Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Being a success and Law of Attraction (LOA) practitioner, student, and teacher, I, once in a while get asked do you have to be happy all the time? That is an interesting question.  Usually when I am asked one of these questions, I am in a place of high vibration. I am usually at an event, a book signing, or a seminar I am teaching with people who want to be there and have paid a good amount of money to be there. It is contagiously awesome.  Today though I want to talk to you about when you happen to be down, alone, and feel like there is nothing that can help you, or nothing that can go right. Maybe, you just happen to be tiered. It could be after a few days of going all out following your dreams, or doing some overtime, whatever the case may be.

This is not rocket science.  I wish I had that magical answer for you given to me by the masters and gurus who have the world by the tail. The truth is though, we all get burned out once in a while.  We all hit the wall occasionally. We all feel like everything we are doing is for nothing. We all feel like we are going against the grain. We all feel like the world is against us. We all feel lost.

There are any number of techniques to “try to reach for a better feeling” slowly, but once in a while you just need to either let out all the negativity with a good cry, or just shut out world and take a long nap.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It will recharge you. It will give your mind as well as your body a chance to rest.  It is a great place to TEMPORARILY recharge your batteries. 

I have a great support network but even I,  sometimes just need to take a break.  I don’t feel ashamed to tell you there have been many times when I just needed to cry as well. Sometimes over great losses, and other times because I just felt an immense amount of negativity raging inside of me.  That is not good for anyone.  I needed to let it out. Crying gets rid of the negative ions.  There is some truth to the fact that sometimes we all just need a “good cry”.

Taking a nap, or sleeping it off is another way to get back your energy.  When you are sleeping you are not sending out vibrations. When things are really really hectic it is like calling a time out.  The important thing to realize though is that when you go to sleep with the negative energy, you will be in that vibration, so when you come out,  you have to remember all your techniques of reaching for something better.

In either case, crying it out, or sleeping it off, the VERY IMPORTANT POINT IS THAT YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON AND NOT GET STUCK THERE.   These are just a recharging breaks when nothing else is working.  You have to always keep in mind that you can attract anything you think about and give emotion to. You can CHOOSE TO FEEL BETTER a little at a time. It takes some concentration and persistence, but you can get out of it. Giving thanks for the little things even in the midst of big problems is a great way to get reaching for something that feels better. So is trying to help someone who needs a hand.  Giving and helping comes from a higher vibration of prosperity. 

Keep in mind then, that it is ok to feel like the crap has hit the fan and you just need a break.  Let it out. Give a good cry, or go and sleep it off. When you are done, get back in there, and start slowly reaching for little thoughts that feel a little better. Keep on keeping on reaching for  better feelings.  Give gratitude, help someone in need, and keep on reaching. You will bounce out of it in no time and will be stronger for it.

I hope this helps, and feel free to share this blog with anyone who can benefit from it.  Tell me about your stories, ask questions, and comment on the teachings on my Facebook  page, and twitter feed .We can share and learn together to be a stronger and more effective manifesters.  Until next week, to your success.  

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