Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great day . Today’s post is prompted by something I heard on the radio. I heard that “life is short”. That got me thinking, What a cheesy way to think about life.  We hear that cliché and ones like it  all the time. “Life is too short” is usually meant to inspire us to live every moment to its fullest, but I just don’t like the way it sounds.

Being a student of The Law of Attraction (LOA) I am very aware of the power words can have. To be dealing with a cliché that has been long standing is even more dramatic, because it implies people are numb to it and accept it without question. I sure did for a long time until one day it just clicked.  Life is only short if you are preoccupied with your past or are anxious about your future.  If you are living life in the Now as suggested by Eckhart Tolle, life is not short.  Life is full of adventures, full of blessings and full of incidences where you should be grateful.

Living life in the now, means appreciating the little things that you have in your life, like your health, family, and comforts. It also means taking on the opportunities that present themselves.  It means going after what you want.  It means visualizing the best for yourself.  It means controlling your thoughts and emotions so incidences in life do not dictate how you feel, but you dictate how you feel. This means you dictate your future and your manifestations.

You can choose to look at things anyway you want.  But the point of this blog is that the way you look at things have great consequences in your reality.  Are you someone who sees the “what’s right” in things? Are you someone who controls their emotions when challenges arise? Are you a person that enjoys life to the fullest, and shares the joy with those you love? Are you someone that understands there are “no problems, only things do be dealt with now or accepted now” as stated by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. Do you realize that it is only a waist of energy and opportunity to dwell on the mistakes of the past? Do you understand that everyone makes mistakes and that mistakes are stepping stone to success?  Or are you the opposite of what I just stated? Do you see how I choose to look at things and more importantly since I am putting it on paper, I deliberately concentrate on things I want you to pick up on. The things I want you to concentrate on. The things I want you to do. 

The only sad thing about this Law of Attraction, IS THAT NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.  We may want it for you. We may visualize it for you. But we cannot take action on your behalf.   So don’t muddle your life with B$#%% $*&%^# clichés and sayings that mean absolutely nothing and just bring your vibration down.  Filter and pay attention to what you allow into your mind just as you would filter and are selective about who you allow into your home. What gets into your mind is exponentially more important and dangerous than who you let into your home.

I hope this makes sense to you. I hope you enjoyed this and as always if you have any questions or comments please make them on my Facebook page at this link or my Twitter feed at this link.  Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. This week’s blog post takes up where the last 2 weeks have lead us.  I want to go into the discussion of what to do with your dreams and goals when it comes to sharing them with others.  There are many schools of thoughts when it comes to this point and you may get different views from different people, but I want to view this from The Law of Attraction (LOA) point of view and see where it goes.

In the masterpiece Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hills advised “tell the world what you are going to do, but show them first”.  That advices is very sound when you think about it. Many people, even the ones that love us, will naturally take the cautious road when it comes to big dreams.  People who have not accomplished great goals have a hard time supporting big dreams. They may come from a place of love and trying to be protective, but never the less when people’s vision is limited they can only be limited in their support.  From The Law of Attraction (LOA) stand point the lack of vision will only bring about more opportunities to affirm that they are correct in being careful, and if you are sharing your visions with them, their negativity will engulf you unless you are extremely determined and focus on what you want.  After all they have had all their lives to prove themselves that “it just will NOT work” right? You will attract opportunities to match what you are putting out. As Henry Ford said “weather you think you can or you think you can’t you are right”.  When you are going after something new and uncertain, the last thing you need is someone to tell you that it will not work.  . 

On the other side of the coins, is the fact that more people visualizing the same dream will exponentially increase the power of that manifestation.  We see this when people have mentors who believe and support them in their struggles, or when loved ones stand by us when everyone else had told us it can’t be done, and yet they succeed. There is magic in the belief of people who you care about. From the LOA stand point, more and more attention to our goals will  focus and strengthen the vibration and help the manifestation to happen quicker. Another proponent of sharing your visions is that when we sometimes stumble and are about to just call it quits, it helps to have someone who will not allow us that luxury.    Coaches and mentors know what it takes to succeed. They know how close we are to our dreams. They know that success is one step away when frequently everything goes haywire.  That is usually the time when we are closest to achieving all of our dreams but we are too close to the situation to see the silver linings. At those times it is so crucial to have someone who believes in what you are setting out to do. To share your dreams with you. To bring you back to reality that although things seem impossible right now, the sun will rise again tomorrow and it will be a better day. 

What is the answer then? Should we or should we not share our goals with people? The answer as usual in these situations is “it depends”.  I only advise sharing your dreams with people who are on the same vibration as you are when it concerns a goal or vision.  They have to be totally and completely on the same wave length as you. They have to know that negativity will only attract more negativity. They have to realize that even though they have your best interest at heart they need to offer constructive advice and not shoot you down. They also have to be honest with you when it comes to abilities. You don’t want to venture into something you have no idea about with a cheerleading section and go broke.  Proper action and planning are corner stones of success but that is not the scope of this particular post. We are talking about goals and plans that are well researched and hashed out.

If you think that sharing your vision with people is going to result in negative feedback, then only solicit advice from people who have done what you want to do.   Take their advice, do your own research, and then see if that vision is still what you really want?  Remember nothing has ever been achieved before being an idea first.  You can do whatever you dream. It may take time and effort and relentless fortitude, but if it is important enough for you to have a burning desire to achieve it, you can do it. As I like to sign my books, “you can be what you will to be”.

