Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why is there SCARCITY? Or is there?

Good day everyone,
I was reading the Master Key System which is a book that highly influenced the  popular book/movie The Secret again a few days ago and I noticed a great quote in it: "... nature makes 2 blade of grass grow where there was once one".  If you look at the world in general only humans seem to concentrate on scarcity. Every where else you see that nature does nothing with scarcity. You don't see tree's with one branch. You don't see confusion or procrastination in the wild. Instinct has taught the animals that they have to believe in the fact that nature will provide and then take action to get it, or they will perish.
As the top of the food chain humans have the ability to reason and control their thoughts. This ability also allows us to built fears, and insecurities which hinder our belief in ourselves. I was told the FEAR stands for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. That is so great and true most of the time.  In my my e-book and many other works on success and the Law of Attraction the critical step in achieving your goals is complete belief in the final outcome. That is why it is important to repeatedly go over and visualize your goals with feelings as if you have already achieved them, because the repetition will instill belief in you. It is not a bad or a good thing. It just is. You now know what is the law and you can work with it. When you believe in some thing, I mean truly believe, it will manifests. If you are not familiar with this concept please go to the beginning of this blog and read the earlier posts on the law of attraction.
Think about some thing you are good at or a time where you were in the zone. I remember times on the basketball court where as soon as the ball left my hand I knew, I knew for certain, 100 percent that it was going in the basket. And guess what? When i had that feeling it always did. It is a universal law. It is the law of attraction.
As human beings we have lost our reliance on instinct for the most part. That is part of our nature, and so is the fact that  we have the ability to control our thoughts. This powerful ability is what sets us apart from any other creature in this universe. I will end by quoting Napoleon Hill which sums up the concept eloquently, "What ever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, the mind of man can ACHIEVE".
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Good day all,
A few evenings ago I was at a family member's house visiting some friends and family that had just come to Southern California. Interesting things happened. One of my father's cousins has this incredible knack for looking at the negative side of things, to a point that I have made a habit of avoiding conversations that require any thought or any real content because experience has taught me that he will look at all that is wrong. As I am writing this it is occurring to me that perhaps my expectation of how he reacts has allot to do with my encounters with him. Note to self to change my view of interacting with him in the future. But I digress. Any way, we were discussing health insurance and the economy etc. He was telling us that his COBRA was running out and in talking with his adviser they told him that he could apply for Medi-Cal. He suddenly started saying that how much paper work is involved that he has to go through applying for Medi-Care and then not qualify to be considered for Medi-Cal. Most of my family is so grateful and honored to live in the best country in the world, The United States, and the obvious comment that some one made was "so you are saying that you want free money and free care but you don't even want to go through the process of doing the minuet work of getting it?". Every one laughed and we moved on. Then the topic of retirement and taxes arose and this guy started arguing with one of my uncles best friends who always only comments on things he knows. The gentleman tried to educate my father's cousin to no end and finally he just said "you know what, YOU ARE RIGHT AND I AM WRONG. End of story".  Another family member asked "How does that feel?". Laughs all around ensued. But the point was made in a very classy way.
This was a great moment and gave me an opportunity to learn. So many times I try to help people by teaching and expressing the blessings I have received, and the success I have achieved through using the LAW OF ATTRACTION. But some people are just not ready or open to it and I end up bringing down my vibration in the process. It is really not worth it. People will get there if they are open and meant to get there on their own time. So It is a great line that I will use from now on. You are right and I am wrong, now how does that feel?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Good day all,
I usually put one or two blogs per week, but I just had this amazing offer by Dr. Joe Vitale. If you don't know who he is, then you can google him. He was one of the teachers on the Movie The Secret and he has written many awesome books, which I have read and use daily.
Again, as before when I share one of these links, I do not get a single cent in royalties. Having gone through tough times and looking for FREE help I know there are people out there that are serious about getting themselves into a better place and funds may be tight. I do not believe in the adage that if "you don't pay for it you don't cherish it". I will gladly share any free offer from authors that I know help people and concepts that help you understand the Law of Attraction and principals of Success.

