Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Good day and I hope you are all having a great week.
Today I wanted to share with you a new technique I learned from reading Dr. Robert Anthony’s book “Beyond Positive Thinking”, in dealing with challenges, that really helped me out in a particular situation.
The way I understood and used the idea was as follows. When a problem or challenge arise in our lives we automatically go on the defensive. That is we start to think “oh crap, I have a problem how do I solve this problem?” Or we try to avoid it which in the long run causes more problems. Dr. Anthony suggest letting the problem in and acknowledging it. This is very similar to what I have understood how the Sedona Method deals with challenges as well.
The idea here is that by accepting the challenge and letting it in, we are taking away its power. Now I am not quite sure if it is its power over us or in general but I don’t really care because no matter what it worked. It is sort of like going into a dark cave and hearing a menacing voice that threatens us not to get any closer. At first there is a scary feeling and most people would just avoid the situation and go back. But if we actually let it in and approach we find out that voice was a deep voice of a little man who was using the darkness as a camouflage.
Dr. Anthony suggests that the next time we are faced with a problem, instead of jumping at it and try to battle with it, just take a breather and ask “what if the way I assume to handle this situation is not the best course of action?” Then let the solution come to us. By acknowledging that the initial response we have is not the obvious and/or the best choice to deal with the problem we open our mind to the source to give us the answer. Because we are so used to jumping on the problems and try to tackle  them we have built a filter that tunes out the right answers and correct reactions. Did you read that? We are actually cutting ourselves off of the answers that can help us deal with problems by not accepting the problem. In fact we should go an extra step of welcoming the problem and getting comfortable and accept the fact that it is here and then ask for help for ideas, and opportunities to present themselves to us instead of jumping in and try to do it the hard way.
Well that is cool. Trying to deal with problems this way has opened my eye. I have just started to use this, even though I have read that book over 3 times now. I guess I was just ready for it this time around. I found that even though I teach the principles of The Law of Attraction (LOA), and am constantly looking to view the positive side of things, I had some deep resistances that I either just did not want to admit, or just tried to brush under the rug. Well one of them suddenly came out the other day.
I realized after sitting and letting my problem linger around for a few hours and resisted the temptation of jumping and beating it on the head, that deep inside I did not believe I deserved the best. It is hard for me to admit this, especially in a public forum, but I hope that it resonates with the readers and perhaps helps someone else as well.
Since I have learned about and have practiced the teaching of LOA, I believed that I have been thinking the right way. That I have cleared my negative resistances. But it became very obvious, to the extent that I could no longer ignore it, that I had some issues with treating myself well.  Even when I was financially struggling I had not issues treating other people well, but when it came to treating myself, I always hesitated. Suddenly a feeling of frugality would make me doubt my decisions to enjoy something I really wanted.  I have a feeling it comes from the fact that when I was younger we had to live very frugally to make ends meet. I am proud of the fact that my mother, single handedly put me through college, and provided a life for me that I really did not feel any lack. Perhaps looking back from my current position of prosperity I am feeling the lack and it is trying to scare me into the wrong thinking that I have to be careful not to lose it and go back to the days when things were tough. Whatever the case may be I am grateful that I realized it and did not get sucked into it.
 Because of it I am going to exercise the qualities that I want in myself by giving out those qualities this week and enjoy it to the max.
I hope this has helped you in some way. Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit from it. Till next week, wishing for your success.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.
You have heard me talk about gratitude before on this blog and you know what a huge fan of giving thanks I am, and today I want to give a really simple and practical example of it.
A few months back I got a call from a tenant that the garbage disposal in the their unit stopped working. So I started  to look for a plumber and on my way to Costco I saw a van in front of me and would you believe it was a local plumber.  I called his number and as we both were stopped at the red light we chatted a bit and he was able to see my tenant that same day.
He was very quick and I got a call from him telling me that he was “able to resurrect the disposal without any need to replace it, saving me around $200”. I was very thankful as he was very professional, and prompt and did a good job from the feedback I got from my tenants. He sent me the bill for $95, and included his card which I field for future use.
I was very thankful that things worked out well because I was on my way out of town the next day and needed to have the situation worked out quickly and efficiently. While I was traveling and sitting in my hotel room the next day for some strange reason I started to look on YouTube searching for Garbage Disposal repair. As you might guess with an open and general question like that there are millions of videos that come up, but one really caught my eye. I think it was titled something to the effect of “fix your garbage disposal without getting wet or dirty”.  I am paraphrasing about the title as unfortunately I do not remember the exact title but if you search for garbage disposal repair on YouTube you are sure to find it.  I looked at the video and in about 10 minutes the professional in the video showed me how I could take a 5/4 Allan wrench and stick it into the little hole on the bottom of the garbage disposal and by swinging it left and then right a few times, manually dislodge any debris from the disposal unit. In fact it mentioned that most garbage disposal come with an Allan Wrench for this exact purpose. This technique also gave a great indication if there was something really stuck in there without having to put my hand inside the unit.
