Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I wanted to discuss the 40,000 ft view of how The Law of Attraction (LOA)  can affect your marketing, and your social media activity etc. One of the things that many people are disappointed with when they learn about the LOA is, that you cannot WANT something for SOMEONE ELSE.  You cannot create a favorable situation for somebody else using LOA no matter how skilled you happen to be in using it in your own life.  Check out my earlier blog on this subject here

That is actually a good thing, because we are not the SOURCE or THE CREATOR.  We don’t know what is going on in somebody else’s life in totality to be able to make those kind of decisions for them. What we may think is an advantageous and good thing for someone may do allot more harm in the long run.  So it is a good thing that we cannot manifest things for other people using the LOA, however that does not mean that we cannot effect, and help our loved ones and people in general in a positive way using The Law of Attraction (LOA). 

Before I have discussed that you can always teach these principles to people.  You can talk to them about LOA, you can demonstrate the LOA, and by all means you can teach them the techniques of utilizing the LOA to achieve a positive result.  Another thing that I use in my routine business, but I had not really discussed in detail on this blog is  marketing and your social media presence.  I regularly use Facebook and Twitter for spreading the word about The Law of Attraction (LOA) and Success Principles.  I want to go into more detail about how your state of mind and your feelings during the time when you create your marketing material, or when you are posting on these social media will affect the response that you may get to those material.

If you have  been reading this blog for any length of time you can probably guess where I am going with this. That is what I want you to start thinking about.  If I am putting out a post on Facebook, or on Twitter in response to something that I have seen or an incident that has happened in my life which is filled with emotions, those emotions carry through in my message weather I like it or not.  The Law of Attraction will work through your message on the social media and marketing material.  Lets take an example of an anti _________ policy, you can fill in the blank.  If that policy has negatively impacted me and now I have negative emotions when I am posting, it does not matter what I say in my post, or in my marketing material. More impact is achieved through the emotions that I am putting in that message at the time I am writing it than the message itself.  This has been demonstrated in numerous times by marketing experts.

So it becomes extremely important when you are trying to attract people towards a cause or you are trying to sell a product and you want to attract people, you need to be in a positive frame of mind. You need to be filled with joy, you need to be filled with excitement in a positive way towards your product or your message before you sit down and create that message.  Because if you are emotionally upset or you have negative emotions and you are writing about avoiding the bad or even if you are phrasing it in a positive way, the emotions will carry through in your social media.  I don’t know how it happens, but it is just one of those Universal things that is a constant with the Law of Attraction.  The emotions will carry through in your message through your marketing or your social media post and if that message is negative you will attract the negative results.  Think for example at recent events when people are upset and angry and gather for a good cause to bring about attention to those “injustices”. Notice how usually bad things happen.  People get arrested, they get into fights, there are riots.  That is not a positive message. That is not what comes of a positive frame of mind. 

Take this point to heart. When you are creating something with which you want to attract people, you want to be in a positive frame of mind when you are writing.  Get positive, get emotionally involved in a positive manner.  Get happy, and get excited about what your product and what your message can do for people.  Feel the joy of bringing good things to people.  Hear in your mind how excited the people are sharing your message and how warm and fuzzy they will feel in their heart by seeing your message.  Then sit down and put the content in your message. 

I hope this makes sense and don’t forget to comment on my social media sites on my Facebook page and Twitter feed with anything that comes to your mind about this or any other post.  Have a wonderful week. Best wishes for your success till next week. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. Today I am going to be discussing something that many of us don’t like to admit, or may feel ashamed to admit because of how society views such response.  It is a fact though.  Humans in general, are never satisfied.  I personally am proud to admit this point.  I was not always this way, and like many people felt bad about wanting more specially when I had what would be considered an adequate amount of something. 

I am not talking about being gluttonous.  I am not talking about greed. What I am talking about though is wanting something better.  Wanting more in my life, in my health, in my wealth, in my peace of mind.  Why should I be satisfied with the status quo?  The whole point of being the top of the food chain on this blue planet is to want and have more.   Now I know I will be pissing off some of you out there specially if you are all about the planet.  I want to be perfectly clear to you I do NOT CONDONE destroying our planet.  If you have read this blog for any length of time and if you have studied what The Law of Attraction (LOA) teaches, you will realize that THERE IS NO SCARCITY.  Being environmentally conscious is great, but make sure you are not coming from a point of scarcity because you will bring about your own fears and that will do no one any good.  This planet has survived for billions of years before us, and has nurtured our specie for thousands of years, and will in all likelihood be doing this for another billion years. Of this I have no doubt regardless of what main stream media tells you and me.

The fact that we are the only specie on this planet that can direct our own thoughts gives us the key to have what we want. The reason why we have this ability is congruent with the fact that we will always want something better.  That is a  good thing.  If people did not want better things we would still be living in Caves and if we could read, would be reading by fire. 

Realize and give yourself permission to want something better.  Use the tools of LOA and the teachings here to achieve those better things, and then go out there an teach it to someone else who may be stuck in thinking there is limitation in this world. 

This was a short one this week, but the message is very powerful.  Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of wanting something more.  Do not be ashamed that you want to better yourself. You deserve everything and more.  You have no idea how awesome you are, and what you deserve.  You cannot imagine the health, wealth, and peace of mind that is waiting for you to just allow into your life.  Take it. It is yours. You are NOT taking it from anyone else.  We are all able to allow this.  It is law. 

