Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great holiday season. Today I wanted to discuss something that occurred to me as I was reading Anthony Robins’ new book Master The Money Game. Many financial wizards teach that the key to financial independence is paying yourself first,  and even more important to automate that process.  The reason for that is, because we always find ways of spending what we make. So the best way to set aside money for yourself  before the bills, the tax, etc., get in the way, and deplete all your income, is to do it in a way where you don’t even see the money that comes out.  There are many ways of doing this, for example through your 401K automatic debit program, or doing automatic withdrawal programs that most banks offer etc. 

I wanted to apply this to the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA) and your success.  The key to this process is to figure out what it is that you need to do every day. If you have not set your goals, you obviously need to do that first.   If you don’t have a vision board, or an image to visualize what you want, and daily affirmations, then you need to do that first.  But once you have done that you can use today’s available technology to automate it. For example some of the things  I have set up for myself is that I have an alarm and an appointment in my calendar for my 15 minutes of meditations, and for my morning affirmations.  As soon as I wake up the first thing I do is to do to my phone. It is my go to thing.  So I have an appointment. It has alerts set at 15 minutes before the appointment time, and a second alert that is set at the time of the appointment or 5 minutes prior to the appointment, just in case I do not get to it beforehand.  Those are automatic settings on my phone.  So when I create an appointment of “do your to-do list” it comes up before I go to bed, or before I sit down with my wife for some family time. When I set an appointment for my daily meditation, it  is early in the morning, before I even touch the computer, it happens early in the morning before breakfast. 

At first it becomes a little tedious.  You may be tempted to hit snooze or ignore it, but remember for you to be able to succeed, you need to set up successful habits.  If you haven’t meditated all your life, it is a new thing for you.   You have to set a habit of doing it every day, preferably at about the same time, and consciously force yourself to do it when the alarm goes off. That becomes a habit.  If you haven’t done your affirmation, and this process is new to you, you need to set a habit of doing it every day.  If you haven’t set goals or read through those goals every day and every night you need to set a habit of doing this every day.   The key to the success with The LOA is doing it every day, and when you automate this process  in this way or any other way that you can think of, you take the uncertainty and the chances of failure out of the equation. These are just some examples to get your mind thinking of ways to automate it. Once you start to think about something, other thoughts will come to you. 

I   hope you have enjoyed this. I am really open and curious about other ways that you can automate your visualizations, or affirmations.  So please share those on my Facebook or Twitter feed by selecting the respective blue link. This is a forum for us to all learn from each other and help each other to succeed. Because as you know,  there is no competition and there is no scarcity.  Thank you and as always till next week, I wish you great success.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week, and are getting ready for the holidays.  About 4 months ago I hurt my shoulder very bad. In fact after the pain had not subsided for 2 weeks I went to my chiropractor and he popped it back into place. But recently when attempting to bring the decorations down, I re-injured it and after seeing a sports medicine physician I was started on some physiotherapy. 

At the first visit with my physical therapist, I had an orientation.  In that orientation she was showing me some exercises to increase the range of motion of my shoulder joint and describing the path we would take over the next few months.  One of the cautions she gave me was, “you don’t want to do this quickly. It is not about the fastest time, it is about the proper mechanics and the quality of the motion. Stay in the stretch for 45 seconds to a minute. There is no rush”. 

I wondered how many other things in life can be performed properly the first time, if we take this advice.  Taking our time, doing it with the proper mechanics, and doing it right should be our motto.  Nowhere is this more important than in the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  When most people start utilizing the concept of The Law of Attraction, it is very exciting.  And because of the huge publicity involved, everybody thinks they have to do this quickly, and they expect things to come rapidly, and they go about trying to do the exercises as quickly as they can, as though trying to fit LOA in the grand scheme of their life.  Much like an afterthought, of I’m going to stop for a cup of coffee now that I have some time.

What this type of mentality fails to realize is that, the use of these visualization techniques, and trying to make The LOA a way of life will create a better life.  It is not I’m going to fit in my LOA exercises into my schedule. It’s I’m going to use LOA to create the life that I deserve.  So I want to caution you to go back and evaluate how you are doing your LOA exercises.  Are you putting the feeling and the emotions into your visualizations? Are you visualizing every day?  Are you doing it more than just a few minutes every day and then going about being angry in the traffic jam?  Evaluate and see how much quality as opposed to quantity you are putting into your LOA work and then you can see if the results that you have had corresponds to the amount of effort and proper technique you have put in. 

I hope this helps to refocus you on the work you are doing with The Law of Attraction.  Share this with anyone who may benefit from it, leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and till next Tuesday, happy holidays and to your success.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Limiting beliefs are crippling. Nothing will kill your prosperity like limiting beliefs. This week, I have put together a video blog to show you how these limiting beliefs keep you stuck... enjoy and please comment on my Facebook and Twitter pages.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Being a success and Law of Attraction (LOA) practitioner, student, and teacher, I, once in a while get asked do you have to be happy all the time? That is an interesting question.  Usually when I am asked one of these questions, I am in a place of high vibration. I am usually at an event, a book signing, or a seminar I am teaching with people who want to be there and have paid a good amount of money to be there. It is contagiously awesome.  Today though I want to talk to you about when you happen to be down, alone, and feel like there is nothing that can help you, or nothing that can go right. Maybe, you just happen to be tiered. It could be after a few days of going all out following your dreams, or doing some overtime, whatever the case may be.

