Thursday, December 30, 2010


Some times in pursuit of success we loose track of what is in our best interest. In the daily struggle and competition for reaching the next level of success we loose track of the point that the universe does work on the principle of competition. The only person we are competing with is the person whose thinking is creating the circumstances and our reality. Who is that person? That is right. That person is you. You are always only competing with yourself. You cannot control anyone else because you cannot think for anyone else. 
I recently came to the realization that sometimes I sacrifice my peace of mind, and my positive attitude at the moment, because I want to win the situation. So I get into an angry mood, which is not what I want, I get upset and in the end winning the situation really means nothing.
Dr. Robert Anthony has a different perspective on success than most teachers. He has learned from experience that the concentration on the monetary portion of the goal may not always be the best approach. His main focus and the focus of Bob Doyle another great teacher is on the total wellbeing of the person. When you make your focus be on feeling great and be at peace all the ancillary parts of that goal seem to fall into place, which also include the money portion.
The next time you find yourself getting angry or frustrated in pursuit of a goal for success reanalyze the way you are visualizing and concentrating on achieving that goal. See if you can come at it from an angle that enhances your peace of mind and you get to feel great. Sometimes that means you have to tune your competitiveness a notch down. Peace of mind and feeling great is much more healthy and worth more. I guarantee it. When you start getting angry your focus and your attention will bring more and more situations that will make you angry and that is no way to achieve true success. When you are focusing and achieving peace of mind that in turn will bring more and more of the situations that will enhance your peace of mind. So sometimes you may have to concede a position, or be more patient with someone. In these situation see what action feels better. Let your feeling be your guiding mechanism. Do not mistake this for procrastination though. There is a big difference. You know deep down in your belly if the good feeling is for the action or if there is guilt associated with it because you are procrastinating.
I hope this helps and happy holidays to all.

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