Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Good day, I  hope you are having a  great week. Recently I have read so much and discussed the topic of this blog post that I could not help think that I needed to address it. That topic is Forgiveness.
Why is forgiveness so hard? When we as human beings  feel like we have been wronged in some way great or small, it is our tendency to become defensive, and  seek revenge and to retaliate. It may come from a deep sense of right and wrong we learn as children. The fact that we are taught that wrong should be punished at all cost.  Unless you have been raised in  a monastery where from a young age you were taught tolerance, and love, it is very difficult to forgive unconditionally.  What does forgiveness have to do with success? After all the topic of this blog is success, the Law of Attraction and how you can use tools to succeed.
Well forgiveness is extremely important in your success no matter what your goals are. When you harbor resentment;  when you wage revenge;  when you are concentrating on the wrong that people have done to you, you are wasting  valuable  energy. Your logical mind can see the point of this post. Your logical mind can see that when you re-live an incident over and over about somebody doing wrong to you there is absolutely no one but yourself that you are hurting.  You increase your apprehensions, your blood pressure, your stress level, and amongst all this, the person that has done all the wrong t is in no way even aware of you. You are the recipient  of all the pain and suffering you are bringing to yourself over and over.
I saw a sign the other day someone put up on face book that said “to harbor resentment is to have someone occupy space in your mind rent free” or something to the effect of that. That is the absolute truth. Forgiveness as Oprah mentions, does not mean forgetting. Forgiveness is not for the person that has done you wrong. Forgiveness is for YOU.  Forgiveness  gives YOU THE POWER.  Forgiveness clears the garbage that is sapping your energy and your resources that could be used to help you succeed and prosper. That is why forgiveness is so important.  
What you need to come to grip is the fact that forgiveness is a selfish act. It has nothing to do with being gracious or being righteous.  Forgiveness is a purely selfish act to make yourself feel better and not waste time. Forgiveness is something that is liken to loving yourself.  It empowers you to let go of the negativity.  I know it is difficult to forgive, especially horrors that some people may have experienced through abuse or neglect or trauma. Because I have never suffered those kind of horrors I cannot say for certain that forgiveness is the best course of action for those people, but personally I can see that the stuff that I have wasted my energy on keeping inside and re-leaving them has done nothing but waste my energy and brought misery to myself over and over for absolutely no reason. You have to decide for yourself if it is something that is worthwhile to you. Think about it from the true perspective that you are doing this for yourself. You are freeing yourself from the chains that are sapping the life out of you by holding on to resentments about  the wrongs that you perceive people have done to you real or imagined.  It does not matter. By forgiving, you free yourself. But also you are no longer a victim.
That may scare you. You may have come to like and live in your victim mentality. It is nice to have people feel sorry for you is it? Has that become your comfort zone. Has that become your identity? Well I am here to tell you that is all the story you tell yourself and you can break free of that right now. You have the power to stay trapped and comfortable in feeling sorry for yourself and think that the fact that  others pity or feel sorry for you is a good thing. And you will keep on staying on those vibration of feeling sorry and pity.
Or you can lift yourself up to the higher  vibration where you can move on, and get success, and happiness. You cannot get there by being chained to the lower vibration.
Just like the Law of Attraction you have to be ready to forgive. No one can take you there but you. People can tell you over and over that it is the best for you but it is like they are on the 54th floor of the building trying to talk to you when you are on the 20th floor. It cannot happen. You are not on the same level. But you can be. It takes a decision to move up and listen and join the party.
I hope this helps in some way.  Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit and click on the comment link and share your thoughts.

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