Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why is there SCARCITY? Or is there?

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I was reading the Master Key System which is a book that highly influenced the  popular book/movie The Secret again a few days ago and I noticed a great quote in it: "... nature makes 2 blade of grass grow where there was once one".  If you look at the world in general only humans seem to concentrate on scarcity. Every where else you see that nature does nothing with scarcity. You don't see tree's with one branch. You don't see confusion or procrastination in the wild. Instinct has taught the animals that they have to believe in the fact that nature will provide and then take action to get it, or they will perish.
As the top of the food chain humans have the ability to reason and control their thoughts. This ability also allows us to built fears, and insecurities which hinder our belief in ourselves. I was told the FEAR stands for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. That is so great and true most of the time.  In my my e-book and many other works on success and the Law of Attraction the critical step in achieving your goals is complete belief in the final outcome. That is why it is important to repeatedly go over and visualize your goals with feelings as if you have already achieved them, because the repetition will instill belief in you. It is not a bad or a good thing. It just is. You now know what is the law and you can work with it. When you believe in some thing, I mean truly believe, it will manifests. If you are not familiar with this concept please go to the beginning of this blog and read the earlier posts on the law of attraction.
Think about some thing you are good at or a time where you were in the zone. I remember times on the basketball court where as soon as the ball left my hand I knew, I knew for certain, 100 percent that it was going in the basket. And guess what? When i had that feeling it always did. It is a universal law. It is the law of attraction.
As human beings we have lost our reliance on instinct for the most part. That is part of our nature, and so is the fact that  we have the ability to control our thoughts. This powerful ability is what sets us apart from any other creature in this universe. I will end by quoting Napoleon Hill which sums up the concept eloquently, "What ever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, the mind of man can ACHIEVE".
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