Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Good day, and I hope you are having a good week.
Today I am posting a video blog on basic financial questions you should ask yourself when you are considering your retirement options. This is a process that I went through to choose different vehicles and the lessons I learned about some principals that were not really accurate when it came to my situation.
10 years ago when I briefly sold life insurance for Primerica Financial Services, I was taught like many financial agents that the motto is “buy term and invest the difference” when it came to life insurance. The reason was that at the time the life insurance policies were not giving enough of an advantage to be a good “investment” tool. Things have changed drastically however, and about 6 ½ years ago while I was reading a book called Missed Fortune by Douglas Andrews I learned that there is actually a great way of using a properly structured Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy to protect my retirement in addition to covering my bases in case I happen to pass away untimely.
The person that helped me with this product in Southern California is Zack Hubbard and he can be reached at 858-356-6550 or at
I also just recently found out that Primerica may have similar products and I encourage you to get information from them through David Wine at 760-730-0151.
Tell them AJ Farzad sent you. They will take good care of you.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Beneficial?

Good day and I hope you're having  a great week. Today's post will concentrate on simplicity of utilizing the law of attraction  from a simple perspective. Let's cover some ground rules right off the bat. Number one The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Number two it works whether you believe it or not. And number three you attract everything that you think about with emotions into your life and where ever you are right now or what ever you're experiencing right now is brought into your life because of your focus and attention to it. if you want to argue these points please go back to the beginning posts regarding the basics of the law of attraction. If you still have questions please make a comment and I will respond to them to the best of my ability. Let's consider how most people experience good and bad feelings throughout their daily life. If they are confronted with a good experience they feel good, and if they're outward physical experience takes them down a negative or a challenging road, they experience bad feelings. Now consider how difficult it is to effect our outside environment? Think about how hard it is to try to change someone else? Perhaps you have had experience with this in your early dating life? If your joy and happiness is based on what is happening around you or based on the people that you associate with you can see how difficult it is to achieve happiness. Can you imagine trying to manipulate the world so you can feel good? Even if you could, the time and in energy that it will take is most likely not worth it. Now let's consider using the principles of the law of attraction. The law of  attraction states that what ever we think and give  emotional power to will manifest itself IN OUR PHYSICAL REALITY. Isn't it easier to concentrate on how we can change ourselves than trying to manipulate the outside world? You have to admit that the simplicity of this law is amazing. No matter what the outside world throws at you, you have the choice and the power to react to it the way you want to, as apposed to default reflex reaction. This takes practice and concentration, but the ultimate result is well worth it. When something is not going the way you wanted, you need to start reaching for a feeling and a thought that feels a little bit better, then concentrate on  the feeling that you experience. By intentionally concentrating on the feeling of relief in your feelings you are concentrating on better and better feelings not by reflex reaction but by intentional creation.  Isn't intentional creation better than helplessly following whatever happens in your outside world? As human beings we have the ability to think and attach emotional energy to our thoughts. That is what makes us superior to other animals and plants and organisms that go about surviving by reflex reactions to their environment.  It is time for you to utilize your superiority and succeed. It is time for you to create your reality.  It is time for you to utilize one of the oldest universal laws to make your life better. The choice is in your hands. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. As always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Until next week to your success.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.
The other day when I was flying home during an evening flight, I was looking down from the window of the plane, and marveled at the possibilities. Here I am sitting comfortably, in a climate controlled environment. Me, and over 100 other humans, are travelling in a metal tube  40,000 feet above ground,  at around 600 miles per hour. All of this was at one point a thought  in the mind of someone who did not understand the meaning of the word impossible.
I started to think about why we put limits on things. Why is the false belief of impossibility so entrenched in our mind?  When do we exactly think that we cannot achieve anything? As my children are growing up, I trying to be a good and considerate parent, tell them what they can and cannot do in an effort to shape their  character and keep them safe. Am I shaping their idea of what is possible and what is impossible ? Is this the building blocks of limiting their imagination that they have to overcome to soar  like an eagle?
A while back I was listening to one of Esther Hicks’ seminars in which a mother was in the “hot seat” and was asking Abraham, through Esther, how to deal with her young son who was reprimanded in school for being too rowdy.  I believe the gist of the advice Abraham gave was let him pursue his joy. That bothered me. Even though I am a student of the Law of Attraction, and I do realize that the goal is joy, my parental instinct kept telling me that “surely there has to be some boundaries that need to be set”.  I have not come up with a satisfactory answer yet.
My uncle sometimes believes I am too strict on my children. This is a bit ironic since as an only child, I had the freedom to do almost anything. Thinking back though, I never, and I do mean never got into trouble or pushed the envelope to the level that would be considered dangerous. I was spoiled to the point that one of my aunts banned me from her house till I was an adolescent. But somehow the move to Germany then United States, and seeing how hard my mother worked to raise me instilled responsibility in me without the restrictions that I would consider disciplining a child.
So where do we draw the lines? I want to walk the walk for my children. When they start to really comprehend the Law of Attraction and the message in it, I don’t want them to look back and see their father actually saying one thing, and then when it came to them, acting another way. At the same time however, I dread the thought of having children that would be running uncontrolled in a restaurant for example.
Being an obvious novice at both LOA and parenthood, I am trying to reason this out analytically. After all it is a universal law and I am reasonably intelligent. What ever thought I put energy to by my emotions will manifest itself in my physical reality. So then by over stressing on the fact that I “don’t want my kids to be the kind of kids that I would not want to be around in a public environment “ I am giving power to something I DO NOT WANT. There is a daaahh!! somewhere here.