This is not rocket science.  I wish I had that magical answer for you given to me by the masters and gurus who have the world by the tail. The truth is though, we all get burned out once in a while.  We all hit the wall occasionally. We all feel like everything we are doing is for nothing. We all feel like we are going against the grain. We all feel like the world is against us. We all feel lost.

There are any number of techniques to “try to reach for a better feeling” slowly, but once in a while you just need to either let out all the negativity with a good cry, or just shut out world and take a long nap.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It will recharge you. It will give your mind as well as your body a chance to rest.  It is a great place to TEMPORARILY recharge your batteries. 

I have a great support network but even I,  sometimes just need to take a break.  I don’t feel ashamed to tell you there have been many times when I just needed to cry as well. Sometimes over great losses, and other times because I just felt an immense amount of negativity raging inside of me.  That is not good for anyone.  I needed to let it out. Crying gets rid of the negative ions.  There is some truth to the fact that sometimes we all just need a “good cry”.

Taking a nap, or sleeping it off is another way to get back your energy.  When you are sleeping you are not sending out vibrations. When things are really really hectic it is like calling a time out.  The important thing to realize though is that when you go to sleep with the negative energy, you will be in that vibration, so when you come out,  you have to remember all your techniques of reaching for something better.

In either case, crying it out, or sleeping it off, the VERY IMPORTANT POINT IS THAT YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON AND NOT GET STUCK THERE.   These are just a recharging breaks when nothing else is working.  You have to always keep in mind that you can attract anything you think about and give emotion to. You can CHOOSE TO FEEL BETTER a little at a time. It takes some concentration and persistence, but you can get out of it. Giving thanks for the little things even in the midst of big problems is a great way to get reaching for something that feels better. So is trying to help someone who needs a hand.  Giving and helping comes from a higher vibration of prosperity. 

Keep in mind then, that it is ok to feel like the crap has hit the fan and you just need a break.  Let it out. Give a good cry, or go and sleep it off. When you are done, get back in there, and start slowly reaching for little thoughts that feel a little better. Keep on keeping on reaching for  better feelings.  Give gratitude, help someone in need, and keep on reaching. You will bounce out of it in no time and will be stronger for it.

I hope this helps, and feel free to share this blog with anyone who can benefit from it.  Tell me about your stories, ask questions, and comment on the teachings on my Facebook  page, and twitter feed .We can share and learn together to be a stronger and more effective manifesters.  Until next week, to your success.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. We in the United States just celebrated Thanks Giving.  It is a time where we concentrate on the blessings we have and give thanks for it. For those of you who have followed the teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA), it will seem silly to just take one day and be thankful, as we know that gratitude is an amazing amplifier of our vibrations. This week, in tune with all this I wanted to dig into a subject that may be taboo, or uncomfortable for many of you. I do not mean to offend or stir controversy, and if you stick with me, I think you will see the point of view that this comes from pure love.

From the teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA), we know that everything that is, started at one time as a thought.  Science tells us that our Universe started with a massive expansion, the “big bang”, and is continuing to expand.  It tells us that we as observers actually effect the reality we see from a quantum mechanics point of view. Theology tells us that God, the creator said “let there be light”.  Together is it not conceivable to imagine all this was at one time a thought?   More to it, ”we” actually brought all this into creation? From there can we also extrapolate that “I” am the creator? Not exactly.  Close, but there is a little more to it than that.

The Singular “I” in theology usually refers to the all-powerful creator, who by the way in many religions also has “created us in his/her image”.   From the stand point of LOA, we know that there is one source, and all that energy is flowing through all that is, including us.  The “I” in the sense of A.J. may not be the all-powerful creator, but I am certainly a part of that all-powerful source, and I have been created in the image of the creator. A part of a the whole. When we come into this physical bodies, we are only placing a small part of our total energy here.  The bulk of all of our energies stays in it pure form available for all things in this Universe. It is never destroyed, nor ever created.  The soul as some call it, or energy is ever flowing. 

Now think about all the “I”s that are in our small world.  Can you see the LOVE that is inherent in the absolute TRUTH?  Let me break down for you then. WE ARE ALL PART OF ONE SOURCE. THAT ONE SOURCE IS ABOUT LOVE.  No matter how you slice it, you cannot refute science or theology that we all are a part of the creation on this little earth as well as the entire universe.  Isn’t it ironic then that with the use of Science (i.e. Hitler) or Religion (i.e. Crusades, Al Qaida, ISIS), man has killed and destroyed throughout the times?

This is just one article meant to get you to think. It will not change the world. It will not bring peace on earth. BUT, if you start to think that we humans are and always have been only one, meant to have love for each other, and meant to be at peace with each other, then perhaps there is better than hope for our race.  Those of us who are learning and following the teachings of The Law of Attraction, realize there is no such thing as scarcity, or competition.  There is only abundance for all. Not for just you, or me, but for all.  How profound is that? If only for the next few years, the media began to preach this, imagine what we could witness globally. But then they say “bad news sells”. As you wish. We also know that whatever you believe, becomes your reality. So it is up to you to embrace what “your reality” shows you, or go out there and  CREATE your reality as you want it to be.  In either case you are correct and you will find support for your beliefs.  It is LAW.  Way cool. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit and please, share your opinions on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I read each and every post and will respond personally to all questions. Till next week, I love you and wish you success.