Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. In my class discussion in HR the ted talk bellow came up as part of the topic of employee motivation.  I found it fascinating and surprising and I am sure many of you will. To set it up, I want to correlate the findings of the talk to our theme of The Law of Attraction(LOA),  and Success.

I’m sure you have heard it said that if you do what you love the money will follow. That is not exactly the case. I have heard it modified that if you do what you love well and proficiently then the money will follow. From the stand point of success it is important to define how you quantify success? Is it the payoff? Is it the value? Is it the sense of satisfaction? Is it the impact you make?

When you are using Universal laws to achieve success, it is important to send out the vibrations that are in tune with what you want. You have heard me continuously mention how important gratitude is when it comes to making the LOA work for you and your success. In line with gratitude is the principle of value. In my earlier posts I mentioned to you the concept that many people understand well when it comes to exercise but for some reason completely ignore when it comes to finances.  That is the principle of giving before you get. Check out this blog post from August 13, 2010

All this to let you know when you are going about to create your financial dream remember that you have to give value. Don’t make something because of what kind of financial rewards it brings you. You are going to produce or do a really poor job as the TED talk will reveal. Concentrate on the intrinsic rewards of doing what you do more than your compensation to be more creative. I hope you enjoy this video.  Leave me comments on my Facebook page or send me a Tweet here

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Have you seen a great fighter totally broken? Do you know why most real fights are usually over within 1-2 minutes? It is more often than not, because of a lack of conditioning.  I won’t mention any names because I have mad respects for anyone that steps into a ring. Any ring.  But I am willing to bet the fighters themsleves would be the first to admit they did not do their conditioning work. 

Time and time again, great superstars are beaten by themselves when their opponent just is better conditioned.  It makes it easier to keep going in the face of adversity, when you are better conditioned and it breaks your opponent down.  It does not matter how awesome your techniques are. If you burn yourself out within 30 seconds (blow your wod) you are going to get you’re a$$ kicked.

How does this relate to The Law of Attraction (LOA)? If you read my post about "habits are good" you have an idea of where I am going with it.  Even if you know the perfect step by step secrets of the Universe, if you have not conditioned yourself to use them, you probably are going to be disappointed in your results.  You can see I believe this is very important and I have tried to bring it to you in different ways. 

When it comes to conditioning for your LOA, it is more than just going over the mechanics of visualizing.  It is more about the foundations.  The core of manifesting your life the way you want to lies in feeling good, being grateful, and living in the now, as though you have it all. Working on the conditioning is being able to turn those three on in the face of challenges.  How do you do that? The same way a fighter  gets into shape.  It is doing the little things slowly and pushing your limits as you get better. 

An out of shape person will not go for road work (running) the first day, trying to run 5 miles if he has not walked around the block in ten years.  Trying to manifest a Porsche when you cannot afford a bike will frustrate you the same way.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT TELLING YOU NOT TO DREAM BIG.  I am trying to show you it takes baby steps and small successes, so you do not get beat up by adversity and stop doing the things that work.  Remember the tortes and the hair story? Practice being happy in small instances.  If you get pissed in traffic, put yourself in traffic with the intention of practicing feeling good or looking for the opportunities and silver lining. Standing in line at the store? Practice appreciation.  Someone hurts you? Practice forgiveness. 

Slowly increase the level of challenges.  If you stumble, put yourself in the situation again, and again until you conquer it.  This is your road work.  This is your mental and spiritual cardio work.   When you are in shape nothing will rock you.  Then your vibration will continue to tell the Universe to send you opportunities to continue to feel good.  The work will pay off  and before you know it you will be the champ.  You will have the life, relationships, peace and tranquility that you want.  This does not come by reading and learning new and different techniques.  It comes by putting in the time on the key foundational building blocks.  It comes by putting in the daily conditioning workouts and pushing the edge of your comfort zones when it becomes too easy. 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day. This week I have a video blog for your viewing pleasure to discuss the often times negative lables and phrases we use that I really holding us back.
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Have you seen the movie The Persuit of Happiness? You will see why I mention this when you watch the blog

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Good day and I hope your day is going well. Today’s blog post covers our feelings of guilt about success and achievements.  It just feels wrong right?  In today’s world you cannot go more than a few hours without being confronted by news of poverty, disasters, or famine in some part of the world. Many times when we are faced with this kind of information and news, we feel guilty.  We feel guilty and feel like we are not deserving,  or that we are greedy.  Those kind of internal and many times subconscious thoughts build resistances and stumbling blocks to our success.

