Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today I got a call from a friend of mine about a sudden bout of negativity that confronted him when he returned from a 3 day vacation. He told me after having a great time with family and friends he returned to his office only to see an e-mail from the tenant of one of his apartments telling him that there may be mold in the walls. His first reaction was “oh crap what is this going to cost me?” He started to feel really bad and had the presence of mind to realize that if he did not change his thoughts and feelings the entire day was going to get out of hand. So he called me.
We bounced some ideas as to how we could formulate thoughts that would start to feel a little better at a time. So first we started with thoughts that would bring logic into the picture and let us see the big picture. The process went something like this:
The first step was to do some deep breathing and meditating to calm him down and bring his vibrations into at least neutral state. That way we stopped the sending out of the negative vibrations  and stopped the coming problems in their track. Then we started to reach for slightly better thoughts.
“All properties have maintenance needs, and just because we don’t know the mechanics of these things it does not mean it is going to be a disaster.”
“We can contact some contractor contacts and see what actions we need to take and take it from there”.
“Feeling angry or ticked off is not going to help. Let’s just concentrate on what we can do right now”
“It might must just be the case that the tenant saved him lots of money by bringing to his attention some needed repair that can be done now for much less than later”.
“Yeah let’s call our contacts and see if there even is a need to get the mold inspector in there”.
“Once we talk to our expert then we can start to work on the rest of the situation as we go along”.
I then told him to start journaling his experience for future use. To sit down and start writing how he started  to feel and what process he went through and what thoughts he brought forth. Putting all this on paper would solidify his feelings as well as clarify his thoughts so he could start to change the situation.  
He then called two of his experts and arranged for them to see the property that evening and the next morning to see if there was just going to be a small dry wall job or not and also to see if there was any bigger issue he had to deal with.
That done he then went about to concentrate on what he was doing then. It turned out the issue was minor. Small cut in the wall would remove the problem. Some spraying and dry wall and all was well. Also there was a small leak which would have cost him thousands of dollars had he not taken care of the issue now. The tenants were happy at the quick attention and also he stimulated the economy by providing some work for the contractors.
The great thing about this situation is that all the reading and all the visualizing that my friend has been putting into the study of The Law of attraction has finally conditioned his mind to recognize that bad feeling are a warning about things that are manifesting in his life. If he had not headed this warning he would have continued by default and allowed his reality to dictate his thoughts instead of the other way around. That would have led him down the path of anger, and frustration and by the law of attraction more and more of those feelings would be attracted and circumstances that would elicit those thoughts would have to have manifested in his reality. The results would have been a very bad day which could have continued for a while.
I hope this real life example will demonstrate how important it is to monitor your feelings during the day and to start slowly to change them if you recognize you are taking a dip into the negativity.
Best wishes and have a great week.