Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great holiday season. Today I wanted to discuss something that occurred to me as I was reading Anthony Robins’ new book Master The Money Game. Many financial wizards teach that the key to financial independence is paying yourself first,  and even more important to automate that process.  The reason for that is, because we always find ways of spending what we make. So the best way to set aside money for yourself  before the bills, the tax, etc., get in the way, and deplete all your income, is to do it in a way where you don’t even see the money that comes out.  There are many ways of doing this, for example through your 401K automatic debit program, or doing automatic withdrawal programs that most banks offer etc. 

I wanted to apply this to the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA) and your success.  The key to this process is to figure out what it is that you need to do every day. If you have not set your goals, you obviously need to do that first.   If you don’t have a vision board, or an image to visualize what you want, and daily affirmations, then you need to do that first.  But once you have done that you can use today’s available technology to automate it. For example some of the things  I have set up for myself is that I have an alarm and an appointment in my calendar for my 15 minutes of meditations, and for my morning affirmations.  As soon as I wake up the first thing I do is to do to my phone. It is my go to thing.  So I have an appointment. It has alerts set at 15 minutes before the appointment time, and a second alert that is set at the time of the appointment or 5 minutes prior to the appointment, just in case I do not get to it beforehand.  Those are automatic settings on my phone.  So when I create an appointment of “do your to-do list” it comes up before I go to bed, or before I sit down with my wife for some family time. When I set an appointment for my daily meditation, it  is early in the morning, before I even touch the computer, it happens early in the morning before breakfast. 

At first it becomes a little tedious.  You may be tempted to hit snooze or ignore it, but remember for you to be able to succeed, you need to set up successful habits.  If you haven’t meditated all your life, it is a new thing for you.   You have to set a habit of doing it every day, preferably at about the same time, and consciously force yourself to do it when the alarm goes off. That becomes a habit.  If you haven’t done your affirmation, and this process is new to you, you need to set a habit of doing it every day.  If you haven’t set goals or read through those goals every day and every night you need to set a habit of doing this every day.   The key to the success with The LOA is doing it every day, and when you automate this process  in this way or any other way that you can think of, you take the uncertainty and the chances of failure out of the equation. These are just some examples to get your mind thinking of ways to automate it. Once you start to think about something, other thoughts will come to you. 

I   hope you have enjoyed this. I am really open and curious about other ways that you can automate your visualizations, or affirmations.  So please share those on my Facebook or Twitter feed by selecting the respective blue link. This is a forum for us to all learn from each other and help each other to succeed. Because as you know,  there is no competition and there is no scarcity.  Thank you and as always till next week, I wish you great success.

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