I hope this makes sense to you and please do me the honor of commenting on my Facebook page and Twitter feed about what you have just read.  Thank you and to your success till next week. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  When I speak about The Law of Attraction many times I get challenged by the people I am speaking with in regards to my faith, or faith and religion in general. It is a really funny thing if you think about it, because these are very intelligent passionate people that have a hard time distinguishing or relating the training with their religious beliefs.  It is funny because as I have said before ( ) one has nothing to do with the other and in fact both teach essentially the same thing when it comes to your success.  Let’s cover an example that I was recently exposed to while driving to the airport.

As I was going to the airport the rental car radio happened to pick up a Christian radio station. I enjoyed it because the music was positive as well as entertaining. On one of the breaks, the announcer mentioned that “God is faithful to those who have faith”. He said that if “we knew 100% what was going to happen that would not be considered faith”.  I found it very interesting because that is very true.  The whole concept of faith is belief in something that is not seen. 

How does that play into our discussion here? Well this teaching and the principle is essentially the same when you consider the teaching of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  I will break it down here for you, but if this statement does not immediately resonate with you, you may want to read up on some of the basics posts I have links to on the right side of the page “ SOME BASIC POSTS for new readers”.  Knowing the basics of exactly how LOA works is essential in this discussion, and will make the conversation proceed much more smoothly. 

The LOA is used by emanating your positive vibration instead of negative vibrations.  You visualize and feel the way you want,  and not the way you don’t want.  The KEY POINT in using the process lies in your now.  You have to feel the way you want to feel about what you want NOW.  So you get into the feeling of how you would be feeling when you have what you want, but you do that now.  That is why gratitude for what you have now, will bring more for you to be thankful for. That is why you want to put yourself in situations where you can bring up the emotions of what you want. If it is a new Porsche you want, you go and sit in a new Porsche at the dealer and feel all the feeling of what it is to be in a brand new Porsche? What is the smell of the car like? How does the sport seat feel on your butt?  What is the view as you are looking over your hands on the steering wheel look like?  You try to get as many senses as possible involved, so when you are visualizing, those feelings are as real as you can make them.  If you are visualizing about ONE DAY having that Porsche, the law of attraction will always hold that for you in the future of the ONE DAY.  If you are visualizing about how nice it is that YOU ARE NOW sitting in your new Porsche, the LOA will be working to get your reality to match your vision. IT IS LAW. 

Do you see now what I mean when I say faith, and LOA teach the same principals when it comes to helping you succeed in getting what you want?  It does not matter what or how you go about doing this, but do whatever is comfortable and more importantly whatever FEELS better to you.  It is the feeling, and not what you say that talks to the Universe. 

I hope this makes sense to you and I really am interested in hearing your comments on my Facebook page, and don’t forget to follow me on MyTwitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Good day, I hope you had a happy new year and are ready for 2016.  I want to start the year by setting some realistic expectation for your success in the use of The Law of Attraction (LOA). Once again I am going to reach into my martial arts experience for some relevant examples for what you can and cannot expect from using The LOA.

As a baseline when you start a martial arts program and you attend relatively consistently, let’s say maybe 3 times per week, you can expect to progress through the ranks quickly at first and then slow down when you are achieving the higher ranks.  For example green belt in many styles is considered an intermediate level, brown belt is high intermediate and then finally a black belt is the start of an advanced level of mastery. Depending on the style, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 years to achieve a black belt in martial arts. 

LOA is very similar to martial arts in that aspect, but  most people expect to be proficient at it with unrealistic time frames.  So let’s break it down. In martial arts the beginning belts work on how to throw punches and kicks. Getting comfortable with the stances and footwork.  Start to throw individual techniques first and get comfortable mixing up one to two punch or kick combinations slowly.  This is the same with LOA.  Manifesting empty parking spots in front of stores,  a cup of coffee, or finding a quarter here and there or manifesting a particular object just to test the process are some normal expectations.  In general, these situations come about easily because they have no resistance attached to them.

To become very proficient specially when dealing with money and relationships, require us to be at high intermediate or advanced levels.  So we are talking about brown and black belts.  As I mentioned in martial arts it can take anywhere between 5 to 10 years to achieve those results and it happens by persistence and not by immediate success.  There are going to be allot of mistakes and allot failures associated with achieving a black belt in any martial arts.  You don’t walk into a dojo and get your black belt the next day.  The same is true with the Law of Attraction. If you are expecting to manifest $1,000,000 and right now you are earning maybe $50,000 you are dealing with an intermediate level of skill requiring you to be diligent and have practiced for many years. This is just my opinion based on my experiences.  I tend to lose the focus on only being happy in times of stress, and I have been doing this for 6 years and by no means am I anywhere near to an equivalent of a brown belt in martial arts with my LOA practice. 

Just like martial arts, your proficiency at LOA depends on your innate ability to be able to stay centered and concentrating on that good feeling. It depends on your practice. How often do you practice being in the moment and concentrate on feeling good during stressful times.  If you are spending one hour, it will take you longer to become proficient at it.  If you are spending many hours a day, every day,  it goes much more quickly.  I hope this makes sense to you and I hope you take this to heart and take it as an encouragement and not as something that creates stress or disappointment because it means that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It means that just like any skill set you become better at this as you practice it.  But keep in mind that there is no free lunch. It takes effort and persistence which bring you joy beyond your comprehension and dreams.  Stay with it.  As a bonus, last year I put a video blog on a similar subject which you can access here

As always leave me comments on my Facebook page and Twitterfeed. I always look forwards to hearing from you and have a discussion on the social media platform.  Till next week, to your success.