Here is the link to his new book. Enjoy and have a great week:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good day,
One of the things that some one suggested to me recently was to monitor my day and my reactions to the events of the day. I thought it was a good idea but as the day went along and life happened, I never seemed to get to actually doing it. I kept on saying I will do it later, and later and before I knew it, I was going to sleep.
The next day I actually put it in my calendar for the rest of the week. I picked different times of the day for each day of the week and put one or two questions like, how many times have I been optimistic? How have I reacted to situations where things have not gone exactly the way I expected it?
These serve as a reminder for me at mid day that I have a choice about the reaction I have to circumstances that happen in my life and it keeps me concentrating on the positive.
Many teachers say it takes a repetition of 21 days for an action to become a habit. So  I figure by next month this should just become a habit and I will no longer need to put it in my calendar. If I forgot however, then it is a good method of keeping a check on my attitude and vibration.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretend you are your own best friend...

Good day all,
We all realize that it is really difficult to be positive all the time. Especially if you are new to this way of thinking and new to how the Law of Attraction works. It is OK to feel a bit frustrated, but recently I was introduced to a technique that has helped me and I wanted to share it with you here in the hopes that some one else may benefit from it.
As much as I want to keep a positive attitude, part of my work deals with sales and as you can guess some times customers can test your patience. I found myself getting out of my positive vibrations for moments at a time and had to really work on getting my 'groove' back in order to prevent the rest of my day going down hill. The technique that I learned was very simple but it has helped.
In every moment pretend that you are actually your own best friend tagging along. Try to be a unbiased friend that is looking in on the daily routine of your life. When things that are not exactly positive happen to you realize that you do have a choice about how YOU FEEL about them. What does your best friend tell you. In every moment when stuff hits the fan look to your friend and see what he will see in you. Imagine with me, for a second: Some thing just went wrong and you just lost it and started to cuss and scream and make a total you know what out of yourself. If your best friend is there watching you what would be his reaction? You do have choice remember and taking it from a 3rd person some how brings logic back and makes you realize that making a big scene really does nothing to help the situation.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do we know what we want ?

Good day all,
I like listening and learning more and more about the Law of Attraction and Success so I am always listening and reading all I can on the subject. Recently I have kept on seeing, listening or reading about the same sort of theme. So I figured I share that with you since it keeps on coming up.
In this blog, in my book, and the books I have recommended there are detailed instruction on how to go about setting goals to attain what you want and get it. The question that was posed that I had to think about for a few days is "do I know what I want?"
In the process of visualizing and feeling the feeling of having the goals I want, I frequently modify and change them because my desires change. Since I am very familiar with how the Law of Attraction works it does not bother me, that this action slows down the manifestation of my desire. I also know that the more I stress over the timing of why my desire has not manifested I send out the negative vibration that counter acts my goal in the form of resistance. Having said all that though many of the masters point out the fact that if we visualize the big picture of the kind of life we want all the other stuff will fall into place.
For example if I want to manifest $1,000,000 will that really satisfy me? Is it enough? If I want a particular model of Porsche will that satisfy my desire? In contrast if I concentrate on being in peace and happy and MORE IMPORTANTLY be grateful about the happiness I enjoy in the present the things that will bring me happiness and peace will the subject of my concentration and hence the vibration I am sending out.
Let me try to put it in an example: I can concentrate on being happy and grateful that all my bills are paid on time and without any effort. The source is providing me with a great home and great family and I am enjoying what I do every day. Those things encompass a bigger picture than I want a 4000 sq foot house.
The other thing that I have recently concentrated on is that some times I may not be ready for what I want to manifest. In such instances feelings of RESISTANCE come to surface, that will not only hinder my goals to success but actually will sabotage my feelings and send out the wrong kind of vibration.
If for example when I am visualizing a Porsche 911 convertible and in trying to get the feeling of gratitude and the feeling of having it, there is some thing in the pit of my stomach that says "no way", or "Holly cow that is so expensive", this indicates resistances that I may not be aware of consciously.
You can use releasing techniques described in my book or any other source to get rid of those resistances. The focus on the bigger picture some times will also bring up feeling that need to be dealt with and those feeling may not come up if you are just concentrating on short term objectives.
So what is the best way of setting up goals? I wish I could tell you one way is the best but like all profound things the answer is a combination of using your visualization both on big picture goals and on short term goals. This should be fun. Remember you are now aware that your thoughts shape your future. You are no longer going about by default. This is exciting and I hope you are as excited as I was when I first discovered that I am in power.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good morning everyone. I hope you are having a great day.
If you are familiar with this blog and my e-book you know that one of the biggest things I have emphasized in achieving your goals and dreams is  the reading of those "written" goals out loud to yourself at least daily. I get asked does it matter if you do this quietly or out loud?
To tell you the truth I understood it to actually matter allot weather you read your goals out loud or quietly but I really did not have an explanation for it and being a scientist that bothered me a bit. Today while I was listening to, you guessed it, Think and Grow Rich in my car as I was going to jiu jitsu it was made clear.
Napoleon Hills explained that the vibration of sound brings your thought vibrations to your subconscious. We have all heard that if you repeat something long enough you believe it. Well it is the actual repeating out loud that has the greatest impact. When you are sub-vocalizing, or as people say read quietly, your conscious mind is more in command, and as we know the conscious mind is the gate keeper of what is transferred to our subconscious mind. The vibration of sound seems to have a better impact on our subconscious by raising the vibration. Every thing is energy and to successfully implement your goals of success you have to raise your vibration and the vibration of those thoughts to match the vibration of the reality that those thoughts will manifest.  If you and your thoughts of what you want are not in vibration with the reality of those thoughts nothing will happen.
This may be confusing but the easiest way it made sense to me is this: to be in resonance with the vibration of the reality I want means absolute faith in the fact that my goal has been achieved. If you can truly without any reservation have faith that you have attained your goal it will happen. Most of us however, have resistances that slow down or block our goals from coming into reality. The audible repetition of your goals with THE FEELING associated with having those goals achieved in the now is a method of developing that faith. Faith is essentially belief in attainment without actual proof. According to Napoleon Hill autosuggestion is the only method to develop faith in the fact that you will achieve your goals.
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Friday, October 1, 2010


