Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day.  Today I want to discuss a word and a concept that is very difficult for high achievers, type “A” personalities,  and however you want to label people that go after success.  That word  is SLOW-DOWN.  Personally when I am in the middle of allot different projects, the concept of slowing down does not occur to me, and when someone happens to bring it up in response to my frustrations, it actually creates a resistance point for me which is counterproductive to my success.   Perhaps you have felt this way.

If we are in a neutral emotional state, we can always understand that slowing down is the best course of action in many instances.  Looking at it from a Law of Attraction (LOA) stand point, imagine for example,  trying to visualize and send out your vibration of things that you want.  How much more successful will you be with all parts of this process if you slow down and concentrate on  each individual part of that visualization, bring about the emotions of having it, and using as many as your senses as possible as opposed to trying to just get it done?  It becomes rather obvious when viewed in those terms doesn't it?

Whenever I have tried to manifest something by just going through the  motions of visualization, very rarely have I achieved the same amount of success as when I actually put the time in and slowed down and took my time.  This is because when you are rushing things, your mind may be going at 90 miles per hour, but because throughout our civilization we have been rarely taught how to deal with our emotions, very few of us can reach the emotions that we need as quickly as our mind wants to move on to other projects and objects. 

Slowing down when you are in the midst of something, even if it is going unproductively is very difficult to achieve.   Most of the time when someone brings it to my attention, I personally happen to reach for a defensive response and get irritated and annoyed.  It frequently will take me  a good 20-30 minutes of calming down and analyzing the situation to realize that the advice was perhaps a very sound one.  It is a skill set that highly successful  people have honed to perfection.  I am still working on this. 

Ironically slowing down has also been preached in many scriptures and spiritual texts.    It is a core foundation of many spiritual beliefs so it will also help you with your spiritual pillar.   Slowing down is extremely important in your mental well-being hence why many successful people set aside time in their schedule daily to take time off, meditate, and slow down.   Finally, the ability to slow down will not only help you in business and financial matters, it will also help you in your emotional and relationships as well,  because the a major part of not losing control or getting angry has to do with slowing down. We sacrifice our relationships, and emotional well-being when we lose control and get angry.

I hope this brings to your perception of the importance of being able to slow down.  As always if this post is not clear or you have any questions please click on the blue link for my Facebook page or Twitter feed and let me know. You can share this with anyone who can benefit from it and till next week, to your success.  

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