Thursday, December 30, 2010


Some times in pursuit of success we loose track of what is in our best interest. In the daily struggle and competition for reaching the next level of success we loose track of the point that the universe does work on the principle of competition. The only person we are competing with is the person whose thinking is creating the circumstances and our reality. Who is that person? That is right. That person is you. You are always only competing with yourself. You cannot control anyone else because you cannot think for anyone else. 
I recently came to the realization that sometimes I sacrifice my peace of mind, and my positive attitude at the moment, because I want to win the situation. So I get into an angry mood, which is not what I want, I get upset and in the end winning the situation really means nothing.
Dr. Robert Anthony has a different perspective on success than most teachers. He has learned from experience that the concentration on the monetary portion of the goal may not always be the best approach. His main focus and the focus of Bob Doyle another great teacher is on the total wellbeing of the person. When you make your focus be on feeling great and be at peace all the ancillary parts of that goal seem to fall into place, which also include the money portion.
The next time you find yourself getting angry or frustrated in pursuit of a goal for success reanalyze the way you are visualizing and concentrating on achieving that goal. See if you can come at it from an angle that enhances your peace of mind and you get to feel great. Sometimes that means you have to tune your competitiveness a notch down. Peace of mind and feeling great is much more healthy and worth more. I guarantee it. When you start getting angry your focus and your attention will bring more and more situations that will make you angry and that is no way to achieve true success. When you are focusing and achieving peace of mind that in turn will bring more and more of the situations that will enhance your peace of mind. So sometimes you may have to concede a position, or be more patient with someone. In these situation see what action feels better. Let your feeling be your guiding mechanism. Do not mistake this for procrastination though. There is a big difference. You know deep down in your belly if the good feeling is for the action or if there is guilt associated with it because you are procrastinating.
I hope this helps and happy holidays to all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When to do affirmations? Does it matter?

Good day,
Today I wanted to go over some details on fine-tuning your work with the Law of Attraction. Although any form of goal setting and visualization is better than nothing, like any skill there is an optimum way of doing things. If you have been reading this blog or have any idea of how the Law of Attraction works you now know that it is not what you say that does the work but how you feel about the visualization that sends out the energy for all things to work their way to bring you opportunities for success. So merely getting up in the morning late for work and repeating “I am so happy and grateful now that I have $50,000” while trying to balance making coffee, changing the kid’s diaper and scanning the news paper is not going to have the same effect as being in a meditative state, calm and collected, feeling the gratitude in the moment and visualizing the exact amount and getting into the feeling of how it feels like.
In the book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles emphasizes you should spend every free moment concentrating and visualizing the goals you want in extreme detail so that when through out the day you bring up the goal it is so ingrained into your subconscious that you don’t have to think in detail about it to get the good feeling vibration that will be responsible for manifesting the opportunities for action to achieve those goals.
This should not come as a surprise if you have read my e-book, Road map to life: A real world lesson or any other works on using the Law of Attraction. When you are in the hustle and bustle of daily life you are creating a vibration of lack or at the very least impatience. That is not what you want to send out in regards to your goals. This type of practice will actually delay and hinder achievement of your goals.
It is extremely difficult to try to turn your emotions on a dime. Visualization of your goals and dreams is not a chore and should never feel like work. Bob Doyle says this all the time. If it feels like work you are not in the right frame of mind to visualize your goals. Instead try working on feeling a little bit better and get calm. When you are happy and calm is the best time to really visualize and concentrate on what goals you want to achieve. Those are the times when you are hit with inspirational thoughts and when things just seem to fall in place.
So moral of the story is do visualize your goals as much as you can. Monitor your feelings when you are doing this exercise and make sure you are in a good feeling frame of mind to make the biggest impact. Lastly be patient. No matter what you may think, every thing is happening, as it should for your best interest.
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Friday, December 17, 2010


Good day. Today’s blog is more on how to create your success, so I hope you enjoy it.  This came to me as I was trying to discipline my toddler to listen to what I wanted her to do. I kept on concentrating on wanting her to not scream, or not go on the furniture etc.
