Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. We in the United States just celebrated Thanks Giving.  It is a time where we concentrate on the blessings we have and give thanks for it. For those of you who have followed the teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA), it will seem silly to just take one day and be thankful, as we know that gratitude is an amazing amplifier of our vibrations. This week, in tune with all this I wanted to dig into a subject that may be taboo, or uncomfortable for many of you. I do not mean to offend or stir controversy, and if you stick with me, I think you will see the point of view that this comes from pure love.

From the teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA), we know that everything that is, started at one time as a thought.  Science tells us that our Universe started with a massive expansion, the “big bang”, and is continuing to expand.  It tells us that we as observers actually effect the reality we see from a quantum mechanics point of view. Theology tells us that God, the creator said “let there be light”.  Together is it not conceivable to imagine all this was at one time a thought?   More to it, ”we” actually brought all this into creation? From there can we also extrapolate that “I” am the creator? Not exactly.  Close, but there is a little more to it than that.

The Singular “I” in theology usually refers to the all-powerful creator, who by the way in many religions also has “created us in his/her image”.   From the stand point of LOA, we know that there is one source, and all that energy is flowing through all that is, including us.  The “I” in the sense of A.J. may not be the all-powerful creator, but I am certainly a part of that all-powerful source, and I have been created in the image of the creator. A part of a the whole. When we come into this physical bodies, we are only placing a small part of our total energy here.  The bulk of all of our energies stays in it pure form available for all things in this Universe. It is never destroyed, nor ever created.  The soul as some call it, or energy is ever flowing. 

Now think about all the “I”s that are in our small world.  Can you see the LOVE that is inherent in the absolute TRUTH?  Let me break down for you then. WE ARE ALL PART OF ONE SOURCE. THAT ONE SOURCE IS ABOUT LOVE.  No matter how you slice it, you cannot refute science or theology that we all are a part of the creation on this little earth as well as the entire universe.  Isn’t it ironic then that with the use of Science (i.e. Hitler) or Religion (i.e. Crusades, Al Qaida, ISIS), man has killed and destroyed throughout the times?

This is just one article meant to get you to think. It will not change the world. It will not bring peace on earth. BUT, if you start to think that we humans are and always have been only one, meant to have love for each other, and meant to be at peace with each other, then perhaps there is better than hope for our race.  Those of us who are learning and following the teachings of The Law of Attraction, realize there is no such thing as scarcity, or competition.  There is only abundance for all. Not for just you, or me, but for all.  How profound is that? If only for the next few years, the media began to preach this, imagine what we could witness globally. But then they say “bad news sells”. As you wish. We also know that whatever you believe, becomes your reality. So it is up to you to embrace what “your reality” shows you, or go out there and  CREATE your reality as you want it to be.  In either case you are correct and you will find support for your beliefs.  It is LAW.  Way cool. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit and please, share your opinions on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I read each and every post and will respond personally to all questions. Till next week, I love you and wish you success.  

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