Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Good day,
Today I want to focus on shifting brain’s neurological patterns from negative to positive. Concentrating on negativity is like an addiction. Just like alcohol and drugs, once negativity becomes part of everyday life, the brain create neurological patterns to look for more and more of it. Most people go about their lives by default. Consequently because they are bombarded by negative circumstances where most people only concentrate on negativity, and because bad news gets the attention of the media, most of their lives they are faced with negative inputs, and that becomes the main thought process that they go to during stressful times. Just like any addiction this process needs to be changed by replacing it with something productive. To forget the bad habit is to get something for it. One really good way to do this is with gratitude.
In the past blog posts I have mentioned gratitude as a way to supercharge your desires and their communication to the Law of Attraction. But today I want to specifically concentrate on a technique that will not only bring about a supercharged power to your visualization, but also slowly and methodically change the brain pattern to concentrate more on positivity rather than negativity.
Let’s start. The technique is simple but it does take some discipline.  Every morning when you wake up you are going to write down 5-10 things  that you are grateful for. It is nice to get a journal  to dedicate to this task. It can be a small notebook, it can be on your computer, PDA, or smart phone. The important thing is that it needs to be with you every morning and preferably during the day. Because as you go through the day I want you to start focusing on things that you can be grateful for and jot them down. Alternately you can also make a list before you go to sleep about all the things that you are grateful for that happened during the day. This task should not be laborious. That is why I am starting you off with 5-10 things. As you get more practice you may want to go ahead and increase the number of things you are grateful for. At first this may be difficult. Please don’t try to take a  short cut in this by doing this in your head. You will need to write this down for at least 30 days before trying it just by thinking about it. By the 30th day you may want to continue writing  because of the great results you will see. Start with little and obvious things. Perhaps start with being grateful for your health, the home you live in, for having food in the refrigerator,  for having clean water, and friends. Start slowly and you will notice that more and more things will come to you that you can be grateful for. No matter how little or insignificant you think they are jot them down in your journal. You want to get into the habit of looking for the positive things no matter what your circumstance is right now.
The purpose of this exercise obviously is not to get a long list going. The purpose of this exercise is to actually rewire your neurological pathways in your brain that have been exposed to negativity throughout your life and change those patterns so they can concentrate on the beauty and the positive aspects of your life that is your real reality. You have a choice in what you put your attention on and this exercise, if you do it long enough will bring amazing experiences to your life.
Lastly what you want to keep in mind is that as you are writing your lists in the morning and at night or throughout the day take a moment to feel the gratitude. Remember that working with the Law of Attraction is all about the feelings and not just the words. So after each thing that you think about which you are grateful for take a moment to feel the feeling of and the joy of being grateful. To truly appreciate those things.
As always best wishes for your success, and feel free to share and pass this along.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today I got a call from a friend of mine about a sudden bout of negativity that confronted him when he returned from a 3 day vacation. He told me after having a great time with family and friends he returned to his office only to see an e-mail from the tenant of one of his apartments telling him that there may be mold in the walls. His first reaction was “oh crap what is this going to cost me?” He started to feel really bad and had the presence of mind to realize that if he did not change his thoughts and feelings the entire day was going to get out of hand. So he called me.
We bounced some ideas as to how we could formulate thoughts that would start to feel a little better at a time. So first we started with thoughts that would bring logic into the picture and let us see the big picture. The process went something like this:
The first step was to do some deep breathing and meditating to calm him down and bring his vibrations into at least neutral state. That way we stopped the sending out of the negative vibrations  and stopped the coming problems in their track. Then we started to reach for slightly better thoughts.
“All properties have maintenance needs, and just because we don’t know the mechanics of these things it does not mean it is going to be a disaster.”
“We can contact some contractor contacts and see what actions we need to take and take it from there”.
“Feeling angry or ticked off is not going to help. Let’s just concentrate on what we can do right now”
“It might must just be the case that the tenant saved him lots of money by bringing to his attention some needed repair that can be done now for much less than later”.
“Yeah let’s call our contacts and see if there even is a need to get the mold inspector in there”.
“Once we talk to our expert then we can start to work on the rest of the situation as we go along”.
I then told him to start journaling his experience for future use. To sit down and start writing how he started  to feel and what process he went through and what thoughts he brought forth. Putting all this on paper would solidify his feelings as well as clarify his thoughts so he could start to change the situation.  
He then called two of his experts and arranged for them to see the property that evening and the next morning to see if there was just going to be a small dry wall job or not and also to see if there was any bigger issue he had to deal with.
That done he then went about to concentrate on what he was doing then. It turned out the issue was minor. Small cut in the wall would remove the problem. Some spraying and dry wall and all was well. Also there was a small leak which would have cost him thousands of dollars had he not taken care of the issue now. The tenants were happy at the quick attention and also he stimulated the economy by providing some work for the contractors.
The great thing about this situation is that all the reading and all the visualizing that my friend has been putting into the study of The Law of attraction has finally conditioned his mind to recognize that bad feeling are a warning about things that are manifesting in his life. If he had not headed this warning he would have continued by default and allowed his reality to dictate his thoughts instead of the other way around. That would have led him down the path of anger, and frustration and by the law of attraction more and more of those feelings would be attracted and circumstances that would elicit those thoughts would have to have manifested in his reality. The results would have been a very bad day which could have continued for a while.