Most people go about manifesting their reality and future by concentrating on actions and not their thoughts. Actions like not wanting to be fat, or trying to loose weight, or fighting against drugs. All these are concentrating on lack and negativity. People concentrate on dressing for success, and spend hours preparing presentation for success, but do not give even 1/100th of their attention to the thoughts of success. Because actions are in the moment we have very little control over the feelings they arouse. Remember any circumstance has only two options as to the feelings they arouse; either positive or negative. If we are trying to solve a “problem” the actions associated with that usually carry with them feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment etc. As apposed to trying to solve a challenge, which bring about feeling of competition, excitement, and acheivment etc. Follow this visualization for example: Try to imagine this picture as I describe it to you:
Imagine you are walking on a beach in the Caribbean. The white sand is soft under your feet and it feels warm and comfortable as you leisurely are strolling along the beach. You hear the wave of the ocean crashing on the sand and as the water reaches your toes you feel the warmth of it on your skin. The sun is shining and there is not a single cloud in the sky. The sun is warming your shoulders and skin, and the cool breeze accompanying it feels so good. Could you see yourself smiling as you envisioned the little walk on the beach?
Now what I want you to do is NOT TO THINK OF THE STORM COMING ON THE BEACH. Remember I want you NOT TO THINK of the Storm.
You hear the news that says there is a category 3 hurricane coming to the island. The weather is turning cloudy… How are you doing with NOT thinking of the storm? Do you see how quickly the smile faded? Do you see how difficult it is to feel good when you are trying NOT to concentrate on some thing you don’t want?
The universal laws do not comprehend words of negation. What you are concentrating when you tell yourself I DON’T WANT this is actually inviting more and more thoughts of it and soon that event into your life.
Practice THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT, ahead of the action of entering into any situation. When you get a feeling of things not going the way they are supposed to it should be like WARNING LIGHTS AND ALARMS going off. It is very difficult at first and you will not succeed in turning every evet around immediately but believe me it is well worth the practice of trying to start feeling for the better and better feelings. It is like any skill some thing that you can master with time and practice and it really does not take as long as you may think. The reason is that once you start working by actually thinking your way through your day things will be so easy and flowing that you have no effort in trying to master this task. Small step at a time and you will reach a point of controlling  most of your day instead of moving about by defaults based on actions that happen to cross your path.
Things will still come up but you then will be at a much better vibration point and have the practice of turning your feeling about any circumstance as apposed to be driven and lead by it.
I am trying to work on this aspect every day of my life and although there are days that it is trying on my patience, it is a nice game that I play with myself to see how much self discipline I have to control it. It is kind of fun.
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Monday, December 13, 2010


Good day all. I hope you are doing great.
No matter how many times I witness the Law of Attraction in action, it just never gets old. When my family starts to use it, then it just brings utter joy to my life. Let me illustrate how my wife used the Law of Attraction for the birth of our second child.
For the longest time we have wanted to have a natural birth, but even more special we wanted to have the child in the comfort of our own home, in a birth pool. We tried to do this with our first child but she was breached so that was that.
Even when we were thinking of it then, and in our joy, shared our ideas with friends many of them came up with how dangerous that would be. My wife’s friends told her how the labor would be 10 hours long, and it would be so difficult and painful, and how she should take the drugs and epidural etc.
Coming from a medical background even I doubted the procedure. I wanted a nice sterile environment, under the control of skilled professionals so if some thing went wrong, my wife would be taken care of; That became our reality because we concentrated on it. My first child was born through a C-section. Thank God she was happy, and healthy, and we had a great team of doctors and nurses that took good care of us. If you have not done so read my blog about negative self talk:
and your circle of friends: 
When my wife was pregnant with our second child, the same group of people said the same things about birth in general even though this time we kept our opinions to ourselves, until the last minutes. But the difference was that we were more in tune with how the Law of Attraction works. My wife constantly visualized the joy of having a child in a birth pool, in our home, with her sister and our little girl present.
As the birth was nearing we made arrangements with a midwife and coordinated with our doctor. We decided that it would be better if our little girl went and stay with her aunt, so we would not have to “worry” about her. So we planned to have my sister in law drive 4 hours to get my girl and take her for a couple of days surrounding the birth. Even now I do not know what we were thinking. Through out this time however,  in addition to her controlled breathing, my wife kept on visualizing the birth she wanted, with our daughter and her sister there.