 I did not think much about it, until about a month or so later when the garbage disposal in my house stopped moving and just hummed.  I looked inside the sink and could not really see anything in there and that is when I remembered this video. Sure enough I got the Allan wrench and wiggled it back and forth and whammo the thing started working like magic. That just saved me about $95.
Yesterday as I was coming back home from a trip I got a call from my tenant that the garbage disposal went out and they could not get it going again. So I thought let me go and check it out before calling the plumber this time. So here I go with my tool box, which included my magic tool the Allan Wrench kit, looking like I know what I am doing. Now if you know me, you know well that I am really not that mechanically inclined. So it was really a site to see.
But sure enough, the same thing happened. I turned the thing on and reset it but it did not even hum. So I took the Allan Wrench out and wiggled it a bit this way and that way and sure enough, after running the water and turning the disposal on everything worked like magic. My tenant was so impressed at the speed with which I fixed the issue, and asked what did you do. Now he is into construction and has been a painter and all that, so when I showed him the little trick and told him where I learned it he was very happy. I bet he spend some quality time on YouTube that night researching the technique. J
So there goes another $95 in my pocked that would have been spent on plumber. After each incident I gave thanks to the professional on YouTube and the amazing technology that brings all this information to me in a matter of seconds with a few clicks here and there. We are so fortunate to be living in this time of information technology and the fact that people are nice enough to share their skills with the rest of the world without expectation of compensation. You know that is when prosperity flows to them. So I hope the professional on the YouTube video gets tons and tons of cash because he really not only has saved me a few times now with the repair, but has given me the freedom of having to wait for a plumber, as well as a new skill that I did not possess.
I hope you enjoyed this post and as always please feel free to share this and other posts with those who may benefit from it. To your success till the next time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Good day
Today’s post addresses the fact that the little voice that hints at things in your gut is a good thing to listen to even though your brain screams at you to go against it.
The other day I had an experience that proved this point to me once again. I was travelling and got some disturbing news about the health of my mother. After a few phone calls things worked out and arrangements were made to take my mom to the doctor.
As I got on my first plane on my way home I gave thanks that things were taken care of and that I did not have to have been present to get them done. Still my brain was a nagging me that as soon as I land at my layover stop I should call home and check on the status of things. As though I could do anything about it 3000 miles away.  But my gut told me to leave it alone. Things were already taken care of to everyone’s best interest. I landed at my layover destination, had some lunch and was proceeding to my gate when my brain took over and I called my mom who told me that things were going ok and she was waiting to go to the doctor in half an hour.  Talk about being given the chance to just let things be, but do I listen? No. Still I had to go ahead and call to get the status and once I did get a hold of the parties involved I regretted not listening to my gut. The issue with mom was all cool, but a whole mess of other things that had no bearing on the situation and about which I could do nothing about came up on the call.
I just laughed inside as I listened on the phone, and kept on repeating “great” and “ Ok”. At the end of the conversation I was left feeling like I had been taught a lesson the hard way. Taking full resoncibility for it shed some humor on the situation and also gave me the material for this blog.  I just sat there in the waiting area of the departure gate with my mind now filled with two other issues about which I could do absolutely nothing and which could have waited until I get home,  rest and then deal with them the next day.
I sat there for about an hour and a half going over the stuff. My sense of peace was broken by actions I took against where the flow was taking me. The gratitude and appreciation for the way things had been taken care of was disturbed because I tried to dictate HOW THINGS SHOULD BE DONE as opposed to letting them happen.  Thankfully I am aware that I can change the way I feel, and reaching slowly for better feelings came up with writing this post. That was therapeutic.
I am by no means an expert on this type of things but I have been practicing and studying the subject long enough to know that it was a rookie mistake. Sometimes though we just need to experience the lessons in life first hand to really learn them. Perhaps this was one of those cases that will make me grow out of my comfort zone and perhaps this one mistake will save me a greater one later in life.
In either case I am now giving thanks for having been in that situation to experience vividly what my gut instinct told me and what the consequences of ignoring and trying to force the issue resulted. Thankfully the problems are minor and can be dealt with very easily once I get home.
So I hope you can learn from my mistake in this post which is one of the reasons this blog was created.
Listen to your gut. When you are in the grateful feeling state, and things are aligning for your benefit. Just receive the blessing and do not worry about the how and definitely do not try to make them better because you think you can. The reality is that you have no idea how things are progressing and how much infinite wisdom goes into making your life the way it is supposed to be. If you just stop interfering with it.  With our limited vision we think that we know what is best. But sometimes that is a distorted and myopic view of things. We are limited in our physical knowledge of the way our reality is shaping. If we just let the good flow to us and leave the HOW to the source, more often than not things will unfold to the best conclusion for all involved. It is a universal law and it has to be.
Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit from it. To your success till the next time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Good day,
I hope you are having great day.
Today I want to focus on what you are exposed to most of the time if you are not consciously aware of or work on filtering what reaches your subconscious mind. If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I try to talk about techniques and mental attitude attributed to success. As a general rule I concentrate on positivity because of the effect of The Law of Attraction as well as the fact that I want to drive home the idea that we always have an option about what we give our attention to, no matter what is happening.
This post will add another incentive of why we should be positive. The simple fact is that all the junk in the heading of this post like “bad, evil, darkness, fear, anger, etc.” does not exist. Yup you read it right. Those things are manmade emotions created by us. I agree with you that they are very persistent illusions, and do cause real harm, but at their core they are not real.
Let’s get to the heart of the matter and tackle them shall we?
Darkness is not a thing. You cannot go and create darkness in the sense of pure creation. You do not fight darkness. At this point I am talking about the physical darkness not the metaphorical darkness of emotions or personalities, although we will talk about those as well. What darkness is, in its simplest terms,  is LACK OF LIGHT. You can either have light or the lack of light. You do not turn something dark, you just turn off the light or prevent the light from coming through, unless of course you are toasting a bread or tanning on the beach. There is no such a reality as a dark switch. There is a light switch that you can turn on or off.
Evil is the same when you think about it. Evil is a lack of goodness. Bad is a lack of good. Fear is a lack of courage. Anger is the lack of calmness, or poise.  You see where I am going with this? Now if this, in its simplest form makes sense to you we can move to a more metaphysical way of exploring these things.
If we agree then that these forms of negativity are just a lack of positivity we can see how pointless it is to try to fight them and waste energy on them. You do not go about fighting “the emptiness of your glass of water” right? You just pour in more water into the glass. Read that last sentence again. I want this to really make an impression on you. You do not fight fear, you add courage. You do not try to erase the darkness in the room, you just add light. When you are hungry you do not go about eliminating the “hunger”,  you feed yourself. Is this pattern making sense yet? I hope so.
So now that we have the basics down, does it make sense to concentrate energy on trying to fight the negative feelings, or situations that we are faced with every day? I hope your answer is no. Isn’t it cool how seamlessly this aligns with The Law of Attraction? How about that? Universal laws actually DO work with mathematical precision.
I hope now you can see what a waste of time it is to try to fight “AGAINST” negative feelings. I also hope that you are starting see what you have to do instead of that struggle. If not I will try to clarify. But I wrote this to get your mind thinking about it. Cleaver ha?  I am in an unusual form today. J
When you are trying to instill a positive feeling, most people think they have to eliminate the negative feeling that they presumably are trying to correct. That is a waste of effort. Remember whatever you give your attention to with feeling will be coming back to you over and over and will be your reality.
You only need to concentrate on the positive trait, feeling, behavior or whatever that you WANT.  Think of it this way. If you have a glass of water with a bit of food coloring in it, you don’t have to empty the glass and replace the water to get clear water, all you have to do is to add water and keep on adding and pretty soon the food coloring is replaced with clean water. In this example it may not be the most efficient way of doing things but that is the way it works. Believe it or not it is the fastest way to results. You need to reinforce the behavior that you want, and continue doing it with persistence, not try to fight the old behavior. The old behavior is ingrained and subconscious in most cases, and the only way to eradicate it is to just keep on turning on the light.
I DO WANT TO MENTION THAT I VALUE CLEARING TECHNIQUES LIKE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE       (EFT), AND SEDONA METHOD EMENSLY. Those type of clearing resistance are of upmost value. What I don’t want you to do is to concentrate on the negativity and get worked up and siked out at the overwhelming feeling of how to get rid of it.
I was going to write that in the real world you are mostly inundated with negativity but that is not really the case is it? You have a choice. If you continually concentrate and point your attention to positivity you are most of the time experiencing positivity. It all starts with single action.
Right now, before you leave this blog page, think of a small positive thing that is around you, or has happened to you. Do it now. Think about it in detail and try to feel, and see, and hear the things you saw when it happened or if it is in your environment now concentrate with all 5 senses on it.
There. You just turned on the light.
Thanks for your time and as always to your success till next week.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Good day,
This video blog was originally in response to the Goal Setting and Positive Mental Attitude workshop that I will be doing at Collings Martial Arts Training Center on May 19th.
But since it addresses why I do this blog and why I wrote the book "Road Map to Life" and why I do these workshops I thought I would share it here.
If you are interested in more information about the workshop go to the Product tab on this blog and check out the link for the workshop with the information to call Collings Martial Arts Training Center in Long Beach Ca and reserve your spot.