I hope this real life example will demonstrate how important it is to monitor your feelings during the day and to start slowly to change them if you recognize you are taking a dip into the negativity.
Best wishes and have a great week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Good day,
Often times when I am discussing The Law of Attraction with people a common question comes up. That is “if we can think our reality, how can major disasters like the Holocaust, or World War II  happen? Surely people don’t think evil of such proportion”. That is a valid question. One that can be logically answered and perhaps even provide us with a learning experience for success.
Let consider the Holocaust first. When we think about the devastation and the attempted genocide of the Holocaust, we have one extremely motivated, and focused maniac in the person of Hitler, wanting to rule the world and eradicate a civilization. His focus and his dedication brings more and more people in tune with his goal in the form of the SS soldiers and the Third Rich. What is the reaction  of the majority, albeit not all of the world and society? It is a reaction by default. The response is panic, terror, and horror. So we have one person giving a huge amount of emotion and focus to eradicating a civilization and wanting to rule the world, and the majority of the people go about doing things the wrong way by thinking and reacting to what is happening.  So more and more focus is on the terror, and fear, and all these things are sending out the vibration of negativity and pretty soon they are manifesting in reality.
On the other end of the spectrum though is Gandhi. You have one man, pure of thought, and focus on a goal to bring freedom to his people. That focus and that steadfastness allowed Gandhi  to go against and to defeat the largest, most powerful empire at the time without having any weapons, or military, and without violence.
That is how The Law of Attraction works. It is not biased. It is not vindictive. It is a fact that the focus of some people may not be correct or virtuous. Unfortunately thought it is very emotional and thus powerful form of vibration. That is why it is important for us to spread the word about how The Law of Attraction works, so people are not manifesting by default.  This is the case in our society right now. Everyone is worried about financial meltdown. If we keep on thinking this way and if we keep on worrying and giving more and more attention to it we are just feeding the energy that will bring more and more of these disasters vibrations and sooner or later it becomes the reality of the people who think this way which is the majority of the people because they go about their day by default. Their thought patterns are influenced by CNN and FOX NEWS or U.S.A. Today. What do those media outlets concentrate on to sell their product? It is all negativity.
But just like the Holocaust, and any financial downturn or disasters there are opportunities exist for people that have the right frame of mind and the people that believe they can survive,  will survive in any situation.
So the next time you are watching the news, think to yourself, is this doing me any good? You have a choice of where to concentrate your attention.  You may not think you have a choice but you do. Make your thoughts and emotions positive. Give yourself daily dose of positivity and meditation to bring about good vibrations and feelings into your life. Then look for opportunities that will present themselves and prosper. Do not try to think for others because you can’t. You can only control your own thoughts. By all means try to lead people but if they are not ready do not let them drain and drag you down into their negative vibrations. We can survive. If people survived concentration camps, and POW camps we can survive this financial turmoil as well.
Best wishes for you and feel free to share this.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Good day all,
Have you ever noticed that when you’re in need of something, it eludes you? Whenever you have all you need you are offered more, but when you really need something no one or nothing resembling your need is anywhere to be found.
When you were younger and dating, or perhaps now that you are dating the thrill of the chase keeps you going. Then you find someone that is great. Then all of a sudden all kind of attractive alternatives pop up all over the place. You wonder where were all these people when I was all alone and chasing my tail?
The same is true with wealth. It seems as soon as you make your first fortune all types of opportunities come out of the woodwork. Well the key is to keep on doing what you are doing. With relationships this does not mean to have a polygamist type of lifestyle. It just means keep on doing the things that brought that special someone to you otherwise that is how complacency takes over. In business it is the same way. Once you have the right direction keep on doing what has been working. Don’t just step back and rest on your butt. The great entrepreneurs like  Robert Kyosaki, and Jack Canfield are successful because they do not stop what they love to do once they have hit it big. It took Robert and Jack years to get their first works published. But after giving them away, then selling them, they did not stop. They franchised, they did speaking engagements, they built companies, and brought on like-minded partners to help them grow even bigger.
I have read many times that “money like speed”. Success in anything is the same way. Let’s look at it from the Law of Attraction point of view and see how beautiful it all makes sense. When you have achieved your success the vibration of that success is bringing more and more opportunities to keep that vibration going. When you step back and halt this vibration the new vibration is sending out signals that the success needs to stop because that is what you want by your focus and thoughts. You don’t want to over work yourself, but remember inspired action should not feel like work. If your feelings are telling you that you are NOT enjoying what you are doing that is what The Law of Attraction will bring more and more to you. On the other hand things that bring you the joy of success, will keep on coming as long as you keep those feelings. That does not mean that you cannot rest and enjoy your rewards. In fact enjoying your success, and being grateful and sharing your success with others will just keep on bringing more and more of that success to you.
So when you have achieved the success you desired, concentrate on the saying “keep on keeping on” and follow through with action on the opportunities that keep on coming your way. If you stop, you will stop the flow. That means it just takes longer to build the momentum again and  if the stoppage bring about bad feelings, the bad feelings will be challenging to turn around. So don’t let it happen.
Keep on working on your relationships. Keep on working on opportunities. Keep on giving gratitude and share your success. Keep the vibrations positive and you will enjoy the rewards forever.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment and share.
To your success till the next time. You can be what you will to be.