Friday, December 3, 2010


Good day all,
I hope you are well. Today I wanted to share with you some examples that I was faced with which helped me understand how  the book THINK AND GROW RICH (TGR) relates closely to The Law of attraction (LOA).
Everything written in TGR correlates with LOA. TGR states that the 1st step in reaching your goals is to develop a burning desire for a specific and clearly defined goal. LOA states be clear and notice how you feel about it from the stand point of your desire and your current position. It is your feelings that send out the vibration of your thoughts. This is the key weather you follow TGR or LOA.
Let me share with you a couple of recent examples that may clarify some things. For a while now I have wanted a Porsche 911 convertible. It is what you might call my dream car. So when I first started to learn about the Law of Attraction (LOA), I became very excited about that desire. I went to the Porsche web site and "built my own car", printed the picture and placed it in my office and even on the steering wheel of my current vehicle. I visualized the feelings of enjoying a ride in my car with my wife and child.
Soon I wold see Porsche's every where. I got an e-mail from dealer about their new marketing where you could go and drive a Porsche for 1 mile. I did that as well. I changed my mind on the color and the model after that experience. Then on a business trip, I had an appointment late in the day cancel on me and I went to another dealer  and looked at some new models and some of their used vehicles. Everything was falling into place so nicely vibrationally. Suddenly though, I started to think how we did not have enough room in our garage for another car. I did not want to leave my Porsche outside of course.  Then I started to wonder how my family would react if I drove up in my new Porsche at one of the gatherings. Specifically I felt like there would be feelings of jealousy instead of pride and happiness. This was very unusual in my case.
So even though my thoughts were on my dream car, my feelings changed from good to uncomfortable, to doubt. This is very important because as that shift happened I stopped seeing Porsche, or had opportunities to be around them.
It was so amazing to realize what was happening. The burning desire and the feelings are the key. Events and opportunities will fall into place for you to make sure this IS EXACTLY what you want and that it is a good fit for you. If your desires and feeling change, then the manifestation is delayed.
The same thing happened when I got interested in an i PAD.  One of my clients casually mentioned that Best Buys has them out and suggested I go and play with them. Another client told me the spread sheet function does not flow well with Microsoft Excel program. I found some time to go to the store and play with it and found out that it really was not a good fit for what I wanted, and changed my mind to a Kindle.
So what is the point of all this? Your goals and success depends on how you are feeling about the PROCESS. If the burning desire is there, you will push through when doubt and discomfort appear regarding your goal. Your feelings are your guiding system and your map to weather you are on the right path or not. Feel good about the process as you are moving along and it will manifest in a positive manner. Feel bad and it will manifest more situations to keep you feeling bad. Once I doubted the usefulness of the i PAD, more and more events came up to convince me it was not for me. That can be a protective mechanism as well as self fulfilling.
 That is what I attracted. It worked for me and I was not even aware of it. Had I wanted the i PAD from a purely non functional point of view in my situation I would have pushed through the negative situations and the events would have turned out differently.
Be aware of your feelings because they are the best way for you to realized if there is a disconnect between what you REALLY want and where you are currently. Once you are aware of those feelings you can make course corrections and ALWAYS REALIZE YOU CONTROL HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING.
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