Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a fantastic day.  Have you seen an Aikido master in action? Do you recall the movie Above The Law, where Steven Segal tossed people left and right? Today I want to talk to you about non-resistance and how it relates to The Law of Attraction (LOA) and Success.  Once again I am going to rely on my experience with  the martial arts to connect the concepts to life and success. We are also  going to explore how it relates to the LOA  since this is a blog on that subject, and at the end you will see how everything just fits together for your best interest.

The martial art of Aikido literally translates to the way of harmonizing.  Aikido does not have any offensive moves. The basic principle in Aikido is to use an opponent’s energy and momentum against himself.  Although Aikido takes a long time to master, those who are proficient at it, with seemingly very little effort can subdue a much larger opponent.   I want to relate how this  way of reacting to challenges helps with dealing with life, business, relationships, etc. 

To be non-resistant in business, sometimes may be seen as  a weakness.  I have heard friends say that I don’t want to be a ”doormat”.  For many years, I also held this belief.   I believed that I had to stand up for my right or I would be taken advantage of.  All of this is good and well, but let’s explore how non-resistance comes out from the Law of Attraction perspective.  I want to also be very clear, Non-resistance does not mean let everyone walk over you. 

When you try to meet a challenging force with resistance, let say you are in a competition for a business product, and you are trying to meet the competitor with resistance.  In this situation the vibration you are sending out is that of competition, and that comes from a lack or negative energy.  It says to the source that I do not believe there is enough for everyone.  When you send out the vibration of competition, you will attract, and hence get more opportunities to compete. What this means is that, your competition will also have opportunities to provide you with a stumbling ground.  However if you are non-resistance and come from a place of complete confidence that your product is the best solution for your customer in every way, you are sending out the vibration of confidence that you want the best for everyone.   That is a win-win-win for your customer, your company and yourself. 

Non-resistance in relationships also works allot better than trying to force something.   We have always heard that if “you love someone, let them go and if they come back they are yours”.   Have you ever seen people trying to change their mate?  Very rarely does that relationship last and prospers.  When you are non-resistant and you have faith that the values that you want in a significant other will manifest in your life, your relationships are either successful, or you will change relationships towards one that is to your best interest even though it may not seem that way at the time.  

We can take the  concept of Aikido in combat and apply it to business and relationships.  The concept of non-resistance in business and relationships teaches  us the lesson of having faith in the fact that what we have to offer is  best thing in a perfect way for us and those involved, while being open to modifying our actions when opportunities arise.  See yourself the way you want your end results to be.  Do not worry in your visualizations about dealing with competition.  See the end results as you want it to be perfectly manifested. Then go about taking actions on the opportunities that come to you. 

So I hope this makes perfect sense. If you have questions or comments please click these links and leave me comments on my Facebook page and or Twitter feed. Feel free to share this as always.  I wish you great success, till next week. 

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