I could not help think that I needed to address it. That topic is Forgiveness.
Why is forgiveness so hard? When we as human beings  feel like we have been wronged in some way great or small, it is our tendency to become defensive, and  seek revenge and to retaliate. It may come from a deep sense of right and wrong we learn as children. The fact that we are taught that wrong should be punished at all cost.  Unless you have been raised in  a monastery where from a young age you were taught tolerance, and love, it is very difficult to forgive unconditionally.  What does forgiveness have to do with success? After all the topic of this blog is success, the Law of Attraction and how you can use tools to succeed.
Well forgiveness is extremely important in your success no matter what your goals are. When you harbor resentment;  when you wage revenge;  when you are concentrating on the wrong that people have done to you, you are wasting  valuable  energy. Your logical mind can see the point of this post. Your logical mind can see that when you re-live an incident over and over about somebody doing wrong to you there is absolutely no one but yourself that you are hurting.  You increase your apprehensions, your blood pressure, your stress level, and amongst all this, the person that has done all the wrong t is in no way even aware of you. You are the recipient  of all the pain and suffering you are bringing to yourself over and over.
I saw a sign the other day someone put up on face book that said “to harbor resentment is to have someone occupy space in your mind rent free” or something to the effect of that. That is the absolute truth. Forgiveness as Oprah mentions, does not mean forgetting. Forgiveness is not for the person that has done you wrong. Forgiveness is for YOU.  Forgiveness  gives YOU THE POWER.  Forgiveness clears the garbage that is sapping your energy and your resources that could be used to help you succeed and prosper. That is why forgiveness is so important.  
What you need to come to grip is the fact that forgiveness is a selfish act. It has nothing to do with being gracious or being righteous.  Forgiveness is a purely selfish act to make yourself feel better and not waste time. Forgiveness is something that is liken to loving yourself.  It empowers you to let go of the negativity.  I know it is difficult to forgive, especially horrors that some people may have experienced through abuse or neglect or trauma. Because I have never suffered those kind of horrors I cannot say for certain that forgiveness is the best course of action for those people, but personally I can see that the stuff that I have wasted my energy on keeping inside and re-leaving them has done nothing but waste my energy and brought misery to myself over and over for absolutely no reason. You have to decide for yourself if it is something that is worthwhile to you. Think about it from the true perspective that you are doing this for yourself. You are freeing yourself from the chains that are sapping the life out of you by holding on to resentments about  the wrongs that you perceive people have done to you real or imagined.  It does not matter. By forgiving, you free yourself. But also you are no longer a victim.
That may scare you. You may have come to like and live in your victim mentality. It is nice to have people feel sorry for you is it? Has that become your comfort zone. Has that become your identity? Well I am here to tell you that is all the story you tell yourself and you can break free of that right now. You have the power to stay trapped and comfortable in feeling sorry for yourself and think that the fact that  others pity or feel sorry for you is a good thing. And you will keep on staying on those vibration of feeling sorry and pity.
Or you can lift yourself up to the higher  vibration where you can move on, and get success, and happiness. You cannot get there by being chained to the lower vibration.
Just like the Law of Attraction you have to be ready to forgive. No one can take you there but you. People can tell you over and over that it is the best for you but it is like they are on the 54th floor of the building trying to talk to you when you are on the 20th floor. It cannot happen. You are not on the same level. But you can be. It takes a decision to move up and listen and join the party.
I hope this helps in some way.  Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit and click on the comment link and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Good day and I hope your week is going well. Today I am going to discuss one of the parts of using the Law of Attraction that has given me allot of trouble and which I really have to constantly be aware of so I do not sabotage my achievements. That is letting go of the “HOW?”
As a human being, and one that is very analytical, type A, and a go getter, this is the most difficult part of the whole process for me. Perhaps you can relate to my dilemma. I like to plan things and take actions along the lines of  those plans. I do not like to sit back. In goal setting I have been taught and I teach action and planning. These are the reasons why I constantly butt heads with this portion of the process.
