Friday, October 15, 2010

Pretend you are your own best friend...

Good day all,
We all realize that it is really difficult to be positive all the time. Especially if you are new to this way of thinking and new to how the Law of Attraction works. It is OK to feel a bit frustrated, but recently I was introduced to a technique that has helped me and I wanted to share it with you here in the hopes that some one else may benefit from it.
As much as I want to keep a positive attitude, part of my work deals with sales and as you can guess some times customers can test your patience. I found myself getting out of my positive vibrations for moments at a time and had to really work on getting my 'groove' back in order to prevent the rest of my day going down hill. The technique that I learned was very simple but it has helped.
In every moment pretend that you are actually your own best friend tagging along. Try to be a unbiased friend that is looking in on the daily routine of your life. When things that are not exactly positive happen to you realize that you do have a choice about how YOU FEEL about them. What does your best friend tell you. In every moment when stuff hits the fan look to your friend and see what he will see in you. Imagine with me, for a second: Some thing just went wrong and you just lost it and started to cuss and scream and make a total you know what out of yourself. If your best friend is there watching you what would be his reaction? You do have choice remember and taking it from a 3rd person some how brings logic back and makes you realize that making a big scene really does nothing to help the situation.
Try this and let us all know how it works out for you by clicking on the comment link.

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