I got all the supplies and all was good until 2 weeks before the due date. At 4:00 am my wife started feeling pressure. The night prior she had some small contractions lasting about 30 or so seconds so we knew it was not the real thing. We called them “practice run for the uterus”. This time though things were getting a bit stronger. By about 7:00am my wife told me to call the midwife. Not wanting to wake her up for a fake contraction I texted her. Can you believe that? She called me and when I explained to her the situation she told me she was on her way. So, still not believing it was the real thing, I thought well may be I’ll get the pool ready and the hose set up.
Well the baby came at 10:33 am that morning. Not only was our daughter there next to her mommy encouraging her. She is only 2 ½ mind you. But also since we were surprised I also called my sister in law at around 6:30am. My sister in law arrived at 10:30 am. My wife had about 8 minutes of pushing and a total of 6 hrs of labor and we had a perfect birth.
I think that is a bit more impressive than getting a parking spot.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


When people learn about how the Law of Attraction works they think it is a catch 22. The most common objection is how can I feel about having something BEFORE having it? It would be a catch 22 if we did not have the ability to control our thoughts as well as our emotions. The fact that we are human and can control those aspects puts us in control. Is it easier to concentrate and feel emotions about some thing that is already happening? SURE it is, but that is going about living our lives by default. That is what the majority of people do. But as some one once said, “all the dogs barking at the same tree does not make it the right one”.  This is probably why people say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. But more often than not the successful know the rules or have been taught how to use it, and the unsuccessful have been stuck in a rut and because they have no idea how to get out they continue to bring more and more of it on themselves. When we are feeling good about success that we have achieved already, it is great but it is playing the game backwards.
To take control of our reality we need to work on creating our reality by purpose not by default. Here we have to remember that the process has to be fun and enjoyable. It is not a contest. It is not a race against any one else. There is no limited amount of success out there. You are only responsible for your own reality. There is ample amount of opportunities for every one. Just because you are successful does not mean you are taking the opportunity AWAY FROM SOMEONE ELSE.
Success has nothing to do with your background, who you are, how much education you have, or how good looking you are. Success does not even care about how hard you work or how lazy you are. When you create your own reality the action steps do not seem like work. In this manner I am using the word “work” to mean doing some thing that I do not enjoy and which stir unhappy feelings in me. When I am taking action that makes me feel great and I enjoy towards my goals, it seems effortless. That is the way it should be, and that is the way it can be.
The secret to doing this is to take little incremental steps. This is nothing new. Any big task when broken down to little manageable steps becomes easy. You do not see construction crews trying to put a skyscraper together all at once. Step by step, the foundation is set and every part is planned and slowly the skeleton of the building is built and little by little construction progresses until one day you see a whole new building in place.
Using the Law of Attraction to achieve success is the same. When you are feeling like some one beat the crap out of you, it is very difficult to feel joyful and excited about the project at work that you want to finish. When it seems that no one cares, and that every thing is going wrong, your feelings are a warning sign to you that some how YOU HAVE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO VIBRATIONAL MATCH WITH some thing that causes you to feel overwhelmed or some other negative and counter productive feeling. I am sure some people can get themselves turned around rapidly but for most of us it is not about hitting a home run here. It is about base hits. The great thing is that you realized that what is happening DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. When that is the case if you continue on with this feeling, by the law of attraction more events that DO NOT FEEL GOOD must come into your experience. Here is when we have a choice. It is easy to feel the reality of the moment but that will only get us what we have been getting i.e. the “not so good” feelings.
You control your emotions. What ever you want to say to argue that point, it is a reality that you can control your emotions. Little by little you can make yourself feel good. Jerry and Esther Hicks in their books and CDs mention an “EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SCALE”.  I highly suggest you read Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. In that book, there are many examples of how to turn around your feelings. Even when you are at your worst point you have a choice to feel powerless, or move a slight step up by choosing to be pissed off, and regain some power. After being pissed you can reach for another feeling that feels a little better like hope. Jerry and Esther Hicks have mentioned 22 different emotional steps. But the number, and the name are not important. What is important is for you to reach for a feeling that FEELS A LITTLE BETTER. Concentrate on that feeling and soon a new thought will come to you that feel a little better. Keep on concentrating on that feeling and on that thought and more and more thoughts will come to make you feel a little less hopeless and soon it even may start to feel like relief, and then the feeling is better, and then it feels like it is not so bad after all, and then it feels good.