I am hoping in trying to dissect it and think it through logically I can share where I have gone wrong for you to benefit from as well as reinforce the learning in my own mind so I will not make the same errors over and over again.
In the process of utilizing the Law of Attraction to achieve goals, the “HOW?” is the work of the source. There is no way of getting around it. I have repeatedly tried to force this issue thinking I know what is best and every time I have forced the issue I have either delayed or completely sabotaged the results of my achievements. Can you see the frustration in this? On one hand I have to plan and take actions to realize my goals, but on the other hand, at first glance, it seems like I have to sit back and let thing happen. What da #$#%@#?
I don’t think I am alone in getting frustrated by this. If it is happening to me, it must be also causing frustration for other new or continuing students of the Law of Attraction. I have been searching for answers and I do not think anyone has actually addressed this portion of the process in detail that will make things clear to me. So I think I have found the way and I will explain it here for everyone including myself to make use of.
As beings on this earth, we share the energy and vibrations of the source and every other thing in this universe. As long as we are in this physical body however, we are limited in our awareness of the total vibrations and all the possibilities. Why? I don’t know. Maybe we are not to the point where we can handle that form of extreme understanding. Maybe it is not in our best interest to be able to harness that much power. Maybe we create resistance to it because we are innate know it all’s. No matter what the first step  is to recognize and accept that we have a limited understanding of what is possible in relations to anything we are trying to achieve.
Because of that limitation, the solutions we come up with are also limited. Because of that, what we think is the best answer to “HOW” something should turn out in order to satisfy our goals is limited. Can I accept this? Yes. Can you?
If you answered yes, we can continue. If you answered no, then there is nothing to discuss because you are not at a point where we can discuss things on common understanding. I am not saying I am right and you are wrong. I am just saying that I cannot discuss the solution with you from my point of understanding, so either you have to teach me how you understand things to be, and perhaps your way is simpler and I can learn or this post is of no value to you.
Once we accept that our perception has limitations the fact that we should get out of the way and let things go about the way they are supposed to, becomes the next logical choice. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN TAKE NO ACTION AND MAKE NO PLANS. This is the portion that disturbed and frustrated me, as well as the point of greatest mistakes.
The 6 steps of goal setting are valid and in line with the universal laws including the Law of Attraction. The way the concept of letting go of the “HOW” seamlessly merges with the mechanical process of planning and taking immediate action is that, once you focus on your desires, believe, and follow the process of making use of the Law of Attraction as described in the previous posts, you will get opportunities to take what many teachers call “inspired actions”. You will have intuitions to plan and set up action steps. You can do those things, and the KEY is to remain open and not get fixated. Sometimes you will take an action step to its fruition which is NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE GOAL, BUT MAY NOT BE THE FINAL STEP. In the shortsighted vision it may seem you have failed. That is not the case however. I have written in the blog posts on taking action(Post on Action ) that as you take actions other action steps open up and you are lead to the next steps. The temptation is that from our limited standpoint, we may think that was the last step and we should see the fruition of our goal, but the reality might be that we are not there yet. No matter what, things are occurring as they are supposed to and to our best interest.
Many times when I find a new source for selling my book, I get excited, pumped, and think that is the best way to do things, and many times nothing comes of it. I used to get disappointed. At times like this, I go back and see all the good techniques and things Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen learned by getting rejected 146 times by that many publishers when they first tried to publish the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. I can’t help to think that if they were successful the first time, they may have just rested on their Loral’s and not only not expanded the series, but would not have done any of the other facets of their business that has brought them tremendous revenue as well as having enriched the lives of their students and customers. There is definitely something to be said about learning by doing and failing and getting up and doing it again and again.
I hope this clarifies thing for you. Don’t get fixated on the how. Keep the vision on what you want as the ultimate manifestation of your goal. Don’t worry about the stuff in the middle. They will get done, and will come to you. When they occur to you, incorporate those ideas into your plans and take action.  This is the best and easiest way of succeeding even though it may not look that way from our limited perspective.
Please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit and feel free to click the comment link and leave comments about what you think about this or any other post. Thank you and to your success till next week.