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Good day and I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day today. This week, I am going to explore a technique I learned from Anthony Robbins that is so all encompassing  of achieving  success in life, that I could not help but share it with you.  I want to advise you to read some of the posts that I have created links to entitled “SOME BASIC POSTS FOR NEW READERS” on the lower right hand corner of the main page of this blog HOME PAGE so you have the background information needed to get  the most benefit from what I will share with you today.

Anthony Robbins said that “if you are having difficulty making decisions, it is because you are not clear about what you value in the situation”.  That got me thinking about how often do we really take the time to define our values?  If you have not thought about this, I want to give you a heads up that our values change. Take a look at this TED talk if you don’t believe me TED TALK BY DAN GILBERT
Our values change based on where we grow up, the people and cultures we interact with at different points in our lives, the materials we are exposed to and learn from at different points in our lives, and experiences we take part in throughout our lives.  My values when I was 18 are not the same as they are now that I am 43.  This is a BIG DEAL specially when considering the fact that the decisions I make are based on my values.  To make things even more critical, the decisions I make at the time when I am most stressed rely on the most ingrained and habitual values that I have in my subconscious. Those values however, may not be representative of my current status.  That is why it is so critical to review your values, and WRITE THEM DOWN AND REVIEW THEM REGULARLY UNTIL THEY BECOME YOUR NEW HABITS.

As most teachers point out, we have 4 basic areas in our lives.  They are, in no particular order:  1) Spiritual, 2) Relational, 3) Professional, and 4)Physical/ health.   You need to have at the very least 4 written statements that cover your values in each of these areas if you want to be clear on how to behave.  I learn well from hearing parables.  Most people learn better this way, because parables are not offensive or sound like we are being lectured to. Hence we do not react defensively to them, and learn the lesson in our own ways. So I want to share with you a parable.

There was a man who had everything planned in his life. He was big on planning. When things did not go as planned, he adapted and changed those plans. Because of his priorities in life, he chose to get married later in life and hence had children in his mid-30’s.  The way he raised his children in his middle ages, was mainly dictated by the experiences he was exposed to in his later life.  He had been a student of success, and had attended many classes, and even had taught adults on success principles.  The basis of how people learn in his perspective was largely shaped by his experiences about how he himself learned,  and how adults learned.   Subsequently the way he taught and raised his children was as though he was teaching adults.  This manifested in a “drill sergeant” or “instructor-pupil” mode of learning rather than a father-child way of learning. This resulted in much stress and unhappiness in his children and himself. His children felt, fear when the time of learning was at hand, and he felt frustrated as he felt he was failing his kids by not instilling in them the values of life. 

If you are wondering this is my story.  I was not clear about my values concerning the relationships with my children.  Because there was no clarity, I defaulted to my experiences when faced  teaching my kids, at times of stress. The results were not pleasant.  The advice by Tony Robbins is changing the way I see myself in the different facets of my life.  When I can clearly state that what is important to me in dealing with my children are the fact that they feel the love I have for them, and to know that what I want them to learn is to help them succeed in life, it make me deal differently with them, than I would in my professional life teaching a bunch of adults about basic financial principles. 

I have sat down and wrote out in detail what is important to me in each of the four categories I described above. I urge you to do the same.  I printed those and put them where I can see them. I put them on 3x5 cards and take them with me where ever I go, and I will do this until my behavior changes to reflect the new values I have now.  This process will be repeated at least every year, to make sure my values have not changed as my life circumstances changes.  As my children grow and react, I may have to change what is important to me with respect to my relations with them. As my business changes, I may have to change what is important to me. It is a fluid process and it is exciting. 

From a Law of Attraction (LOA) point of view this makes perfect sense, but the reason I wanted you to read the basic blogs, is that this process takes us a few levels higher than our daily practice with LOA. I find this similar to automation in business.  Instead of trying to produce our life by manipulating every aspect of it on a daily bases, when we get clear on our whole life values, we are essentially allowing the Source to bring us our life the way we want it to be manifested,  and we don’t have take part in building individual parts of it.

There is nothing wrong with daily visualization and manifestation, but when combined with this exercise, it will exponentially elevate your level of success in life. Whatever that  success happens to mean to you.  I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this post. Share this with anyone who may benefit from it,  and leave me comments on my  Facebook and Twitter page.  Until next week, to your success.

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