Friday, October 1, 2010


Good day every one,
I hope you are all well and having an awesome day. I am asked many times this question of "why does negativity persist so hard? or Why is there so much emphasis on negativity?" etc. That is a good question and one that I asked when I was first introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction. I keep on reading that people have not been able to use the concepts they saw in the movie/book THE SECRET.  That never made any sense to me because I never had that issue. The concept of the Law of Attraction worked for me as I mentioned in my e-book from he beginning and I think the main reason is that I always work hard on putting the emotion into it. Never the less I did have the same question of why is the DEFAULT always negative. Why aren't  more and more people able to use the LOA to make a better life and better reality for themselves. Well the answer has been mentioned many times over and just recently as I was reading Think and Grow Rich for the umpteenth time it hit me in the head and I had to write it here in the hopes that if any one else is looking for the answer it helps them.
Bluntly put the answer is: BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY. By nature human beings seek the path of least resistance. We like things to be easy specially if we live and have been raised in the Western style of living. We like our "fast food". We like to shop online. We like to not have to think about a great gift and just give "gift cards". We justify it by saying "well they can use the gift card to get what ever they want". I know I have said it. But personally I just happened to be late or lazy to put some time into getting the gift. The same question could be asked this way: "WHY DOESN'T EVERY ONE HAVE A BODY OF SUPER MODELS OR BODYBUILDERS?".  The answer becomes obvious when you put it that way, doesn't it? Yes because it takes work.
Fear, doubt, complacency, are not only negative actions that keep us from expanding our comfort zone but they are also easy. It takes no effort to be afraid of doing something. Because you can just not do it. It takes effort and work to think positive. Specially if your whole life you have been bombarded by the media and newspapers and pop culture songs who's theme are depressing and negative.
To be positive and feed your mind and subconscious positive foods takes work. Just like developing the physic of  a model takes work and discipline. That is why most people are NOT living their potential reality. That is why just saying the words and not putting emotions into your visualization does not work as well or at all.  Most people either do not know how to bring about their reality they way it should be, in which case they should read mine or other books written on the subject, or they are not willing to put in the effort it takes to change their lives because the PAIN of their current situation has not reached the point where it over takes the COMFORT ZONE of their current reality.
The sad thing is that it really is fun to concentrate on positive thoughts. It is fun to listen to works of literature that are filled with inspiring lessons. It is fun to be happy all the time. It is fun not to get angry or jealous and yes it is even fun to forgive those who wrong us. It just takes a little practice and pretty soon it is a habit. The results are pretty cool as well. It is fun to be successful what ever your definition of success happens to be.
I hope this helps and I welcome any comment you have on the subject or anything at all. Please click on the link bellow labeled comment and leave a comment. Thanks.

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