Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Beneficial?

Good day and I hope you're having  a great week. Today's post will concentrate on simplicity of utilizing the law of attraction  from a simple perspective. Let's cover some ground rules right off the bat. Number one The Law of Attraction has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Number two it works whether you believe it or not. And number three you attract everything that you think about with emotions into your life and where ever you are right now or what ever you're experiencing right now is brought into your life because of your focus and attention to it. if you want to argue these points please go back to the beginning posts regarding the basics of the law of attraction. If you still have questions please make a comment and I will respond to them to the best of my ability. Let's consider how most people experience good and bad feelings throughout their daily life. If they are confronted with a good experience they feel good, and if they're outward physical experience takes them down a negative or a challenging road, they experience bad feelings. Now consider how difficult it is to effect our outside environment? Think about how hard it is to try to change someone else? Perhaps you have had experience with this in your early dating life? If your joy and happiness is based on what is happening around you or based on the people that you associate with you can see how difficult it is to achieve happiness. Can you imagine trying to manipulate the world so you can feel good? Even if you could, the time and in energy that it will take is most likely not worth it. Now let's consider using the principles of the law of attraction. The law of  attraction states that what ever we think and give  emotional power to will manifest itself IN OUR PHYSICAL REALITY. Isn't it easier to concentrate on how we can change ourselves than trying to manipulate the outside world? You have to admit that the simplicity of this law is amazing. No matter what the outside world throws at you, you have the choice and the power to react to it the way you want to, as apposed to default reflex reaction. This takes practice and concentration, but the ultimate result is well worth it. When something is not going the way you wanted, you need to start reaching for a feeling and a thought that feels a little bit better, then concentrate on  the feeling that you experience. By intentionally concentrating on the feeling of relief in your feelings you are concentrating on better and better feelings not by reflex reaction but by intentional creation.  Isn't intentional creation better than helplessly following whatever happens in your outside world? As human beings we have the ability to think and attach emotional energy to our thoughts. That is what makes us superior to other animals and plants and organisms that go about surviving by reflex reactions to their environment.  It is time for you to utilize your superiority and succeed. It is time for you to create your reality.  It is time for you to utilize one of the oldest universal laws to make your life better. The choice is in your hands. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. As always please feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from it. Until next week to your success.

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