Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week, and are getting ready for the holidays.  About 4 months ago I hurt my shoulder very bad. In fact after the pain had not subsided for 2 weeks I went to my chiropractor and he popped it back into place. But recently when attempting to bring the decorations down, I re-injured it and after seeing a sports medicine physician I was started on some physiotherapy. 

At the first visit with my physical therapist, I had an orientation.  In that orientation she was showing me some exercises to increase the range of motion of my shoulder joint and describing the path we would take over the next few months.  One of the cautions she gave me was, “you don’t want to do this quickly. It is not about the fastest time, it is about the proper mechanics and the quality of the motion. Stay in the stretch for 45 seconds to a minute. There is no rush”. 

I wondered how many other things in life can be performed properly the first time, if we take this advice.  Taking our time, doing it with the proper mechanics, and doing it right should be our motto.  Nowhere is this more important than in the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  When most people start utilizing the concept of The Law of Attraction, it is very exciting.  And because of the huge publicity involved, everybody thinks they have to do this quickly, and they expect things to come rapidly, and they go about trying to do the exercises as quickly as they can, as though trying to fit LOA in the grand scheme of their life.  Much like an afterthought, of I’m going to stop for a cup of coffee now that I have some time.

What this type of mentality fails to realize is that, the use of these visualization techniques, and trying to make The LOA a way of life will create a better life.  It is not I’m going to fit in my LOA exercises into my schedule. It’s I’m going to use LOA to create the life that I deserve.  So I want to caution you to go back and evaluate how you are doing your LOA exercises.  Are you putting the feeling and the emotions into your visualizations? Are you visualizing every day?  Are you doing it more than just a few minutes every day and then going about being angry in the traffic jam?  Evaluate and see how much quality as opposed to quantity you are putting into your LOA work and then you can see if the results that you have had corresponds to the amount of effort and proper technique you have put in. 

I hope this helps to refocus you on the work you are doing with The Law of Attraction.  Share this with anyone who may benefit from it, leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and till next Tuesday, happy holidays and to your success.  

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