Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Good day
Today’s post addresses the fact that the little voice that hints at things in your gut is a good thing to listen to even though your brain screams at you to go against it.
The other day I had an experience that proved this point to me once again. I was travelling and got some disturbing news about the health of my mother. After a few phone calls things worked out and arrangements were made to take my mom to the doctor.
As I got on my first plane on my way home I gave thanks that things were taken care of and that I did not have to have been present to get them done. Still my brain was a nagging me that as soon as I land at my layover stop I should call home and check on the status of things. As though I could do anything about it 3000 miles away.  But my gut told me to leave it alone. Things were already taken care of to everyone’s best interest. I landed at my layover destination, had some lunch and was proceeding to my gate when my brain took over and I called my mom who told me that things were going ok and she was waiting to go to the doctor in half an hour.  Talk about being given the chance to just let things be, but do I listen? No. Still I had to go ahead and call to get the status and once I did get a hold of the parties involved I regretted not listening to my gut. The issue with mom was all cool, but a whole mess of other things that had no bearing on the situation and about which I could do nothing about came up on the call.
I just laughed inside as I listened on the phone, and kept on repeating “great” and “ Ok”. At the end of the conversation I was left feeling like I had been taught a lesson the hard way. Taking full resoncibility for it shed some humor on the situation and also gave me the material for this blog.  I just sat there in the waiting area of the departure gate with my mind now filled with two other issues about which I could do absolutely nothing and which could have waited until I get home,  rest and then deal with them the next day.
I sat there for about an hour and a half going over the stuff. My sense of peace was broken by actions I took against where the flow was taking me. The gratitude and appreciation for the way things had been taken care of was disturbed because I tried to dictate HOW THINGS SHOULD BE DONE as opposed to letting them happen.  Thankfully I am aware that I can change the way I feel, and reaching slowly for better feelings came up with writing this post. That was therapeutic.
I am by no means an expert on this type of things but I have been practicing and studying the subject long enough to know that it was a rookie mistake. Sometimes though we just need to experience the lessons in life first hand to really learn them. Perhaps this was one of those cases that will make me grow out of my comfort zone and perhaps this one mistake will save me a greater one later in life.
In either case I am now giving thanks for having been in that situation to experience vividly what my gut instinct told me and what the consequences of ignoring and trying to force the issue resulted. Thankfully the problems are minor and can be dealt with very easily once I get home.
So I hope you can learn from my mistake in this post which is one of the reasons this blog was created.
Listen to your gut. When you are in the grateful feeling state, and things are aligning for your benefit. Just receive the blessing and do not worry about the how and definitely do not try to make them better because you think you can. The reality is that you have no idea how things are progressing and how much infinite wisdom goes into making your life the way it is supposed to be. If you just stop interfering with it.  With our limited vision we think that we know what is best. But sometimes that is a distorted and myopic view of things. We are limited in our physical knowledge of the way our reality is shaping. If we just let the good flow to us and leave the HOW to the source, more often than not things will unfold to the best conclusion for all involved. It is a universal law and it has to be.
Please feel free to share this with anyone that may benefit from it. To your success till the next time.

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