I hope this makes sense to you. I hope you can benefit from it. Share this post and this blog with anyone who may appreciate and take advantage of it. As always post your questions and comments on my Facebook Page or Twitter feed. Till next week, to your success. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Good day and  I hope you are having a great week.  Today I am exploring something that has happened  to me when I try to better myself and  rid myself of a bad  habit.  Maybe you have experienced this as well. 
The thing with bad habit and bad actions is that when you try to change them and act properly you  rarely get the benefit of the doubt from the people that have known you and have been accustomed to your bad behavior.  Let me put this  into context for you. For the longest time I have had to deal with my temper. I seem to have this anger inside of me that gets triggered at times and I have been working on changing that underlying issues for a while.  I try to act more calm and collected  most of the time, but there are times when I slip.  When I slip a little bit, not even a fraction of what my normal behavior would be,  I still get the reminder that “you are angry, or why are you so angry?”, or “you are losing it”.  This reaction of course then puts me into a defensive mode, and I get even more upset. 

Now how does this relate to The Law of Attraction (LOA)? Well we don’t need other people to make us feel bad or to not give us the benefit of the doubt.  Most of the time when we are trying to change a behavior, we are actually our own worst critic.  If you are new to the LOA, and by that I mean if you have not been practicing this for the last decade,  you need to cut yourself some slack. Because remember every time you  are upset with yourself, or make yourself feel bad for doing something wrong, you are actually attracting more opportunities to do that. So give yourself a break.  Praise and reward good actions but when occasionally you stumble, and you will stumble to different degrees, give yourself a break because you deserve it and you are on your way to changing your attitudes and beliefs and your future reality. 

You also need to treat people as challenges and practice tools.  I know you have heard this before and it is very difficult to ignore people in the heat of the moment, but you have to.  There is a saying that “you can’t please everyone all the time”.   That is true but when we are trying and someone thinks we need to hear criticism as though we don’t realize we goofed, it is kind of hard to ignore them. Believe me, I know how hard it is. I deal with it every day.  It is very hard to take personal criticism especially when you are trying to work on a behavior that you know is preventing you from succeeding.  Usually people are well meaning,  but that does not make it any easier to take.  So what you need to do is what Rhonda Byrne suggests in her book The Power.  Treat people like they are your personal trainers. They are put there to test to see how well you react to the negativity in your life.  Sometimes they are easy. Little things. Sometimes they will really test your patience.  It will take time to work this into your routine.  Do not beat yourself up if at first it does not work. It will take time. There is no rush on this. It is all for your development.  Take it one step at a time and treat everyone as a challenge. 
Take is as a game. To see if anyone can piss you off? If they can, you  get a minus point. If they cannot, you get a point. You can keep track of it, and at the end of the week if you have reached 10 points treat yourself to a reward.  Something small but something you enjoy. Go get a half an hour massage, or an ice-cream.  Something and will anchor the good behavior to a positive event.  Before you know it, you have learned to deal with people and bad situations and at the same time you have changed a bad habit or behavior.

I hope this is helpful, and as always I invite you to comment about this post or post your questions on my Facebook Page or TwitterFeed.  To your success till next week.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Good day and I hope you are having a great week.  Today I want to make a comparison between abuse, weather physical or emotional and the abuse that most of us take from life.  It is just as sad to see someone take the abuse from life as it is when you see a victim of abuse.  It is even more unfortunate because with physical and emotional abuse you can at least try to intervene, but just like physical abuse it is up to the person who is being abused to want to change and take action to change their situation.   

If you understand the prototype or the makeup of an abuse victim sometimes you will be surprised.  The stereotype of a helpless, uneducated, and yes usually female victim is far from the reality.  Many abuse victims are not ignorant, uneducated, helpless women. Many victims in fact are highly educated and accomplished, but they are either afraid or more likely ashamed to admit that they backed themselves into a situation where they are being abused physically or mentally.  The fear is of what will people think not just the fear of violence. The fear is that of “how could I have made that mistake?”  Making this comparison with life, and getting a lesson from The Law of Attraction (LOA) is as follows:  All throughout our life we have been told certain myths that we have taken for granted as truth.  When you learn the information through The Law of attraction and laws of success, you now suddenly realize that for the bulk of your life you have been “doing something wrong” or “you’ve been fooled by Life”.  Now a few reactions will surface.  You get angry. You get ashamed.  You have regrets. You feel like you have been taken advantage of.  You feel like you have wasted your life. 

You can do a few things from here. You can be bitter and not do anything about your life to change the situation.  To continue to be a victim. Or you can like many abuse victims take responsibility for yourself and take action to take yourself out of the situation.  Within the scope of life it means that you have to stop doing the things that got you there.  You have to replace the beliefs that you thought were truth with positive and empowering new beliefs.  REMEMBER you CANNOT just eliminate a belief. You have to REPLACE IT.  The more you try to resist a belief, the more it will persist.  So don’t try to fight your old, negative beliefs. Replace them with something positive.  For example “money does not grow on trees”,  can become “money comes to me easily and with frequency”.  Repeat that to yourself. Prove it to yourself by little actions. When you find  a penny on the floor don’t ignore it. Pick it up.  You are building a new relationship with money.  You re building an accepting relationship with money.   Or one of my favorites, something that I believed for a long time : When it comes to success, “you can only succeed by hard work”.  How many hardworking people you know that have multiple jobs and are still struggling.  So hard work is not the only key.   You have to work smart. You  have to have the mental fortitude for success, which is what this blog is all about.  You have to see yourself with the END RESULT of your success.  You have to look for opportunities that present themselves and you have to take action on those opportunities, or learn from your mistakes if you miss them.  You have to persist on your actions but be open to alter course if one plan is not getting you to where you want to go.  You have to be open minded and change your plans and not your GOALS. 

Don’t let life abuse you.  Don’t let the myths and fallacies that one way or another you  have learned handicap you.  Know that you are the creator of your own future.  You are the creator of all your dreams.  As always if anything is unclear or you have comments leave me a post on my Facebook Page or send me a Tweet. Till next week to your unlimited success.