Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Have you seen a great fighter totally broken? Do you know why most real fights are usually over within 1-2 minutes? It is more often than not, because of a lack of conditioning.  I won’t mention any names because I have mad respects for anyone that steps into a ring. Any ring.  But I am willing to bet the fighters themsleves would be the first to admit they did not do their conditioning work. 

Time and time again, great superstars are beaten by themselves when their opponent just is better conditioned.  It makes it easier to keep going in the face of adversity, when you are better conditioned and it breaks your opponent down.  It does not matter how awesome your techniques are. If you burn yourself out within 30 seconds (blow your wod) you are going to get you’re a$$ kicked.

How does this relate to The Law of Attraction (LOA)? If you read my post about "habits are good" you have an idea of where I am going with it.  Even if you know the perfect step by step secrets of the Universe, if you have not conditioned yourself to use them, you probably are going to be disappointed in your results.  You can see I believe this is very important and I have tried to bring it to you in different ways. 

When it comes to conditioning for your LOA, it is more than just going over the mechanics of visualizing.  It is more about the foundations.  The core of manifesting your life the way you want to lies in feeling good, being grateful, and living in the now, as though you have it all. Working on the conditioning is being able to turn those three on in the face of challenges.  How do you do that? The same way a fighter  gets into shape.  It is doing the little things slowly and pushing your limits as you get better. 

An out of shape person will not go for road work (running) the first day, trying to run 5 miles if he has not walked around the block in ten years.  Trying to manifest a Porsche when you cannot afford a bike will frustrate you the same way.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT TELLING YOU NOT TO DREAM BIG.  I am trying to show you it takes baby steps and small successes, so you do not get beat up by adversity and stop doing the things that work.  Remember the tortes and the hair story? Practice being happy in small instances.  If you get pissed in traffic, put yourself in traffic with the intention of practicing feeling good or looking for the opportunities and silver lining. Standing in line at the store? Practice appreciation.  Someone hurts you? Practice forgiveness. 

Slowly increase the level of challenges.  If you stumble, put yourself in the situation again, and again until you conquer it.  This is your road work.  This is your mental and spiritual cardio work.   When you are in shape nothing will rock you.  Then your vibration will continue to tell the Universe to send you opportunities to continue to feel good.  The work will pay off  and before you know it you will be the champ.  You will have the life, relationships, peace and tranquility that you want.  This does not come by reading and learning new and different techniques.  It comes by putting in the time on the key foundational building blocks.  It comes by putting in the daily conditioning workouts and pushing the edge of your comfort zones when it becomes too easy. 

As always please share this blog with anyone who can benefit. If you have comments or questions please click on my Facebook Page or Twitter feed and leave me your comments. Until next week, with love, to your success.  

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