If you are feeling guilty about your achievements, or your desires, then you are sabotaging the whole mechanism of manifesting the things that you want.  The thought process of  “After all, how dare you want to drive a Porsche, when the guy down the street is homeless, or doesn’t know where is his next meal is coming from?” is damaging to you and the person you are feeling guilty about.  You know by The Law of Attraction this type of thinking is only attracting more incidences for you to witness this, so you are not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by feeling guilty for having what you have.  

Once and for all,  I want to go ahead and put this myth, and guilt trip to rest.  Remember, The Law of Attraction (LOA) tells you that you can have everything that YOU want. No I take it back, it says you deserve to have everything that you desire.  It also states that you cannot want it for someone else.   That does not mean that you cannot visualize that someone else also has everything that they want.  In fact it is built into the system that you have to want all the good things that you want for others as well.  Remember there is no scarcity in this Universe for you.  Your job in this world,  and in this Universe is to achieve as much of your desires as you can possibly manifest.  Why? Because by your example, others will be able to realize that they also have this power. When people actually see a thing, it is easier for them to develop faith in the system… Take for example running the 4 minute mile.  A year after Roger Bannister broke that imaginary wall, college athletes were doing it.

This power is not reserved for exceptional few.  We as humans by the whole concept of having a free will and being able to control our thoughts have this power.  So the next time you see someone less fortunate than you, or a bad situation, try to check the feelings of guilt that may arise in you.  Be grateful for the things and blessings that you have, and imagine that person having all the blessings and more that they deserve in a perfect way. This is the best thing you can do for them.  Go about visualizing and manifesting your desires without guilt or shame because that is what the Source wants for you. 

I hope this makes sense and is clear to you.  Please leave me comments or questions on the Facebook page, or Twitter feed and share this with anyone who many benefit from it. Till next week, to your absolute and unending success. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a fantastic day.  Have you seen an Aikido master in action? Do you recall the movie Above The Law, where Steven Segal tossed people left and right? Today I want to talk to you about non-resistance and how it relates to The Law of Attraction (LOA) and Success.  Once again I am going to rely on my experience with  the martial arts to connect the concepts to life and success. We are also  going to explore how it relates to the LOA  since this is a blog on that subject, and at the end you will see how everything just fits together for your best interest.

The martial art of Aikido literally translates to the way of harmonizing.  Aikido does not have any offensive moves. The basic principle in Aikido is to use an opponent’s energy and momentum against himself.  Although Aikido takes a long time to master, those who are proficient at it, with seemingly very little effort can subdue a much larger opponent.   I want to relate how this  way of reacting to challenges helps with dealing with life, business, relationships, etc. 

To be non-resistant in business, sometimes may be seen as  a weakness.  I have heard friends say that I don’t want to be a ”doormat”.  For many years, I also held this belief.   I believed that I had to stand up for my right or I would be taken advantage of.  All of this is good and well, but let’s explore how non-resistance comes out from the Law of Attraction perspective.  I want to also be very clear, Non-resistance does not mean let everyone walk over you. 

When you try to meet a challenging force with resistance, let say you are in a competition for a business product, and you are trying to meet the competitor with resistance.  In this situation the vibration you are sending out is that of competition, and that comes from a lack or negative energy.  It says to the source that I do not believe there is enough for everyone.  When you send out the vibration of competition, you will attract, and hence get more opportunities to compete. What this means is that, your competition will also have opportunities to provide you with a stumbling ground.  However if you are non-resistance and come from a place of complete confidence that your product is the best solution for your customer in every way, you are sending out the vibration of confidence that you want the best for everyone.   That is a win-win-win for your customer, your company and yourself. 

Non-resistance in relationships also works allot better than trying to force something.   We have always heard that if “you love someone, let them go and if they come back they are yours”.   Have you ever seen people trying to change their mate?  Very rarely does that relationship last and prospers.  When you are non-resistant and you have faith that the values that you want in a significant other will manifest in your life, your relationships are either successful, or you will change relationships towards one that is to your best interest even though it may not seem that way at the time.  

We can take the  concept of Aikido in combat and apply it to business and relationships.  The concept of non-resistance in business and relationships teaches  us the lesson of having faith in the fact that what we have to offer is  best thing in a perfect way for us and those involved, while being open to modifying our actions when opportunities arise.  See yourself the way you want your end results to be.  Do not worry in your visualizations about dealing with competition.  See the end results as you want it to be perfectly manifested. Then go about taking actions on the opportunities that come to you. 

So I hope this makes perfect sense. If you have questions or comments please click these links and leave me comments on my Facebook page and or Twitter feed. Feel free to share this as always.  I wish you great success, till next week.