This takes some work. Just like any skill when you first try to do this you will find yourself submerged in the feeling of the moment. It is ok and it is natural because that is what we have been doing all our lives. You are now learning a new skill. No matter how long it takes for you to realize that you are now in a moment that DOES NOT FEEL GOOD, once you make that realization you are free. The first step is realizing it. The next step is to reach for something that feels a little better.
So you see it is NOT A CATCH 22. It is a skill that can be practiced just like anything else you have learned in your life and as you practice it day by day you will get more accomplished at it and you can soon turn your feelings around on a dime.
By that time you will be so good at monitoring your thoughts that your life will proceed along as you intend it to and not by default based on the circumstances of the surrounding. If for some reason you happen to find yourself out of tune with the good vibration you then know what you need to do and with the confidence of practiced skill you will turn it around.
It is a great game to practice. It is you life to lead. You are responsible for it. You CAN BE AND HAVE WHAT EVER YOU WANT. Life is joyous. Take solace in that true and factual statement. 
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Friday, December 3, 2010


Good day all,
I hope you are well. Today I wanted to share with you some examples that I was faced with which helped me understand how  the book THINK AND GROW RICH (TGR) relates closely to The Law of attraction (LOA).
Everything written in TGR correlates with LOA. TGR states that the 1st step in reaching your goals is to develop a burning desire for a specific and clearly defined goal. LOA states be clear and notice how you feel about it from the stand point of your desire and your current position. It is your feelings that send out the vibration of your thoughts. This is the key weather you follow TGR or LOA.
Let me share with you a couple of recent examples that may clarify some things. For a while now I have wanted a Porsche 911 convertible. It is what you might call my dream car. So when I first started to learn about the Law of Attraction (LOA), I became very excited about that desire. I went to the Porsche web site and "built my own car", printed the picture and placed it in my office and even on the steering wheel of my current vehicle. I visualized the feelings of enjoying a ride in my car with my wife and child.
Soon I wold see Porsche's every where. I got an e-mail from dealer about their new marketing where you could go and drive a Porsche for 1 mile. I did that as well. I changed my mind on the color and the model after that experience. Then on a business trip, I had an appointment late in the day cancel on me and I went to another dealer  and looked at some new models and some of their used vehicles. Everything was falling into place so nicely vibrationally. Suddenly though, I started to think how we did not have enough room in our garage for another car. I did not want to leave my Porsche outside of course.  Then I started to wonder how my family would react if I drove up in my new Porsche at one of the gatherings. Specifically I felt like there would be feelings of jealousy instead of pride and happiness. This was very unusual in my case.
So even though my thoughts were on my dream car, my feelings changed from good to uncomfortable, to doubt. This is very important because as that shift happened I stopped seeing Porsche, or had opportunities to be around them.
It was so amazing to realize what was happening. The burning desire and the feelings are the key. Events and opportunities will fall into place for you to make sure this IS EXACTLY what you want and that it is a good fit for you. If your desires and feeling change, then the manifestation is delayed.
The same thing happened when I got interested in an i PAD.  One of my clients casually mentioned that Best Buys has them out and suggested I go and play with them. Another client told me the spread sheet function does not flow well with Microsoft Excel program. I found some time to go to the store and play with it and found out that it really was not a good fit for what I wanted, and changed my mind to a Kindle.
So what is the point of all this? Your goals and success depends on how you are feeling about the PROCESS. If the burning desire is there, you will push through when doubt and discomfort appear regarding your goal. Your feelings are your guiding system and your map to weather you are on the right path or not. Feel good about the process as you are moving along and it will manifest in a positive manner. Feel bad and it will manifest more situations to keep you feeling bad. Once I doubted the usefulness of the i PAD, more and more events came up to convince me it was not for me. That can be a protective mechanism as well as self fulfilling.
 That is what I attracted. It worked for me and I was not even aware of it. Had I wanted the i PAD from a purely non functional point of view in my situation I would have pushed through the negative situations and the events would have turned out differently.
Be aware of your feelings because they are the best way for you to realized if there is a disconnect between what you REALLY want and where you are currently. Once you are aware of those feelings you can make course corrections and ALWAYS REALIZE YOU CONTROL HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING.
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