Why is it that when it comes to my children I cannot express the same faith that I do when I want to find a parking spot at Costco? Why is it that I, who am certified in the Law of Attraction, lecture about positivity and goal setting, have written a book filled with examples of how LOA works, can’t just use the same force that brings me a cup of coffee to letting my children enjoy their creativity and reach for joy? Here I guess I can go back to the FEAR RESPONSE. It served the prehistoric man well, but am I taking it too far? Am I limiting my children’s success by setting limitations and possibly introducing the subject of impossibility?
I don’t know the answer. I just have to try to see if I can use the tools of the Law of Attraction in my parenting and one day at a time see how it turns out.  Even looking at this sentence I can feel the resistance. I think I will go and do a few rounds  of EFT on the subject and see how I feel J.
I hope you readers comment on this post. Weather you have children or not, I welcome an outside point of view. This is a way you can help me and perhaps many other parents as well as students of LOA better ourselves and push the limits of our imagination. More heads are better than one. I look forwards to reading your comments either anonymously or by signing in. Click the comment link bellow and write away.
Thank you and to your success till next week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today's post is about another aspect of being positive that you may not think about right away. One of the most important aspects of being able to project a positive attitude during your day, is that in addition to making you perform on top of your game, and be at peak state,  will make you more successful in interacting with others. Think about it for a second. Most people like to be around and do business with people that help them change their mental state for the better. From your own perspective would you rather be around someone who brings you down or someone who lifts you up? Most people would rather be entertained than educated as sad that may seem. Entertainers help us change our mental state.  They can make us laugh, or cry, or get excited.  That is why they are the highest paid people in the world.   Your ability to keep yourself at peak positive state effects not only yourself, but also the people you deal with on a daily bases.  If your are in sales that is of upmost importance.  If you are in service that also is extremely important.  If you can maintain your positive attitude despite what ever is thrown at you, you can, in most cases, help your customers change their mental state from negative to a more positive vibration.  When you can achieve this kind of change in your customer or client's state there is no doubt that you will be valued and you will succeed.  It is extremely important to be able to stay calm and not loose your positive mental attitude when faced with negativity.  In sales there is a common saying regarding rejection; "it is not personal". That is very profound when you think about it from this perspective.  It is not personal.  When someone is dealing with you in a belligerent manner, or when someone is negative towards you, you have no idea what their day has been like or the circumstances that brings them to that state of mind.  If you can maintain your positivity and are stronger in keeping your state than they are in keeping their negative state, then you  will be able to push them over. No matter how little that effect is, it will have a positive impact that will effect your success because that impact will make people want to deal with you rather than the average representative.  We all have been in situations that just because the sales person was upbeat and genuine we gave them our business even though they were not technically the best sales rep we have dealt with.  So I hope you realize how important being positive can be to your influence factor and success, and I also hope you realize that it takes practice and persistence to achieve the kind of discipline that is required to maintain your positivity in the face of constant negativity that can be a routine for some sales representatives or customer service agents.  Is it any surprise that high performers and successful motivators go through elaborate "pump up session" before they get on stage? They know that the higher their own mental state is the better they bring the benefit to their audience. The next time you are going to see a client take 5 minutes in you car to pump yourself up. Crank up your favorite music, repeat a positive affirmation, do what ever it takes to get yourself to that place where you feel great and pumped. Then take a deep breath and no matter what comes at you promise yourself you are going  to keep that emotional state.  Make it a game of who can keep their state the longest, you or your customer? Who can effect the other persons' state? I hope you enjoyed this post and as always feel free to comment and share this with anyone who can benefit from it.  To your success till next week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Journaling to Success

Since I have started to journal again I have noticed that my first inclination is to use the Journal as a bitch fest. This made me think that even though journaling is a  fantastic  way to gather my thoughts and get focused, I really have to monitor the voice that I use in the writing that I do. It is sort of like sitting down with a good friend and just venting. In that circumstance as well as in journaling it is easy to lapse into the vibration of feeling sorry for oneself. Maybe it is human nature to play the victim. This type of action and feeling however, is not productive to successful way of life. Because there is tremendous amount of emotion involved in these instances, there is a very high vibrational frequency that we send out to the universe. If we are feeling sorry for ourselves or we are just venting by the law of attraction that will only bring us more and more circumstances where will he wants to feel sorry for ourselves. Journaling however can be used for positive encouragement as well. Many of the world's greatest thinkers and innovators have used journaling and stream of consciousness writing to gain access to their creative side and achieve amazing results. At first it will be difficult not to play the victim. With practice however,  you can concentrate your journal entries on being positive and even tap into emotional power that you may not have access to during the day. This will be a time of concentration and reflection, where you can completely channel the best that you have and use those emotional vibrations to guide you towards success.  From what I remember from my past experiences with journaling, the process used to lift the weight off of my shoulders. Even though it was a time in my life when I was going through tremendous amount of turmoil, I used the process of writing out my feelings to vent and get the negativity out of my system. Even though I do not suggest using the writing process to concentrate on the negative experiences, I used it as a steppingstone for reaching for bitter feelings. I was fortunate enough to be able to move from feelings of despair through the process of writing into excitement and joy, even though at the  time I had not heard of the law of attraction or the stepwise process of reaching for better feelings as described in Jerry and Esther Hicks' works. It is almost a therapeutic tool if used for the purpose of getting yourself out of a rut.  But you do not have to be feeling depressed or sad to use the writing process and benefit from it. Even if it is just a few short sentences about how thankful you are at the end of the day, or little experiences here and there, or the best way to use journaling is to write down your wins and your successes. A sort of a "at a boy" notebook for example. This is where you can come too when you are down and see how much you have accomplished. No matter how you decide to use a journal, I think you will see positive and helpful results from  using it if you just give it a little time. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please feel free to comment and share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Thank you and until next week to her success.