Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  When I speak about The Law of Attraction many times I get challenged by the people I am speaking with in regards to my faith, or faith and religion in general. It is a really funny thing if you think about it, because these are very intelligent passionate people that have a hard time distinguishing or relating the training with their religious beliefs.  It is funny because as I have said before ( ) one has nothing to do with the other and in fact both teach essentially the same thing when it comes to your success.  Let’s cover an example that I was recently exposed to while driving to the airport.

As I was going to the airport the rental car radio happened to pick up a Christian radio station. I enjoyed it because the music was positive as well as entertaining. On one of the breaks, the announcer mentioned that “God is faithful to those who have faith”. He said that if “we knew 100% what was going to happen that would not be considered faith”.  I found it very interesting because that is very true.  The whole concept of faith is belief in something that is not seen. 

How does that play into our discussion here? Well this teaching and the principle is essentially the same when you consider the teaching of The Law of Attraction (LOA).  I will break it down here for you, but if this statement does not immediately resonate with you, you may want to read up on some of the basics posts I have links to on the right side of the page “ SOME BASIC POSTS for new readers”.  Knowing the basics of exactly how LOA works is essential in this discussion, and will make the conversation proceed much more smoothly. 

The LOA is used by emanating your positive vibration instead of negative vibrations.  You visualize and feel the way you want,  and not the way you don’t want.  The KEY POINT in using the process lies in your now.  You have to feel the way you want to feel about what you want NOW.  So you get into the feeling of how you would be feeling when you have what you want, but you do that now.  That is why gratitude for what you have now, will bring more for you to be thankful for. That is why you want to put yourself in situations where you can bring up the emotions of what you want. If it is a new Porsche you want, you go and sit in a new Porsche at the dealer and feel all the feeling of what it is to be in a brand new Porsche? What is the smell of the car like? How does the sport seat feel on your butt?  What is the view as you are looking over your hands on the steering wheel look like?  You try to get as many senses as possible involved, so when you are visualizing, those feelings are as real as you can make them.  If you are visualizing about ONE DAY having that Porsche, the law of attraction will always hold that for you in the future of the ONE DAY.  If you are visualizing about how nice it is that YOU ARE NOW sitting in your new Porsche, the LOA will be working to get your reality to match your vision. IT IS LAW. 

Do you see now what I mean when I say faith, and LOA teach the same principals when it comes to helping you succeed in getting what you want?  It does not matter what or how you go about doing this, but do whatever is comfortable and more importantly whatever FEELS better to you.  It is the feeling, and not what you say that talks to the Universe. 

I hope this makes sense to you and I really am interested in hearing your comments on my Facebook page, and don’t forget to follow me on MyTwitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

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