Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good morning everyone. I hope you are having a great day.
If you are familiar with this blog and my e-book you know that one of the biggest things I have emphasized in achieving your goals and dreams is  the reading of those "written" goals out loud to yourself at least daily. I get asked does it matter if you do this quietly or out loud?
To tell you the truth I understood it to actually matter allot weather you read your goals out loud or quietly but I really did not have an explanation for it and being a scientist that bothered me a bit. Today while I was listening to, you guessed it, Think and Grow Rich in my car as I was going to jiu jitsu it was made clear.
Napoleon Hills explained that the vibration of sound brings your thought vibrations to your subconscious. We have all heard that if you repeat something long enough you believe it. Well it is the actual repeating out loud that has the greatest impact. When you are sub-vocalizing, or as people say read quietly, your conscious mind is more in command, and as we know the conscious mind is the gate keeper of what is transferred to our subconscious mind. The vibration of sound seems to have a better impact on our subconscious by raising the vibration. Every thing is energy and to successfully implement your goals of success you have to raise your vibration and the vibration of those thoughts to match the vibration of the reality that those thoughts will manifest.  If you and your thoughts of what you want are not in vibration with the reality of those thoughts nothing will happen.
This may be confusing but the easiest way it made sense to me is this: to be in resonance with the vibration of the reality I want means absolute faith in the fact that my goal has been achieved. If you can truly without any reservation have faith that you have attained your goal it will happen. Most of us however, have resistances that slow down or block our goals from coming into reality. The audible repetition of your goals with THE FEELING associated with having those goals achieved in the now is a method of developing that faith. Faith is essentially belief in attainment without actual proof. According to Napoleon Hill autosuggestion is the only method to develop faith in the fact that you will achieve your goals.
I hope this clarifies things a bit. Please feel free to comment or ask questions by clicking on the comment link bellow.

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