Good day every one,
I hope you are all well and having an awesome day. I am asked many times this question of "why does negativity persist so hard? or Why is there so much emphasis on negativity?" etc. That is a good question and one that I asked when I was first introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction. I keep on reading that people have not been able to use the concepts they saw in the movie/book THE SECRET.  That never made any sense to me because I never had that issue. The concept of the Law of Attraction worked for me as I mentioned in my e-book from he beginning and I think the main reason is that I always work hard on putting the emotion into it. Never the less I did have the same question of why is the DEFAULT always negative. Why aren't  more and more people able to use the LOA to make a better life and better reality for themselves. Well the answer has been mentioned many times over and just recently as I was reading Think and Grow Rich for the umpteenth time it hit me in the head and I had to write it here in the hopes that if any one else is looking for the answer it helps them.
Bluntly put the answer is: BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY. By nature human beings seek the path of least resistance. We like things to be easy specially if we live and have been raised in the Western style of living. We like our "fast food". We like to shop online. We like to not have to think about a great gift and just give "gift cards". We justify it by saying "well they can use the gift card to get what ever they want". I know I have said it. But personally I just happened to be late or lazy to put some time into getting the gift. The same question could be asked this way: "WHY DOESN'T EVERY ONE HAVE A BODY OF SUPER MODELS OR BODYBUILDERS?".  The answer becomes obvious when you put it that way, doesn't it? Yes because it takes work.
Fear, doubt, complacency, are not only negative actions that keep us from expanding our comfort zone but they are also easy. It takes no effort to be afraid of doing something. Because you can just not do it. It takes effort and work to think positive. Specially if your whole life you have been bombarded by the media and newspapers and pop culture songs who's theme are depressing and negative.
To be positive and feed your mind and subconscious positive foods takes work. Just like developing the physic of  a model takes work and discipline. That is why most people are NOT living their potential reality. That is why just saying the words and not putting emotions into your visualization does not work as well or at all.  Most people either do not know how to bring about their reality they way it should be, in which case they should read mine or other books written on the subject, or they are not willing to put in the effort it takes to change their lives because the PAIN of their current situation has not reached the point where it over takes the COMFORT ZONE of their current reality.
The sad thing is that it really is fun to concentrate on positive thoughts. It is fun to listen to works of literature that are filled with inspiring lessons. It is fun to be happy all the time. It is fun not to get angry or jealous and yes it is even fun to forgive those who wrong us. It just takes a little practice and pretty soon it is a habit. The results are pretty cool as well. It is fun to be successful what ever your definition of success happens to be.
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